1/2" Keyed Chuck no arbor
1/2" Keyed Chuck no arbor DC304
A standard drill chuck with 1/32" - 1/2" capacity. This chuck uses a morse taper abor to fit it to your machine. You will need a 1MT or 2MT. You can find them on our website under reference A604 (1MT) or A610 (2MT)
12" - 300mm - Centre Finder
12" - 300mm - Centre Finder CEF2
Centre Finder 12", the easy use tool needed by every turner.

15mm - Kiridashi Marking Knife
15mm - Kiridashi Marking Knife KDM15
Kiridashi Kogatana marking knives are made by laminating a high carbon very hard steel to a softer but tough steel backing.Available in two different widths - 9mm and 15mm.All the knives are bevelled for right hand use.Due to the extreme hardness of the steel they should only be used for marking and not for carving.Supplied in a plastic protective wallet.Length 170mm.
3 Step Buffing System
3 Step Buffing System BUFFSYS
Get a beautiful and a durable wax finish with this unique lathe-mounted polishing system.Buffing passes are made with a Tripoli buff (linen wheel), white diamond buff (linen/ flannel wheel), then carnuba wax (flannel wheel).The final finish is very similar to multiple coats of lacquer but is softer and much deeper.The system includes: set of three 8" fabric buffing wheels, tripoli bar, white diamond...

400284A - Double Wire 4" Spring Hose Clamp
400284A - Double Wire 4" Spring Hose Clamp 400284A
These handy hose clips allow the quick changing of a 100mm dust extraction hose from one machine to another. Single handed operation makes it a quick and easy task. Supplied in a pack of two.
446 Angle Gauge
446 Angle Gauge W446AG
Use with both the Universal Sharpening System ? Adjustable Platform (446) and the Universal Sharpening System ? Deluxe (447) to set consistent bevel angles for a wide range of woodworking and woodturning tools.

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6 Pocket Leather Tool Roll 6TROLL
Your tools are your pride and joy so look after them in one of these purpose designed tool rolls.They are made from high quality leather and are designed to give years of protection.
6" - Forstner Extension Bit
6" - Forstner Extension Bit RR800E
Drill deeper bore holes by up to 6" with this forstner extension bar.Works with any boring tool that has a 3/8" shank.

8 Hour Battery
8 Hour Battery AIR-P-4
New fully protected powered respirator for use with woodworking applications, including machining MDF.- Motor positioned away from the sensitive area of the forehead to reduce noise and irritation.- Built-in quiet fan keeps constant flow of filtered air across the face.- Excellent protection from inhalation of harmful dust with two fine dust filters.- Filter efficiency now 98%.- 8 hour battery life.-...
Abranet - Single Sheet
Abranet - Single Sheet AB
Single sheet of Abranet, measures 70mm x 125mm. Grit options range from 80 grit to 600 grit.Abranet is a revolutionary new sanding material. The unique, patented sanding material contains thousands of small holes which effectively vacuum up dust and other particles without clogging the surface. The result is seen in a very uniform sanding pattern and a perfectly smooth surface. Airborne dust is minimised...

Abrasive Roll Set
Abrasive Roll Set ARS379
Ideal for pen turners and those hard to get at places.Avoid wasting money on ripping up wide abrasive sheets.Contains four 1" wide x 20 foot long cloth backed aluminium oxide abrasives.The grits are 150, 240, 320 and 400.
Acrylic Pen Buffing System
Acrylic Pen Buffing System APBS
This quick and easy two step system will produce the ultimate scratch free polished finish on acrylic pen blanks.The system consists of a mandrel with two 4" buffing wheels.First treat the cotton wheel with the special "blue" buffing compound.Buff your finished pen blanks on the lathe first with the cotton wheel then finish with the flannel wheel.You will produce a scratch free, flawless polished finish.System...

Air/Pro Charger 230V
Air/Pro Charger 230V AIR-P-5
Trend AIR/P/5/UK Charger 230V UK plug AIR/PRO Battery charger for the AIRSHIELD PRO.
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Angle Checker MW3054

Battery For TPC
Battery For TPC SR626SW
SE626SW battery which is used to fit our 50mm and 36mm watch inserts.
Battery LR1
Battery LR1 LR1
LR1 battery to fit our TPC clocks

Bionic Face Shield
Bionic Face Shield PCM-123
Extended top of head and chin protection; Large, easily replaceable visors for maximum visibility; Comfortable fit with respirators; Locking mechanism; Dielectric design; Multiple adjustability to ensure most comfortable fit; Extra cushioning; Breathable, washable sweatband
Bionic Face Shield - Spare Visor only
Bionic Face Shield - Spare Visor only PCM-123V
Replacement Screen Only Full-face visors offer maximum protection for the eye and face against occasional chemical splashes and flying particles that include dust, metal flecks and wood chips.They are suitable for environments with a changeable climate since they have a strong record of remaining mist-free and thus offer excellent vision at all times.

Camellia Oil - 240ml
Camellia Oil - 240ml CAMO
Imported from Japan, Camelia oil is a natural vegetable oil that has been used for centuries by Japanese Craftsmen as protection against corrosion.For practical purposes the natural camellia oil is blended with other light oils to produce a low viscosity protective oil.It has a pleasant smell and used regularly forms an effective barrier against rust and corrosion.Supplied in a pump spray bottle 240ml.
Centre Finder
Special Offer
Centre Finder CF
The ultimate time saver.The centre of any size bowl blank can be found in seconds with this simple to use accessory.
Was £2.50 Now £2.00

Centre Punch
Centre Punch CP882
Brass bodied automatic centre punch with hardened tip.
Ceramic Wheel - 150 x 20 - 100 Grit - Blue
Ceramic Wheel - 150 x 20 - 100 Grit - Blue OD20100B
Blue Grit Ceramic.It is much sharper than Aluminium Oxide wheels making it even faster and cooler cutting.It is made in 100 grit to give an extra fine edge on tools.

Chair Doctor Glue
Chair Doctor Glue CDG
Chair Doctor Glue - Freezes wood in the swollen state - Low viscosity and long shelf life - Pro kit includes syringe and needles - Swells end grain - Swells the wood Please note: The 2oz bottle comes with 1 injector. The 4oz bottle comes with 3 injectors.
from £4.95
Chestnut - Vinyl Gloves - Pack of 10
Chestnut - Vinyl Gloves - Pack of 10 CVG
Chestnut lightly powdered disposable vinyl gloves are ideal for keeping your hands clean.Suitable for either hand and in a large size.Supplied in packs of 10.
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