Friction Polish
Friction Polish CFP
Produces a high gloss finish.It has a high concentration of shellac which gives a high build and a superior finish.
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French Polish
French Polish CFRP
A high quality French polish with a very heavy concentration of shellac to give the traditional amber glow.

Wax Polish Black Bison Paste
Wax Polish Black Bison Paste DOBBP
Ideal for nourishing and protecting all types of wooden furniture including laquers and french polishes. Helps prevent finger and water marks and is suitable for both modern and antique furniture. It enhances the natureal beauty of wood, whilst protecting it against dryness and every day use. Toy safe. Gives good resistance to finger and water marks Ideal for small surfaces Feeds, polishes...
Diamond Coat Pen Polish
Diamond Coat Pen Polish DCPP
Turners Retreat Diamond Coat Pen Polish is a liquid, friction polish that produces a glass-like finish. It is water and wear resistant. Ideal for pens and other small turned projects. Easy to use and quick to apply. The squeeze bottle eliminates mess and spills. Size: 200ml

Starbright Plastic Polish
Starbright Plastic Polish SBPP
Turners Retreat Starbright Plastic Polish. This carefully formulated pen polish will give you an amazing gloss finish on all your plastics and acrylics. The polish is designed not to dry or congeal in use ensuring that you do not encounter smearing as can be the case with other polishes. A handy size 200ml bottle and just a thumbnail size of polish per pen provides the ability to finish 100s...
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