Pen Making

About Section

At Turners Retreat we have one of the most comprehensive range of pen making equipment available. All of our pen kits can be supplied with detailed assembly instructions. We also pride ourselves in being able to supply spare parts for every pen kit we sell, so in the unlikely event of any problem, we'll be pleased to help you out. Many kits are available with more than one plating option. Our standard quanlity 24K Gold offers a pen that that is available at a very competive price and is ideal for inexpensive gifts and for general use. The Premium Gold plating is standard on most of the "Euro" and "Round Top" series and has plated parts that undergo additional cleaning and degreasing processes, before being plated on "plating trees" as opposed to the tumble plating process used on many less expensive kits. Pens can be turned on a lathe by a number of different methods, but most people use a dedicated mandrel and bush system. The "A" mandrel is used for most of the slim line pens, with the option of a more substantial "B" mandrel for use with the larger pens. This mandrel is held in place in the headstock of the lathe with a "drill driver". This is based around a morse taper and hence is available in the MT1 and MT2 fittins. The drill driver remains in the headstock of the lathe, and the busgings and wood blank can be fitted on to the mandrel shaft and then located back into the drill driver to be turned. The bushing set provides a quick and accurate method of sizing the finished diameters of the item prior to assembly. As the kits vary in finished sizes, so each type of kit has its own dedicated bushing set.

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