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Every month, we share a theme. Makers from all over the country are invited to create new work or share photos of existing work that relates to the chosen theme of the month. With the upcoming celebration for the King's Coronation, the theme for April 2023 was 'Heritage.'

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David Gibbs

David Gibbs

Maker: David Gibbs
Craft: Woodworking

What inspired this piece: Sheffield has been a famous cutlery manufacturing centre for hundreds of years. Cutlery has been made in the city since the 13th Century. Cutlery initially means items which cut. Flatware refers to forks and spoons.

I was born in Sheffield and its great heritage inspired me to make this knife, fork and spoon out of sycamore. They have been framed, ready to hang. Each piece is approximately 150mm in length. I used a sycamore spindle purchased from Turners Retreat together with several carving tools and finished them off with Abranet, sanding sealer and fine wax.

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Lee Massa
Peak Pipes

Maker: Lee Massa
Craft: Woodturning and pipe making

What inspired this piece: This particular pipe is inspired by Peak District Gritstone. The bowl is rusticated, carved and sandblasted after being turned to resemble Gritstone itself. This then had a contrast stain and SEM Ebonite stem.

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Tracey Ibbotson
Tracey Ibbotson

Maker: Tracey Ibbotson
Craft: Woodturning

What inspired this piece: I'm new to wood turning and wanted to try a clock. Turners Retreat had a great stock of interesting clocks that set my imagination going.

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David Sheperdson
Pens Unique

Maker: David Shepherdson
Craft: Woodturning

What inspired this piece: City Slicker. A piece of English Oak given the pin stripe treatment. The pen in question has been created from some oak that came from a tree planted on the Blenheim Palace Estate in 1788. Sadly due to it becoming dangerously unstable after some 244 years of growing, it was felled in 2012.

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Chris Doy
Chris Doy

Maker: Chris Doy
Craft: Woodcarving

What inspired this piece: These hearts represent a part of my heritage as they are carved from an apple tree that grew at my late parents house and where I was, literally, born. To extend my parents legacy, I have been selling the hearts to friends and family and passers-by (I carve in my garage) with the money raised going to charity. 

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Walter Hall
Walter Hall

Maker: Walter Hall
Craft: Woodturning

What inspired this piece: A love of old hand tools and a desire to bring neglected vintage tools back into use. (These Marples registered mortise chisels had woodworm in the original handles so I  replaced them with new ones in ash to my own variations on the London pattern)

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Andy Pratt
Andy Pratt

Maker: Andy Pratt
Craft: Woodturning

What inspired this piece: I made this clock for my wife who had seen my speaker design which was similar. My wife wanted a clock with a difference and I made her one which she could showcase on our mantle. Looking at the the selection Turners Retreat had to offer, I purchased the chrome skeleton clock unit and the outcome was sheer delight and a keepsake was made. Now I have to manufacture 3 more for other family members!

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Richard Anscombe
Richard Anscombe

Maker: Richard Anscombe
Craft: Woodturning and carving

What inspired this piece: Our church in Upton Grey has to have a new pipe organ, I produced these pieces from the pine from the old organ, to raise money for the ‘new’ one, and raised £700.

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Keith Henson
Keith Henson

Maker: Keith Henson
Craft: Woodcarving

What inspired this piece: I made this squirrel stick for my 90 year old mother, for Mother's Day.

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Sandra O'Gara
Oggy's Pyro

Maker: Sandra O'Gara
Craft: Pyrography

What inspired this piece: Started burning in lockdown to stop going stir crazy and fell in love with it.

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John Michael Hornsby
John Michael Hornsby

Maker: John Michael Hornsby
Craft: Woodworking

What inspired this piece: Hopefully this piece will become a Heritage piece for the future for our Children and Grandchildren and was inspired from the British Golden period of furniture.

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Lucy Lamb Crafts

Maker: Felicity Salmon
Craft: Woodturning

What inspired this piece: Two candlesticks from a 400 year old redundant beam from the local church… one made, it took 2 years for me to build the confidence to attempt the second. Similar, they are a fitting tribute to the heritage of the church. Holes left by nails in the beam add character.

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Kate's Kuality Krafts

Maker: Kate Kitchin
Craft: Woodworking

What inspired this piece: With the King’s coronation this coming month I thought it would be fitting to honour our late Queen as she is a massive part of this country’s heritage! Cut with my scroll saw from Birch ply with painted black ply backing, complete with handcrafted Iroko frame and finished in Odie’s Oil bought from Turners Retreat! 

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