Starting Out Woodturning DVD
Starting Out Woodturning DVD RSDVDSO
Tool selection, use and care, wood selection and finishing are just some of the topics covered as the viewer is taken through some initial steps in starting out woodturning. It is a must for those who are new to woodturning and are looking for help and guidance. 100 minutes.
Stainless Steel Insert
Stainless Steel Insert SSI
This jumbo size stainless steel insert is ideal for making a flower vase for large, beautiful arrangements.For those who enjoy wine, it can be used to make a great looking wine cooler.Insert measures 4-1/2' outside diameter by 7-1/2' tall.Wood not included.Minimum blankSize: 4-3/4' diameter by 8'

Velvet BagVelvet Bag
Velvet Bag VBP
These velvet bags add a touch of professionalism to your small projects. They are available in plum or black. Each bag has a matching cord drawstring and is approximately 4" wide and 5" tall.
Bookmark (Pack of 5)Bookmark (Pack of 5)
Bookmark (Pack of 5) BM
Available in gold plated or chrome (bm32).These simple bookmarks can be an excellent gift or craft fair idea when a piece of figured wood is turned and glued into the 3/4' diameter recess.
Was £6.99 Now £5.92

Barometer FaceBarometer Face
Barometer Face BAROMETER
German built quality Barometer with an elegant design. The dials are made of anodised Aluminium and has a bezel made of brass.
from £21.72
Hygrometer FaceHygrometer Face
Hygrometer Face HYGROMETER
German built quality Hygrometer with an elegant design.The dials are made of anodised Aluminium and has a bezel made of brass.
from £9.78

Thermometer FaceThermometer Face
Thermometer Face THERMOMETER
German built quality Thermometer with an elegant design.The dials are made of anodised Aluminium and has a bezel made of brass.
from £9.96
Four Piece Cheese SetFour Piece Cheese Set
Four Piece Cheese Set 4PCS
4 Piece Stainless Steel Cheese Knife & Fork Set With handcrafted turned handles, this set is sure to impress any cheese lover! Four piece set includes four stainless steel blades: 1 x Pronged cheese knife (best for soft to semi-hard cheeses) 1 x Cheese fork (best for soft to semi-hard cheeses) 1 x Parmesan knife (best for hard cheeses) 1 x Flat cheese knife (best for semi-soft...

Edwardian 3 Tier Cake Stand FittingsEdwardian 3 Tier Cake Stand Fittings
Edwardian 3 Tier Cake Stand Fittings CSED
Three tier cake stand fittings in gold. Personalise your cake stand by creating your own plates made from wood or resin. Supplied in three parts (top, middle and bottom) along with screws and washers Easy to assemble kit, choose to use 2 tiers or all 3 tiers according to your need Suitable for afternoon tea, weddings, parties and other activities Please note, the image is an example...
Full Roman Numerals - Black
Full Roman Numerals - Black FRB
Full roman numerals in a black finish.A perfect way to finish off a clock face. Available in 16, 19 and 25mm
from £1.80

UTS Clock Movement SpindleUTS Clock Movement Spindle
UTS Clock Movement Spindle MOVEMENT
Standard quartz movements. Box size: 55mm x 55mm Shaft sizes available: 12mm, 16mm, 21mm and 26mm shaft. Please select an option from the dropdown list above. We can only guarantee that the clock hands we stock will fit our movements. Requires AA battery
from £3.00
Full Arabic Numerals - Black
Full Arabic Numerals - Black FAB
Full arabic numerals.A perfect way to finish off a clock face.
from £1.80

Bud Vase
Bud Vase VT
These Vase tubes are suitable for any kind of cut flower or dried flower arrangement when inserted into a turned vase. Approx 150mm in length.
from £2.16
Butter Spreader Blade
Butter Spreader Blade TW10
Stainless steel butter spreader blade.Manufactured by an established cutler in Sheffield, the home of top quality tableware

Marbles - Onyx - Pack of 6
Marbles - Onyx - Pack of 6 ON025
Required for all sorts of board games including solitaire, naughts and crosses etc.
Nipple for the switched lamp holders.
from £0.72

Apple LeafApple Leaf
Apple Leaf LF
These delicate accessories give a stunning finish to turned apples and pears. Available in Gold or Silver.
Glass Flower Vase
Glass Flower Vase GFV
Making a beautiful flower vase is easy using our heavy-duty, straight side, glass vase cylinder.A 1.7/8' diameter hole is needed to accept the glass cylinder.Wood not included.Size is approximately 1 13/16' 7 1/2' tall.

Clock Insert - Roman NumeralsClock Insert - Roman Numerals
Clock Insert - Roman Numerals ROMANC
A 150mm face clock complete with roman numbers.It also has a matching coloured rim round the outer edge of the face and is fitted using three springs.The hole required to fit this clock is 75mm.Requires LR1 battery.
from £9.78
Tooth Pick HolderTooth Pick Holder
Tooth Pick Holder TPH52
This Toothpick Holder can be attached to a keyring or a chain using the hole in the top and can be turned using a standard pen mandrel to enhance the gold plated components.

Large 42mm Egg RingLarge 42mm Egg Ring
Large 42mm Egg Ring LER
For creating hollow wooden eggs or boxes. Simple two section construction. Bond both rings onto small recesses formed in the workpieces and then screw together. Remember to dry fit and line up the grain if using figured exotic wood. Outer diameter is 42mm
Salt and Peppermill KitSalt and Peppermill Kit
Salt and Peppermill Kit MILLS
These sets of Salt & Pepper Mills have a high quality mechanism in stainless steel. An adjustable fit allows for any inaccuracy created when drilling out the main body. Available in 3 different lengths to give you plenty of options.
from £5.95

Corkscrew CS01
A professional grade of corkscrew that offers the turner a high level of quality at a sensible price. The corkscrew threads into a separate head which so secured into the wooden handle.
Serpentine - Black
Serpentine - Black 819
Mini black serpentine clock hands.70mm
from £1.98

Premium Champagne Glass
Premium Champagne Glass CG
Your favourite drink will taste even better in a beautiful hand crafted glass.The premium glassware features a straight stem for easy fitting and proper alignment with gluing.Whether you make one or an entire set, glasses are a great project that's easy to make and will be enjoyed for years. Timber not included.
Candle Cups - Brass - Pack of 4
Candle Cups - Brass - Pack of 4 CAN
Set of four brassed (bright) candle cups.May be recessed into turned work, or by utilising the screw hole in the base, secured proud.Height 3/4'.Designed to accept a 30mm diameter candle.

Full Arabic Numerals - Gold
Full Arabic Numerals - Gold FAG
Full arabic numerals in a gold finish.A perfect way to finish off a clock face. Available in 16, 19 and 25mm
from £1.76
Crank Top - Pepper MillCrank Top - Pepper Mill
Crank Top - Pepper Mill CTPM
Crank Top Pepper Mill Project Kit Create your own perfectly sized Crank Top Pepper Mill for tabletop use to deliver freshly ground pepper from a light dusting to coarse grind. Crank Top Mills are also ideal for grinding spices for added flavour and aroma. 3" Shaft Low profile for table use Easy to adjust from fine to coarse Rugged stainless steel mechanism Fully adjustable grind Forstner...

Back Scratcher KitBack Scratcher Kit
Back Scratcher Kit BSK
This gold plated back scratcher is a must for everyone. Extremely practical and a joy to use! Turn a handle to the desired length and enjoy this unique aid. Supplied with a threaded end cap and leather hanging lace.
Combination Corkscrew/Bottle Stopper
Combination Corkscrew/Bottle Stopper CSWS
This is a beautiful, high quality and functional item.It is a must for anyone, whether a wine connoisseur or not.The heavy-duty corkscrew is stored inside the bottle stopper when not in use.The design features 3 special O-rings making it adaptable to almost any bottle.Timber not included.

Nut Cracker (Letter Press) - BrassNut Cracker (Letter Press) - Brass
Nut Cracker (Letter Press) - Brass NC01
Made from solid brass and when combined with a turned bowl makes a perfect gift. Requires a turned handle. Please note, the image is an example of what you could create with the nutcracker kit.
Lazy Susan Bearing
Lazy Susan Bearing LSB
Smooth running lazy susan bearing that is easy to install.
from £1.75

Keyring WhistleKeyring Whistle
Keyring Whistle KW23
An attractive and practical item for a personal safety aspect with the high pitch sound produced from the whistle as well as keeping keys safe. Can be made using a standard pen mandrel.
Elegance 3 Tier Cake Stand Fittings
Elegance 3 Tier Cake Stand Fittings CSEL
Three tier cake stand fittings in gold. Personalise your cake stand by creating your own plates with a selection of wood. Use the same wood for all three plates or go from dark to light to vary the colours. You could also experiment with resin to add a touch of colour. Supplied in three parts (top, middle and bottom) along with screws and washers Easy to assemble kit, choose to use 2 tiers...

2" - 50mm - Watch Insert - Gold bezel White Face
2" - 50mm - Watch Insert - Gold bezel White Face TPC50G
A 50mm 2' watch insert.It has a white face with a gold outer rim and is fitted using a small rubber band (which can be removed).Requires SR626SW battery.
Bottle OpenerBottle Opener
Bottle Opener BOTOP
This bottle opener makes an attractive gift and the handle is simple to turn between centres. Please note, the timber is not included. The image is an example of what you could create with the kit.

Droplet Bottle Stopper Tap
Droplet Bottle Stopper Tap DBST
This threaded tap cuts a thread that allows you to easily thread a blank on the mandrel and provides a better bond when gluing the turned blank to bottle stoppers, project handles, and more during assembly. For use with bottle stoppers and projects that use a 11/32' drill bit Made of durable high speed steel (HSS) Specifications: - Dimensions: 3/8' dia. x 3' overall length - 3/8' x 16 TPI - H3 thread...
Pizza Cutter
Pizza Cutter PC25
Grab a slice of the action with our inexpensive pizza cutter! Just turn the simple handle and create a unique, practical pizza cutter. It's an ideal project for craft fairs. Cutter diameter is 2 3/4"

Brass Shoe HornBrass Shoe Horn
Brass Shoe Horn JBSH
The Brass Shoe Horn kit is a practical, easy-to-make project that can be used every day. Simply turn a handle and bond together to form this useful and functional aid. Each kit includes a threaded insert for mounting into a turned wooden handle and gold plated end cap with lanyard. Please note, the kit is supplied in individual parts. Some of the images show an example of what you could create...
Herb Cutter Kit
Herb Cutter Kit HCK
A single bladed stainless steel herb cutter that will be a useful tool for any chef or someone who loves to cook!

Walking Stick Rubber
Walking Stick Rubber WSR
A rubber point tip that is useful for general use on any walking stick.
Lamp Fixing Plate
Lamp Fixing Plate LAMPFP
Back plate for the switched lamp holders. Please note, screws not included.
from £1.50

Dowels - Pack of 5
Dowels - Pack of 5 SBSD
This is a superior bottle stopper when compared to cork.It is made from moulded silicone rubber, which is flexible, long wearing, washable and reusable.Supplied in packs of 5.
Droplet Bottle Stopper Mandrel
Droplet Bottle Stopper Mandrel DBSM
Droplet Bottle Stopper Mandrel

Stickmaking A Complete Course
Stickmaking A Complete Course BSCC
From the Back Cover This complete introduction to stickmaking explains how to make a wide range of traditional walking sticks, market sticks and crooks. Expanded to include more detailed coverage of tools, moulds, formers, jigs and materials, this book is the ultimate, comprehensive guide to the hobby. Stickmaking shows you how to select suitable timbers, as well as alternative materials such as...
White Marble Tiles
White Marble Tiles MARBLE
Ideal for cheeseboards and stands.Bond in using silicon sealant, and remember to allow a small amount around the edge of the insert for the possibility of timber movement. Available in 4 sizes: - 4' (100mm) - 6' (150mm) - 8' (200mm) - 10' (250mm) Please note, each tile is completely unique. Due to the nature of the product, the colours and appearance may vary slightly from the image shown above.
from £2.99

Walking Stick Tip
Walking Stick Tip WST
A solid brass pointed tip with a threaded design that is ideal for climbing and hiking sticks.
Walking Stick System - Medium
Walking Stick System - Medium CCWSS
This system gives you the versatility of a soft, rubber tip for summer or indoor use, with the added advantage of a steel spike for winter or outdoor use, all in one easy to change assembly.The rubber foot simply unscrews to reveal the steel spike.
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