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Inktense - 24 Pencil Pack INK24
Derwent Inktense Pencils are watersoluble to give you the intensity of a pen and the versatility of ink. They each have a hexagonal barrel making them easy to hold, grip and control. They leave a translucent effect when washed out and can be washed over again with wet or dry media.You can use them dry or mix them with water for an ink effect.Once dry, the colour is fixed and permanent to be long lasting.
Was £132.07 Now £35.95
Water Stone Holder
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Water Stone Holder JWSH
High quality bench holder for Japanese water stones. Accepts stones of any width and between 5 1/2" and in length. Contoured rubber blocks give secure holding and non slip grip. Metal arms have substantial chrome plating to resist rusting.
Was £8.25 Now £5.00

Bandsaw Blade - BS350 - Pack of 3
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Bandsaw Blade - BS350 - Pack of 3 BB10312
Pack of 3 Blades for BS350 (1/4", 3/8" and 3/4"). 3 pack
Was £44.99 Now £34.99
Bandsaw Blade - BS9 - Pack of 2
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Bandsaw Blade - BS9 - Pack of 2 BB6218
Pack of 2 Bandsaw Blades for BS9 (1/4" x 6tpi, 3/8" x 6tpi)
Was £19.99 Now £16.99

Centre Finder
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Centre Finder CF
The ultimate time saver.The centre of any size bowl blank can be found in seconds with this simple to use accessory.
Was £2.26 Now £2.00
Record Power - 9" Bandsaw
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Record Power - 9" Bandsaw RPBS9
The BS9 is ideal for the compact workshop and for those who require a robust, reliable and powerful machine for smaller scale work. It gives exceptional performance and capacities for a bandsaw of its size and is designed for consistently effective cutting and longevity.The band wheels are dynamically balanced and are heavily built for a machine of this size, providing impressive torque and power.
Was £199.99 Now £179.99

16" - Record Power Scroll Saw
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16" - Record Power Scroll Saw SS16V
A Scrollsaw is a versatile addition to any workshop, bringing with it the ability to cut intricate shapes in a wide range of materials and even working from the inside out. From simple and delicate small scale cabinet work to intricate fretwork and toys, the SS16V Scrollsaw opens up a whole new world of possibilities, offering an enjoyable and relaxing way to express creativity.A real benefit of this...
Was £109.00 Now £99.99
Two Stage Air Filter
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Two Stage Air Filter AC400
This new air filter offers great features and performance at a very competitive price.It features two stage filtration with pocket filters (previously only available on our top of the range AC2 machine and nearly twice the price) to provide filtration down to 1 micron.It has 3 speeds and a timer function so you can leave the unit to run for a period after you have finished in the workshop.Both of which...
Was £169.99 Now £159.99

Coronet Herald Lathe with Free Legs
Was £1,048.00 Now £999.00
Belt And Disc Sander - 10" x 6"
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Belt And Disc Sander - 10" x 6" BDS250
This heavy duty belt and disc sander has plenty of power to handle demanding sanding whilst also being capable of fine and delicate work. The solid cast iron table provides ample support and the 1 hp motor provides plenty of power to avoid stalling under pressure.
Was £399.99 Now £389.00

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Ash works well with both machine and hand tools, and has a moderate blunting effect on cutting edges.Provided the cutters are kept sharp, it planes well.Ash glues well, stains satisfactory and can be brought to a highly polished finish.
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Cocobolo COC
Cocobolo has a high mechanical strength in all categories, and is heavy, tough and strong.It works reasonably well with machine and hand tools, but cutting edges must be kept sharp.Cocobolo has a moderate blunting effect on cutting tools.The natural oils in the wood make it difficult to glue, but it can be nailed and screwed satisfactory.Worked surfaces from planing, turning, moulding and mortising...
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Cyanoacrylate - Medium
Cyanoacrylate - Medium CA2
The Cyanoacrylate Glues are top quality triple distilled superglues, available in thin, medium and thick consistency.Thin cures fast, medium and thick are slower cure but may be altered by use of an activator.
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