Theme: Ocean

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Every month, we share a theme. Makers from all over the country are invited to create new work or share photos of existing work that relates to the chosen theme of the month. The theme for May 2023 was 'Ocean.'

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Debra Heslop

Debs Heslop Artwork

Maker: Debra Heslop
Craft: Pyrography

What inspired this piece: I had a love of birds and the ocean from a child, having recently discovered pyrography I love to work on the birds I so love.

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Jim Laddiard
Jim Liddiard

Maker: Jim Liddiard
Craft: Woodturning

What inspired this piece: I was inspired by another YouTuber, Andy Phillip, and thought I would have a go. I first turned a sphere from some wind blown Ash and then routed out the oceans, seas and ice-caps. The gaps were then filled with blue resin and re-turned and highly polished.

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Bob Sangwell
Magical Woodcrafts

Maker: Bob Sangwell
Craft: Pyrography

What inspired this piece: Putting on a small exhibition in Harwich, something sea inspired seemed appropriate so I researched local small boats in the area as examples, using offcuts from my larger projects. Designs burned with a Peter Child pyrography machine and pen.

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Kate Kitchin
Kate's Kuality Krafts

Maker: Kate Kitchin
Craft: Woodworking

What inspired this piece: I have had this amazing scroll saw pattern for ages now, thankfully this month’s “ocean” theme gave me a great excuse to finally use it! Cut from solid Maple, edges sanded with my rotary tool and finished with Odie’s Oil bought from Turner’s Retreat. I can’t wait to hang ‘Olly the Octopus’ on the wall, outside, near the minibar (where he can top up his pint!) 

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Chris Doy
Chris Doy

Maker: Chris Doy
Craft: Woodcarving

What inspired this piece: At a gallery at a coastal resort my wife spotted a display of stylised fish in ceramic mounted on wire set in a line all facing the same way. I foolishly said that I could do something like that in wood, using the grain to create the look of scales and add interest to the piece. So I've made a start with the first five, with another ten to add soon (in a contrasting wood- another pen blank the name of which I've forgotten). These are carved from pen blanks in Thuya Burr and finished in Bison wax.

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Helen Beech
Icarus Pyrography

Maker: Helen Beech
Craft: Pyrography

What inspired this piece: These scaly critters were inspired by vintage natural history drawings and a friend's love of the sea. And who could resist a leafy sea dragon? I made them using my trusty Peter Child's pyrography machine and a pack of Turner's Retreat fine standard loops.

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Simon Leathley
Absolute Resin

Maker: Simon Leathley
Craft: Woodworking

What inspired this piece: Here is my copper beech serving board. My inspiration came from been on holiday in Greece, looking down from a cliff top looking at the sea meeting the sand to the beach. I used glass cast 50 resin and Odies oil to finish. The bottom is like an aqua green with clear resin on top to show the ocean coming up the the sandy beach. I call the a beachy beech board. 

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