The Wood Burn Book
The Wood Burn Book BTWBB
The Wood Burn Book: An Essential Guide to the Art of Pyrography "As THE leader in her industry, Rachel Strauss brings her extensive knowledge to everyone, regardless of their skill level, in The Wood Burn Book." - Peggy Dean, best-selling author If you can trace, you can burn. The Wood Burn Book is the book Rachel Strauss, founder of the popular online community Wood Burn Corner,...
Turning Toys with Richard Raffan
Turning Toys with Richard Raffan BTTRR
From the Back Cover Thousands of woodturners have learned to turn with Richard Raffan’s best-selling books and videos. In this new book of 18 traditional toy projects, Raffan demonstrates the essential skill-building techniques. Step-by-step photos and drawings show how the tools are used, and Raffan provides insights into chucks and chucking that will help you work smarter and faster to produce...

Woodturning: A Foundation Course
Woodturning: A Foundation Course BWFC
A must have book for any woodturner that includes a free DVD tutorial. New projects with stunning colour photographs by Keith Rowley, coupled with the latest information makes this book a popular classic. From the Back Cover Keith Rowley’s best-selling introduction to the art of woodturning is exceptional for its friendly and methodical approach, building up the reader’s skills and...
Woodworking with Resin
Woodworking with Resin BWWR
Woodworking with Resin: Tips, techniques, and projects From the Back Cover A complete beginner's guide to using resin Learn to use epoxy resin in your scroll saw and woodturning projects! From holiday ornaments to compound cut butterflies, a pine cone pen, a coloured pencil bowl, and so much more, Woodworking with Resin offers a treasure trove of inspiration and 13 skill-building projects...

Turning Projects with Richard Raffan
Turning Projects with Richard Raffan BTPRR
From the Back Cover Richard Raffan has been teaching woodworking and turning for over 35 years. He is a master at explaining the complex and sometimes confusing steps to turning in a clear and understandable way. All New Turning Projects continues this long tradition with a new collection of beautiful and useful turning projects. Each project includes complete instructions with step-by-step photos...
Big Book Of Pyrography Projects
Big Book Of Pyrography Projects BBPP
From the Back Cover All-in-One Woodburning Guide If you've ever wanted to take up the creative art of pyrography, here's the perfect place to start. Big Book of Pyrography Projects is packed with tips, tricks, and inspiration. All you need is this big book and an inexpensive woodburning tool to start adorning wood, paper, gourds, and more with beautifully burned images and patterns. Leading...

Wood For Woodturners: Revised Edition
Wood For Woodturners: Revised Edition BWFW2
From the Back Cover An appropriate and imaginative choice of wood can really bring your work to life, and the more you understand about the raw material, the closer you can come to realising your vision. This book describes 42 of the world’s most important woods for turning. It has been written specifically for woodturners by expert turner Mark Baker, and goes into great detail with regard to physical...
Complete Pyrography
Complete Pyrography BCP
From the Back Cover This masterclass of pyrography techniques from Stephen Poole, a highly respected teacher of the craft, covers everything the reader needs to know about burning designs on wood or other materials. Suitable for beginners and those keen to improve their skills, whether you wish to decorate a wooden spoon or produce a detailed work of art, you’ll find all the practical knowledge...

Pen Turning: A Foundation Course
Pen Turning: A Foundation Course BPTFC
From the Back Cover Pen turning doesn’t require many costly tools, and it doesn’t take long to produce wonderful results. This is the ideal guide for those keen to learn the art of creating pens. All the basic techniques and information needed are fully explained, from blank preparation to turning, sanding, and assembling. Author: Kip Christensen & Rex Burningham Paperback: 119 pages Publisher:...
The Art of Turned Bowls by Richard Raffan
The Art of Turned Bowls by Richard Raffan BTATB
From the Back Cover Everyone loves a spectacular bowl. In this provocative, in-depth examination of bowl design, master turner Richard Raffan teaches how to create bowls that will delight long after the colours and figure of the wood have faded. Great bowl design is about shape. Raffan shows how to create enduring and beautiful shapes from both and artistic and practical point of view – from creating...

Turned Toys by Mark Baker
Turned Toys by Mark Baker BTTMB
If you have some woodturning experience, you can now create something truly special for your family and friends. These beautiful hand-crafted toys are as enjoyable to make as they are to play with. From the Back Cover Learn how to make beautiful hand-crafted toys and games with guidance from woodturning expert Mark Baker. This inspiring book will appeal to woodturners who are looking for projects...
Step by Step Pyrography
Step by Step Pyrography BSBSP
From the Back Cover Pyrography, the art of ‘drawing with fire’, is an ancient craft practised worldwide. In this book, Bob Neill presents 30 original projects in easy to follow step-by-step style that are suitable for the absolute beginner to master. Readers will love the clear and simple format which takes away the mystery behind achieving great results. Contents include: 30...

Zen Colouring: Flowers
Zen Colouring: Flowers BZFLO
From the Back Cover Relax into the creative world of colouring. Containing a beautiful and diverse collection of illustrations, this fantastic book will allow the artist within you to shine! This edition contains artworks of flowers for you to complete using your own colour scheme. Make your artworks as simple or as complex as you like – whichever you choose, you’ll be delighted by the results....
Carving Woodspirits: The Basics
Carving Woodspirits: The Basics BCWS
From the Back Cover Learn everything you need to know to begin a hobby in woodcarving. Carving Woodspirits: The Basics is a complete guide to understanding basic woodcarving fundamentals including safety, sharpening, tools, wood, and finishing. It is a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in carving wood! People all over the world have been carving woodspirits for hundreds of years. Learning...

Small & Miniature Turning
Small & Miniature Turning BSMT
From the Back Cover Small-scale turning is one of the most exciting challenges available to the woodturner, and offers a vast range of possibilities, from small vases and boxes to scale models of furniture and machinery. This book tells you all you need to know in order to get started on this absorbing craft, including how to season and store your wood, how to choose the appropriate tools, and even...
Turning Hollow Forms
Turning Hollow Forms BTHF
From the Back Cover For thousands of years mankind has created hollow forms to store either everyday objects or things of value – but functional objects can also be beautiful in their own right. This comprehensive book will guide the beginner through everything they need to know to get started with turning their own hollow forms. You will learn how to work with different types of wood, which...

Thread Cutting & Eccentric Chuck DVD
Thread Cutting & Eccentric Chuck DVD RSDVDTCEC
50 mins.A unique instructional DVD showing you how to form internal & external threads.This is a must for anyone making an initial attempt to cut threads on turned projects.Several projects are shown in depth.
Learn To Burn
Learn To Burn BLTB
From the Back Cover Award-winning artist Simon Easton shows how to “write with fire” in this easy-to-learn introduction to the art of pyrography. Easton guides you through the basics of woodburning, from purchasing tools and materials to setup and safety. He explains how to master all of the essential techniques of the craft, from making simple marks to texturing, lettering, shading, and...

Turning Bowls with Richard Raffan
Turning Bowls with Richard Raffan BTBRR
From the Back Cover The world’s pre-eminent woodturning teacher provides everything you need to know for turning bowls. From wood selection and design advice to surface embellishment and finishing techniques, the detailed text and step-by-step photos are inspiring. Turning Bowls is for all levels of turners, from beginners looking for advice every step of the way to advanced turners looking for...
Pen and Pencil Projects
Pen and Pencil Projects BPPP
Perfect for beginners to the lathe as well as more advanced turners, all the basic techniques and information needed for getting started are covered. From blank preparation to turning, sanding, polishing and assembling – everything is explained clearly and in jargon-free terms. From the Back Cover Whether you prefer classic oak fountain pens or have a weakness for funky acrylic pencils,...
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Pyrography Basics
Pyrography Basics BPB
Pyrography Basics: Techniques and Exercises for Beginners is all that aspiring beginners need, alongside an inexpensive woodburning tool to start adorning wood, leather, paper and more with beautifully burned images and patterns. This book includes a thorough introduction to basic tools, materials and techniques. From the Back Cover Pyrography can enhance any project with lovely varieties of...
Pyrography Designs
Pyrography Designs BPD1
From the Back Cover Here is a collection of designs for pyrographers to use without fear of copyright infringement. Norma Gregory, a pyrographer for over 30 years, shares her designs with other enthusiasts for the craft, and has supplied additional elements that can be combined to create hundreds of new images. Her clear text explains the best method for tracing the designs and transferring them...

Pyrography: 18 Step-by-Step Projects
Pyrography: 18 Step-by-Step Projects BPSBSP
Pyrography, the art of drawing with fire, is an ancient craft practised worldwide. This is a collection of pyrography projects, focusing on the solid point machine, an electrically heated poker tool. It contains 18 projects to create a range of decorated wooden items. From the Back Cover Great ideas for decorative effects on everyday items Easy-to-follow projects with clear photography Key...
Turning Salt & Pepper Shakers & Mills
Turning Salt & Pepper Shakers & Mills BTSPM
From the Back Cover In the first book dedicated solely to turning salt and pepper shakers and mills, Chris West covers all aspects of turning these useful condiment-holders and demonstrates how they can be transformed into beautiful, stylish and tactile additions to your home. Chris finds inspiration in many diverse objects, whether glass, metal or ceramics. He makes a mental note of the basic shape,...

Stickmaking A Complete Course
Stickmaking A Complete Course BSCC
From the Back Cover This complete introduction to stickmaking explains how to make a wide range of traditional walking sticks, market sticks and crooks. Expanded to include more detailed coverage of tools, moulds, formers, jigs and materials, this book is the ultimate, comprehensive guide to the hobby. Stickmaking shows you how to select suitable timbers, as well as alternative materials such as...
Pyrography Workbook
Pyrography Workbook BPW
From the Back Cover Pyrography, meaning “to draw with fire,” is a versatile art form that dates back to the Victorian age and continues to thrive today because of its beauty and endless possibilities. In Pyrography Workbook, internationally renowned Australian pyrographer Sue Walters offers inspiration and sound practical information that will open your eyes to the artistic potential...

Carving Woodspirits: Beyond The Basics
Carving Woodspirits: Beyond The Basics BCWSB
From the Back Cover Carving Woodspirits: Beyond the Basics bridges the gap between the ‘beginner’ and ‘intermediate’ woodcarver. When one first learns to carve faces, everything is done simply and with few steps, but as the beginner practices and eventually “gets it”, there is a need for expanded knowledge. There are lots of beginner books, but they don’t...
Turning Green Wood
Turning Green Wood BTGW
Turning Green Wood by Michael O'Donnell Turning Green Wood is the latest edition of this best-selling title. In this inspiring and thought-provoking guide, Michael O' Donnell, one of the foremost exponents of the technique, explains how to harvest and store timber, and how to make the best use of the grain pattern and other properties. Turning green wood can be made so delicate that it is...