Wax Polish Black Bison Paste
Wax Polish Black Bison Paste DOBBP
Ideal for nourishing and protecting all types of wooden furniture including laquers and french polishes. Helps prevent finger and water marks and is suitable for both modern and antique furniture. It enhances the natureal beauty of wood, whilst protecting it against dryness and every day use. Toy safe. Gives good resistance to finger and water marks Ideal for small surfaces Feeds, polishes...
Purified Beeswax 25g
Purified Beeswax 25g PB25
100% pure beeswax for making furniture polish and lubricating draw runners.

Clear Beeswax with Turpentine 150ml
Clear Beeswax with Turpentine 150ml CPBP
A traditional wax that nourishes wood and gives an authentic finish to furniture.Ideal for use on small surfaces and furniture.Suitable for soft and hardwoods.Feeds wood and protects against excessive dryness.Interior use only.Toy safe.
Finishing Oil 250ml
Finishing Oil 250ml FO250
A blend of high quality oils which nourish and enhance the colour of the wood.Provides a hard wearing and water resistant surface.Heat, alcohol and food acid resistant.Interior use only.Toy Safe.

Honing Oil 250ml
Honing Oil 250ml HO250
Lubricant for tool sharpening on oilstones. Cleans dirty stones and reduces clogging of the stone from metal particles. Helps to produce sharper tools
Pure Tung Oil 250ml
Pure Tung Oil 250ml PTO250
Premium, pure and natural oil for wood care. Ideal for use on food contact surfaces – kitchen worktops, chopping boards and salad bowls and provides a long lasting matt finish. It is water, heat and alcohol resistant. Suitable for interior and exterior use

Teak Oil 250ml
Teak Oil 250ml TO250
Nourishes and enhances the natural beauty of hard exotic/oil wood; teak, iroko, rosewood etc.Provides a good durable water resistant finish.Suitable for interior and exterior use.Toy safe.
Superior Danish Oil 250ml
Superior Danish Oil 250ml SDO250
A blend of pure Tung oil and natural oils which protect hard and soft woods.It brings out the natural grain of the wood and provides a satin to gloss sheen.Added UV filters help prevent discolouration and is suitable for both interior and exterior use.Toy safe.

Wax & Polish Remover (Lib Net) 250ml
Wax & Polish Remover (Lib Net) 250ml LN250
For removing old wax, dirt and grime from furniture prior to refinishing without affecting most original hard finishes.Also known as Lib Net.Endorsed by the Guild of Master Craftsmen.Interior use only.
Boiled Linseed Oil 250ml
Boiled Linseed Oil 250ml BLO
Used to give a mellow, patinated finish to new or stripped bare wood.A superior quality oil, similar to raw linseed oil, but having had hot air passed through to improve drying times.Suitable for use on all types of woof except exterior oak.Can also be used as a sealant for terracotta tiles and other porous surfaces before waxing.

Ring Remover 125ml
Ring Remover 125ml RR125
Liberon ring remover will remove most white water marks and heat marks from highly polished surfaces, including french polishes, lacquers, varnishes and modern hard finishes.