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Elipse - Protective CaseElipse - Protective Case
Special Offer
Elipse - Protective Case GVSECASE
Hard nylon case to offer protection to the Elipse half face mask. Zip up adjustments.
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Water Stone Holder
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Water Stone Holder JWSH
High quality bench holder for Japanese water stones. Accepts stones of any width and between 5 1/2" and in length. Contoured rubber blocks give secure holding and non slip grip. Metal arms have substantial chrome plating to resist rusting.
Was £8.25 Now £5.00

Book - Pen and Pencil Projects
Book - Pen and Pencil Projects BPPP
Perfect for beginners to the lathe as well as more advanced turners, all the basic techniques and information needed for getting started are covered. From blank preparation to turning, sanding, polishing and assembling – everything is explained clearly and in jargon-free terms. From the Back Cover Whether you prefer classic oak fountain pens or have a weakness for funky acrylic pencils, this practical...
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Flattening Stone For Coarse Stone
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Flattening Stone For Coarse Stone JWS0114
Flattening stone for use on coarse stones.Flattening stones are quickly and easily maintained and re-true the surface of waterstones.Soak in water prior to use.Simply rub the surface of the waterstone along the flattening stone.Grooves remove waste and material and avoid clogging.Rinse the waterstone well before re-use.
Was £15.75 Now £10.00

Centre Finder
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Centre Finder CF
The ultimate time saver.The centre of any size bowl blank can be found in seconds with this simple to use accessory.
Was £2.50 Now £2.00
Professional Grinder Tool
Special Offer
Professional Grinder Tool 28481
A very precise and accurate heavy duty mini-tool drill with an aluminium motor casing and variable speed (5000-20,000rpm) suited to professional use in the workshop. The aluminium casing dramatically reduces any potential bearing problems resulting in an exceptionally smooth and vibrant free tool. Please note that this unit will not accept a keyless chuck. Supplied in a carrying case with 30 accessories...
Was £92.95 Now £79.00

Book - Doodle Stitching Transfer Pack
10 Percent Off
Book - Doodle Stitching Transfer Pack BDSTP
From the Back Cover Whimsical doodle-style transfers to iron on fabric and embroider. Add a creative touch to fabrics with fun, fresh embroidery that looks like doodles. This book is filled with over 300 of Aimee Ray’s most popular line motifs in 7 favourite categories, including animals, alphabet, flowers, and holiday. These motifs are printed on reusable iron-on paper for quick and easy application...
Was £11.99 Now £10.79
Book - Color Workshop
10 Percent Off
Book - Color Workshop BCW
From the Back Cover In Color Workshop, artist Rachel Reinert shares her simple techniques for creating vivid, awe-inspiring works of art with basic materials. Whether you’re looking to incorporate colour into your own drawings or to take your colouring pages to the next level, you’ll learn everything you need to know to achieve stunning results. The best tools and supplies for adding colour...
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1/2" - 13mm - Lamp Fixing Plate
1/2" - 13mm - Lamp Fixing Plate E3048
1/2" Back plate for the switched lamp holders.
Was £1.60 Now £1.50
Two Stage Air Filter
Two Stage Air Filter AC400
This new air filter offers great features and performance at a very competitive price.It features two stage filtration with pocket filters (previously only available on our top of the range AC2 machine and nearly twice the price) to provide filtration down to 1 micron.It has 3 speeds and a timer function so you can leave the unit to run for a period after you have finished in the workshop.Both of which...
Was £169.99 Now £165.00

Deluxe Starter Set - 20 Piece
Deluxe Starter Set - 20 Piece SK108
A complete carving set all in one box. Suitable for mallet, palm or knife carving. Includes a sharpening SlipStrop and compound for honing your tools to a razor edge.
Was £212.95 Now £212.92
African Blackwood
10 Percent Off
African Blackwood AFB
African Blackwood is very strong and tough in all categories, but is not normally used for steam bending due to its weight and density. It has a severe blunting effect in tools, Tungsten-carbide-tipped tools are required for conversion. It can be difficult to work but turns well. Pre-boring is necessary for nailing and screwing, and screw threads can be tapped into it almost as well as in metal. It...
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Cocobolo COC
Cocobolo has a high mechanical strength in all categories, and is heavy, tough and strong. It works reasonably well with machine and hand tools, but cutting edges must be kept sharp. Cocobolo has a moderate blunting effect on cutting tools. The natural oils in the wood make it difficult to glue, but it can be nailed and screwed satisfactory. Worked surfaces from planing, turning, moulding and mortising...
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Cyanoacrylate - Medium
Cyanoacrylate - Medium CA2
The Cyanoacrylate Glues are top quality triple distilled superglues, available in thin, medium and thick consistency.Thin cures fast, medium and thick are slower cure but may be altered by use of an activator.
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Bolt Action - Bullet PencilBolt Action - Bullet Pencil
10 Percent Off
Bolt Action - Bullet Pencil BABPL
This pencil works just like our Bolt action bullet pen - just move the bolt action handle up to smoothly and reliably advance the lead. It is the perfect gift by itself or make it with a matching Bolt Action pen to create a beautiful gift set. Includes a durable eraser in the end cap. Uses the same accessories and profile as our standard Bolt Action Pen Kits. Please note, the images are an example...
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