Evolution 9 Mandrel System
Evolution 9 Mandrel System MS0
New exclusively from Turners Retreat is the revolutionary Evolution9 Advanced Mandrel System, a unique design that offers the woodturner much more flexibility, versatility and accuracy when turning pens, pencils and other mandrel driven projects on the lathe.The Evolution 9 Advanced Mandrel System is entirely British in design and manufacture.One of the most tiresome aspects of turning pens and pencils...
Pen Press
Pen Press PP4701
Quickly and easily assemble pens and projects of all sizes with the spring loaded Milescraft® Turners Press.Spring loaded, self-feeding mandrel holds objects in positionFlip up stanchions for quick mandrel length adjustmentSteel handle with ergonomic grip delivers up to 300 pounds of forceWide base flange for easy bench top installationMicro adjustable press pad for fine-tuned length adjustmentsQuality...

Tube Inserter
Tube Inserter TI70
A simple tool for inserting your glued up pen tubes into your blanks. This tapered, chrome plated tool works with tubes from 7mm to 11mm diameter. It keeps your fingers clean and safe from residual glue. Easy clean up.
7mm Barrel Trimmer Tool
7mm Barrel Trimmer Tool SG174
A very useful device to square off the end of the wood blank once the brass tube has been glued in.It also cleans off the burr at the end of the brass tube as well as cleaning out any excess glue.Ideal tool prior to assembling on a pen mandrel.For use with 7mm tubes.

Barrel Trimmer and Sleeves System
Barrel Trimmer and Sleeves System TRIMSYS
7mm Barrel Trimmer with 3/4" Head and Sleeve Set The 9 sleeve sizes will insert into tube sizes: 8mm, 11/32 in., 3/8 in., 10mm , 25/64, 10.5mm, 27/64 in., 15/32 in., 31/64 in., 12.5mm, 33/64 in., 9/16 in., 37/64 in. Sleeves are 2-1/2 in.long.
Barrel Trimmer Sleeves
Barrel Trimmer Sleeves TRIMSET
Trimming Sleeve Set >br> The 9 sleeve sizes will insert into tube sizes: 8mm, 11/32 in., 3/8 in., 10mm* , 25/64, 10.5mm, 27/64 in., 15/32 in., 31/64 in., 12.5mm, 33/64 in., 9/16 in., 37/64 in. (some sleeves will work with multiple tubes). Packed in carry case with instruction sheet. Sleeves are 2-1/2 in.long.

Pen AssemblerPen Assembler
Pen Assembler TRPA
Pen Assembly Kit Assembling Pens is very rewarding after spending time turning them, but unfortunately, this can be the most difficult part. Turners Retreat is proud to introduce to their range of pen turning tools, the Pen Assembler. Available in 1 or 2 Morse tapers this assembler fits easily on the lathe for easy construction of 7mm pens and pencils using the lathe as a clamping system. Made...
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Pen Disassembly Punch Set
Pen Disassembly Punch Set DISSET
Salvage your pen parts, replace components, exchange components and help avoid buying new pen parts with this versatile kit. Disassembles nearly all pen and pencil kits with tubes and components of any size. Includes 28 rods from 3/32" to 17/32" in diameter including rods small enough to feed through twist mechanisms to pop off pen tips and rods large enough to remove components from...

Soft Grip Locking Pliers
Soft Grip Locking Pliers DISGRIP
These locking soft grip pliers make pen disassembly a breeze.The non-marring soft grip securely grasps finished tubes from .35' (slimline) through 1' diameter.The 7' pliers locks and holds your tube securely while you punch out the internal components.Helps dislodge the tightest and most difficult to remove components.For best results, use with Pen Disassembly Punch set
Pen Mandrel Support
Pen Mandrel Support PMS
The Pen Mandrel Support Centre has been designed and manufactured by PLANET here in the UK as an optimum way of holding and supporting the Pen Mandrel Shaft during the making of pens. This product has 2 sealed bearings, a 12mm nose to represent 12mm bushings, is offered in 1MT & 2MT, precisely machined and designed to last and satisfy the professional. The product has a hole through the centre...

Pen Blank Drilling Jaws - Vertical
Pen Blank Drilling Jaws - Vertical VPBDJ
Use these aluminium utility jaws to convert your drill press vice into a great new pen blank drilling accessory.The jaws include grooves cut vertically to support your pen blank for drilling.Horizontal grooves allow you to position a turned barrel or plain brass tube horizontally for cutting or squaring.The jaws easily drop onto your drill press vice and attach magnetically (to jaws over 1 high).Great...
Pen Blank Drilling Centre Vice
Pen Blank Drilling Centre Vice PBDCV
Drill through the exact centre of your pen blanks. The jaws on the drilling centre move in and out together to insure precision centre drilling of your blanks. Just set up the vice once and drill all of your blanks the exact centre. There is no need to change the setup regardless of the blanks size or shape. Holds blanks up to 1 7/8' square. The vice now includes a 'scrap waste sleeve' just a 2'...

Knurled Nut
Knurled Nut TRMSKN

Drill Driver