Carpenters Try Square
Carpenters Try Square TRCTS
Spear and Jackson Carpenters Try Square The perfect hand tool for checking and marking right angles in constructional work. It is rosewood stained with a brass top and bottom face for increased durability. Features: Perfect for marking right angles Rosewood stained hardwood with brass top and bottom faces Spring steel blade. Available as a 6", 9" or 12" square
from £8.16
Carpenters Sliding BevelCarpenters Sliding Bevel
Carpenters Sliding Bevel TRCSB
Spear & Jackson Carpenters Sliding Bevel Carpenters Sliding Bevel. Rosewood Stained Hardwood with Brass Top and Bottom end plates. Hardwood stock Brass top and bottom end plates Spring steel blade Available in 7.5", 9" or 10" inch
from £8.22

Carpenters Marking GaugeCarpenters Marking Gauge
Carpenters Marking Gauge TRCMKG
Spear & Jackson Carpenter's Marking Gauge 8" Rosewood Stained Hardwood with two brass plates on the working face, round brass bar through top section & brass lock screw on top. Block size: 66 x 55 x 28 ± 1mm Brass Plates in Block: 7 x 3mm Brass Bar in Block: 12mm diameter Hardwood stock and beam Brass wear plates and locking screw Internal brass thread
Carpenters Smoothing Plane
Carpenters Smoothing Plane TRCSP
Spear & Jackson Carpenter's Smoothing Plane. Ideal for cabinet work and general joinery. Cast iron body Precision milled base and faces 45mm or 50mm wide high carbon steel blade options available
from £15.00

Carpenters Jack PlaneCarpenters Jack Plane
Carpenters Jack Plane TRCJP5
Spear & Jackson No. 5 Carpenters Jack Plane No. 5 Jack Plane. Ideal for the initial preparation of rough timber. Cast iron body Precision milled base and faces 50mm wide high carbon steel blade Brass adjusting screw
Carpenters Pencils (Pack of 12)
Carpenters Pencils (Pack of 12) TRCP
Spear & Jackson Carpenters Pencils Block of 12 carpenter's pencils with graphite core - a handy tool box essential suitable for marking up on wood and plasterboard. Available with both Medium (TRCPMR Red) and Hard (TRCPHG Green) graphite. Break resistant 6.5mm x 2.7mm graphite core Painted hardwood outer refers to graphite strength Sold in packs of 12 pencils

Carpenters Block Plane 6.5"Carpenters Block Plane 6.5"
Carpenters Block Plane 6.5" TRCBP65
Spear & Jackon No. 6 1/2" Block Plane. Ideal for end grain work and single-handed operation. Cast iron body Precision milled base and faces 35mm wide low angle cutter and fully adjustable mouth Brass adjusting screw