Framing Chisel
Framing Chisel 285
Long (10.1/2") , thick blade designed for large framing work when working with deep mortices where extra strength is required.Blade tapers along its length.Fitted with rugged ash handle.Overall length 19.5"
from £49.25
Chisel Edge Guard
Chisel Edge Guard 285EG
We highly recommend edge guards to protect yourself and your tools. Available in 1", 1 1/2" and 2" sizes, these tough leather guards are a snug fit for both the 285 and 286 framing chisels.
from £4.85

Bevelled Framing Chisel
Bevelled Framing Chisel 286
Similar to the 285 Framing Chisel but with a bevel to give extra clearance in the cut.Tapered along the length.Fitted with a heavy duty Ash handle.Overall length 15.5"
from £65.50
1" - 25mm - Heavy Duty Corner Chisel
1" - 25mm - Heavy Duty Corner Chisel 28725
Also known as a 'bruzze'.Heavy duty version of the popular cabinet makers corner chisel.For cleaning up deep corners of mortices or other grooves.Sharpen each face individually using an oil stone.Fitted with a rugged ash handle to withstand heavy use.Overall length 18.5"