Framing Chisel
Framing Chisel 285
Long (10.1/2") , thick blade designed for large framing work when working with deep mortices where extra strength is required.Blade tapers along its length.Fitted with rugged ash handle.Overall length 19.5"
from £64.40
Chisel Edge Guard
Chisel Edge Guard 285EG
We highly recommend edge guards to protect yourself and your tools. Available in 1", 1 1/2" and 2" sizes, these tough leather guards are a snug fit for both the 285 and 286 framing chisels.
from £4.85

Bevelled Framing Chisel
Bevelled Framing Chisel 286
Similar to the 285 Framing Chisel but with a bevel to give extra clearance in the cut.Tapered along the length.Fitted with a heavy duty Ash handle.Overall length 15.5"
from £73.40
1" - 25mm - Heavy Duty Corner Chisel
1" - 25mm - Heavy Duty Corner Chisel 28725
Also known as a 'bruzze'.Heavy duty version of the popular cabinet makers corner chisel.For cleaning up deep corners of mortices or other grooves.Sharpen each face individually using an oil stone.Fitted with a rugged ash handle to withstand heavy use.Overall length 18.5"

Heavy Duty Sash Mortice Chisel
Heavy Duty Sash Mortice Chisel 28816
Extra heavy duty sash mortice chisel. Massively proportioned for those deep difficult to access mortices, requiring extreme blade strength. Fitted with ash handle.