Inlay Kit - Woodturners
Inlay Kit - Woodturners WTURN
Woodturners Inlay Pen Kit for all Sierra Style Pen KitsPen not included.
Inlay Kit - Woodworkers
Inlay Kit - Woodworkers WWORK
The Woodworkers Inlay Kit is made up of Metallic Silver Acrylic, Cocobolo, and Koa.A total of 7 pieces.The kit comes with complete instructions and is currently available for the Sierra Pen.Pen kit not included

Inlay Kit - Dog
Inlay Kit - Dog DOG
Cartoon dog inlay kitPen not included.
Inlay Kit - Fisherman
Inlay Kit - Fisherman FISH
This is a simpler kit which will give the pen turner confidence in his ability to create these stunning kits.The Fisherman Kit is made from Bethlehem Olivewood and Blackwood to give a delicate contrast.The kit will fit the Sierra Button Click Pen.To compliment the finished pen, there is an engraved box depicting a fisherman with his catch.Pen not included.

Inlay Kit - Thoroughbred
Inlay Kit - Thoroughbred EQUINE
Equine Inlay Kit for Sierra Pen.Difficulty level 1/5Pen not included.
Inlay Kit - Emoji
Inlay Kit - Emoji EMOJI
Express yourself with this Emoji Inlay Kit. 4 of the most popular Emojis are wrapped around a blue dyed Basswood barrel. There's a total of 20 pieces in this kit which is designed to fit all of the Sierra style pen kits.Pen not included.

Inlay Kit - Flame
Inlay Kit - Flame FLAME
The race car styling, smooth click mechanism and cushion grip will send this pen to the winners circle every time. You can't go wrong when paired with our Flame Inlay Kit. Pen not included.
Inlay Kit - Sunflower
Inlay Kit - Sunflower SUNFLOWER
Sunflower Inlay Kit for all Sierra Style Pen KitsPen not included.

Inlay Kit - Football
Inlay Kit - Football FOOTBALL
The soccer inlay kit is designed to fit the Sierra style pen kits. Difficulty level 5.Pen not included.
Inlay Kit - Jigsaw - Jr Gents Pen
Inlay Kit - Jigsaw - Jr Gents Pen JIGSAW
This 2 Barrel puzzle kit has 20 puzzle pieces in the lower barrel and 16 puzzle pieces in the upper barrel. Although the wood species used vary due to availability, the original woods used are Pink Ivory, Zebrawood, Tulipwood, Boxelder Burl, Cocobolo, Bloodwood, Blackwood, Purpleheart, Ziricote, Bethlehem Olivewood, Padauk, Camphor Burl, Verawood, Lacewood, Curly Koa, Afzelia Xylay, Madagascar Rosewood,...

Inlay Kit Multi Coloured Jigsaw Sierra
Inlay Kit Multi Coloured Jigsaw Sierra JIGSAWCLR
The Multi-color jigsaw puzzle kit has 20 pieces in 5 different colors and is designed to fit all of the Sierra Style pen kits. It comes ready to assemble with complete instructions.Difficulty level 5Pen not included