ProEdge Diamond Belt
ProEdge Diamond Belt PEDIA
Diamond belts offer the pinnacle in abrasive technology, providing durability and flexibility. Diamond particles are precisely graded to give a long-life solution and are excellent for sharpening the most difficult of materials. They also provide a great all-round alternative and are suitable for any material.
ProEdge Trizact BeltProEdge Trizact Belt
ProEdge Trizact Belt PETB
Perhaps our most popular range of belts this robust material is designed to handle the demands of all steels. Not strictly ?grit sizes? these belts are built using brick and pyramid abrasive shaping. The highest 3000 ?grit? size will sharpen to two microns (the same sharpness as a disposable razor blade) and provide a factory finish on all steels.

ProEdge Aluminium Oxide BeltProEdge Aluminium Oxide Belt
ProEdge Aluminium Oxide Belt PEAOB
Aluminium Oxide ProEdge Belt - these are ideal for sharpening bench chisels, carving tools and plane irons.
ProEdge Ceramic BeltProEdge Ceramic Belt
ProEdge Ceramic Belt PECB
Ceramic ProEdge Belt - Ceramic is especially hardwearing and long lasting for heavy material removal.

ProEdge Zirconium BeltProEdge Zirconium Belt
ProEdge Zirconium Belt PEZB
Zirconium ProEdge Belt - these are ideal for HSS tools, drills and router bits.