Pen Making Instructions

7mm Collection:

Everyman Pen (product ref: EVM7PK)

7mm Pen
7mm pen (product ref: STP, CSTP, 7PD, C7PD, TPU, TPUD)
Deco pen (product ref: DP)
Greek key pen (Product ref: GKP)

7mm Pencil
7mm pencil (product ref: SPP & PPD)
Deco pencil (product ref: DPS)
Greek key pencil (product ref: GKPS)

7mm Letter Opener (product ref: SLO7)

Stylus Pens:

Tetra Stylus Pen (product ref: TSBP)
Soft Touch Stylus Pen (product reference: STSKC, STSKG, STSKGM)
Mini Keyring Stylus (product ref: MKSG, MKSC)
Sierra Stylus Pen (product ref: STYSC, STYSG)
Slimline Stylus Pen (product ref: 7SSC, 7SSG)

Elite Collection:

Statesman Pen
Statesman Rollerball Pen (product ref: SMRP)
Statesman Fountain Pen (product ref: SMFP)

Statesman Classic Pen
Statesman Classic Rollerball Pen (product ref: SMCRP)
Statesman Classic Fountain Pen (product ref: SMCFP)

Gentlemans Pen
Gentlemans Rollerball Pen (product ref: GMRP)
Gentlemans Fountain Pen (product ref: GMFP)

Gentlemans Classic Pen
Gentlemans Classic Rollerball Pen (product ref: GMCRP)
Gentlemans Classic Fountain Pen (product ref: GMCFP)

Majestic Collection:

Majestic Pen (product ref: MAJSQ1, MAJSQ2P, MAJSQ4)

Atrax Collection:

Atrax Rollerball & Fountain Pens (product ref: ARP, AFP)
Atrax Ballpoint Pen (product ref: ABP)

Sedona Collection:

Sedona Rollerball & Fountain Pens (product ref SRP, SFP, CSRP, CSFP)

Sierra Collection:

Sierra Click Pens (product ref: GSP, CSP)
Sierra Click Pencils (product ref: GSPS, CSPS)
Sierra Twist Pen (product ref: BTSP)
Sierra Circuit Board Pen (product ref: GCBCS, GCBGS, BCBCS, BCBGS)
Sierra Letter Opener (product ref: CSWLO, GSWLO)

Streamline Collection:

Streamline Pens (product ref S7P, CS7P, GMS7P)
Streamline Pencils (product ref: S7PS, CS7PS, GMS7PS)
Round Top 7mm Pen (product ref: RT7)
Artisan Letter Opener (product ref: ALO)

Round Top Collection:

Round Top Pen (product ref: RET)
Round Top Pencil (product ref: RTP)
Round Top Rollerball (product ref: ESR)
Round Top Fountain Pens (product ref: ESF)
Round Top Letter Opener (product ref: RTWLO)

Flat Top Collection:

Flat Top Pen (product ref: FTP)
Flat Top Pencil (product ref: FTPS)
Flat Top Rollerball & Fountain Pens (product ref: PSR SF)
Flat Top Letter Opener (product ref FTWLO)

Manhattan Collection:

Manhattan Pens (product ref: MCCPK, MCGPK, MCGMPK)

Elegant Collection:

Elegant Pens (product ref: EP, CEP)

Vertex Collection:

Vertex Pens (product ref: VPC, VPG, VPGM)

Fat Cigar Collection:

Fat Cigar Pens (product ref: FCP, CFCP)
Fat Cigar Letter Opener (product ref: CLO)

Bullet Pen Collection:

Bullet Pens (product ref: BPG, BPC)
Bolt Action Bullet Pens (product ref: BABPG, BABPC, BABPGM)
Bolt Action Bullet Pencils (product ref: BABPLG, BABPLC, BABPLGM)
Mini Bolt Action Pens (product ref: MBABPG, MBABPC, MBABPGM)

Retro Collection:

Retro Pen (product ref: REP)

Razor Collection:

Razor (product ref: RAZOR)
Badger Brush (product ref: BBRUSH)
Deluxe Stand (product ref: DRS)

Gearshift Collection:

Gearshift Pens (product ref: GEARCH, GEARAP, GEARABR)

Shock Absorber Collection:

Shock Absorber Pens (product ref: SAPC, SAPG, SAPGM)

Workshop Pencil:

Workshop Pencil (product ref: WSP)

Princess Pen:

Princess Pen (product ref PPCP)

Credit Card Collection:

Credit Card Pens (product ref: CCPC, CCP24)

Filibella Range:

Filibella Pens (product ref: FBAC, FBAP)

Lipstick Pen:

Lipstick Pen (product ref: LCPK, L24PK)

Bling Pen:

Bling Pen (product ref: BLCTPK)

Purse Pen:

Purse Pen (product ref: PURP)

Necklace Pen:

Necklace Pen (product ref: DNP)

Project Accessory Instructions

Back Scratcher Kit (product ref: BSK)

Confetti Lights (product ref: CL400)

Crushgrind (product ref: CGS135, CGS195, CGS450)
Page 1
Page 2

Crushgrind Wood (product ref: CGW)
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Page 2

Combination Corkscrew / Bottle Stopper (product ref: CSWS)

Crank Top Salt Mill (product ref CTSM)
Crank Top Pepper Mill (product ref: CTPM)

Droplet Bottle Stopper (product ref: DBSG, DBSC)

Deluxe Letter Opener (product ref: ADLO)

Detachable Keyring (product ref: DKR)

Keyring (product ref: KEY)

Keyring Whistle (product ref: KW23)

Lazy Susan Bearings (product ref: LSB3, LSB4, LSB6, LSB12)

Metal Powders & Resin (product ref: FGR250, FGR500, FGH20, APOW, BPOW, CPOW)

Nutmeg Mill (product ref: NUTM)
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Radio Controlled Clocks (product ref: RC80RW, RC90RW, RC132RW, RC160RW, RC190RW)

Salt & Pepper Mills (product ref: 6SP, 10SP, 14SP)

Salt & Pepper Shakers (product ref: SPS)

Silicone Bottle Stopper (product ref: SBS)

Toothpick Holder (product ref: TPH52)

Walking Stick (product ref: G25C, WSR, WST)

Wine Glass (product ref: WG)


GlassCast Epoxy Resin Safety and Technical Datasheets

GlassCast 10-50 Safety Data Sheet (product ref: G10-050, G10-1, G10-5, G50-5)

GlassCast 10 Clear Epoxy Resin Technical Data Sheet (product ref: G10-050, G10-1, G10-5)

GlassCast 50 Clear Epoxy Resin Technical Data Sheet (product ref: G50-5)

Pinata Alcohol Inks Safety Data Sheet (product ref: PCEP9)



Robert Sorby product instructions can be found here.