Dr Kirk's Scratch Freee Woodturners Wax
Dr Kirk's Scratch Freee Woodturners Wax DKSF
Designed specifically for woodturners, Dr. Kirk's Scratch-FREEE Woodturners Polishing Wax is a special blend premium oils, waxes and ultra-fine tripoli abrasive that's guaranteed to improve sanded surfaces by 4 times or more. Ideal for sanding and polishing all types of raw and stabilized woods in preparation for finishing. Create a glass-like finish on all types of plastics and cast...
Honing Oil 250ml
Honing Oil 250ml HO250
Lubricant for tool sharpening on oilstones. Cleans dirty stones and reduces clogging of the stone from metal particles. Helps to produce sharper tools

Pure Tung Oil 250ml
Pure Tung Oil 250ml PTO250
Premium, pure and natural oil for wood care. Ideal for use on food contact surfaces – kitchen worktops, chopping boards and salad bowls and provides a long lasting matt finish. It is water, heat and alcohol resistant. Suitable for interior and exterior use
Teak Oil 250ml
Teak Oil 250ml TO250
Nourishes and enhances the natural beauty of hard exotic/oil wood; teak, iroko, rosewood etc.Provides a good durable water resistant finish.Suitable for interior and exterior use.Toy safe.

Superior Danish Oil 250ml
Superior Danish Oil 250ml SDO250
A blend of pure Tung oil and natural oils which protect hard and soft woods.It brings out the natural grain of the wood and provides a satin to gloss sheen.Added UV filters help prevent discolouration and is suitable for both interior and exterior use.Toy safe.
Wax & Polish Remover (Lib Net) 250ml
Wax & Polish Remover (Lib Net) 250ml LN250
For removing old wax, dirt and grime from furniture prior to refinishing without affecting most original hard finishes.Also known as Lib Net.Endorsed by the Guild of Master Craftsmen.Interior use only.

Ring Remover 125ml
Ring Remover 125ml RR125
Liberon ring remover will remove most white water marks and heat marks from highly polished surfaces, including french polishes, lacquers, varnishes and modern hard finishes.
Clear Beeswax with Turpentine 150ml
Clear Beeswax with Turpentine 150ml CPBP
A traditional wax that nourishes wood and gives an authentic finish to furniture.Ideal for use on small surfaces and furniture.Suitable for soft and hardwoods.Feeds wood and protects against excessive dryness.Interior use only.Toy safe.

Purified Beeswax 25g
Purified Beeswax 25g PB25
100% pure beeswax for making furniture polish and lubricating draw runners.
Carnauba Wax Stick
Carnauba Wax Stick CCWS
Typical uses A very tough, hardwearing finish mainly used on small items Method of application Hold the stick against the revolving work, using the heat generated to melt the wax allowing it to transfer to the wood.Buff up with Safety Cloth afterwards Drying time Virtually instant Coverage Impossible to quantify - a little goes a long way! Compatibility Use over any of the Chestnut...

Microcrystalline Wax Stick
Microcrystalline Wax Stick CMWS
During a demo some time ago we were asked why we didn?t have a stick version of our Microcrystalline Wax ? and we couldn?t think of a good answer why not so we went ahead and made one!This is the same wax we use in the tinned version of Microcrystalline Wax but in a solid block form with no solvent. This means there?s no waiting around for it to dry before buffing it.Like the original version, this...
Woodturners Wax Stick
Woodturners Wax Stick CWSW
A solid stick, rich in beeswax and carnauba wax in a non harmful solvent making a soft paste.Very easy to use.EN71, safe for use on toys.

Pen Turners Overcoat Stick
Pen Turners Overcoat Stick HSPT31
The latest product has been produced mainly for pen turners who enjoy the benefits of a microscrystalline wax on their turned pens, be them wood or otherwise. It applies over any finish the turner favours to give a fingerprint resistant, glossy shine It goes on smoothly, buffs wonderfully and lasts for ages. Weight: Approximately 31g
Carnacrystalline Stick
Carnacrystalline Stick HSCS31
This is a unique turners stick featuring both Carnauba and Microcrystalline waxes to produce an ultra glossy and hard wearing decorative finish, particularly to spindle work. It goes on smoothly (it applies more nicely than a carnauba only stick), buffs wonderfully and lasts for ages. Weight: Approximately 31g

Father Christmas Wax Sticks
Father Christmas Wax Sticks HSFC
Two Happy Father Christmas shaped woodturner's ultra-glossy finishing sticks hand blended with carnauba and microcrystalline waxes for a brilliant shine and touch protection for your turned wood pieces. This product is not edible! Application: Finish sanding down to at least 400 grit Apply sanding sealer and cut back lightly Apply your preferred finishing wax. With the lathe running...
Microcrystalline Wax
Microcrystalline Wax CMW225
Microcrystalline wax knits down to form a very dense coating which makes it very hard wearing and highly water repellent, ideal for solutions needing a tough coating that might get wet.These waxes also have a higher melting point than traditional waxes.

Wood Wax22
Wood Wax22 CWW22
A solid stick, rich in beeswax and carnauba wax in a non harmful solvent making a soft paste.Very easy to use.EN71, safe for use on toys.
Cut 'n' Polish Wax
Cut 'n' Polish Wax CCNP
Cut?n?Polish is a blend of two waxes with a fine abrasive held in suspension within them.This is a soft wax designed to stay ?wet? slightly longer during application, allowing it to lubricate the abrasive to give a very fine cut to the timber and also to collect any dust generated during use and some subsequent sanding, preventing it from entering the workshop atmosphere.On bare wood; sand to 240 grit...

Hard Wax Oil
Hard Wax Oil CHWO
If you’re looking for a clear finish that is tough, hardwearing and very easy to apply, even on larger areas, Chestnut Product's Hard Wax Oil is an ideal choice. Available in ‘original’ Gloss and new Satin finish. A clear, quick drying blend of natural oils and waxes modified to form a tough seal on wood. Hard Wax Oil is a particular blend of tough oils combined with special...
from £15.00
Liming Wax
Liming Wax CLW
Easy to apply 'limed' effect finish for all timbers.Good in open grain timbers such as Oak or Ash

Liquid Wax
Liquid Wax CLW500
A water based wax, ideal for application to large areas by brush
Finishing Oil
Finishing Oil CFOIL
A blend of oils suitable for interior use.Forms a seal on wood giving a tough water resistant finish.Several coats will build to a gloss finish if required.EN71, safe for use on toys.
from £10.20

Lemon Oil
Lemon Oil CLOIL
using lemongrass oil, this gives a matt, non tacky finish to bare timber whilst enhancing the fell of the wood, leaving a pleasant lemon aroma.Ideal for the inside of drawers, boxes and cabinets.
Food Safe Finish
Food Safe Finish FSAFE
If you are producing wooden items that will be in contact with foodstuffs this is the finish for you. A clear, food grade finish it is ideal for fruit and salad bowls, cheese and chopping boards and other wooden vessels. It dries to a satin finish with a high degree of water resistance which will withstand wiping with a damp cloth. Up to three coats are recommended. If the oil sits on the surface...
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Foodsafe Danish Oil 500ml
Foodsafe Danish Oil 500ml HSDO500
Hampshire Sheen’s Danish Oil is food safe and compliant to EN71 toy safe when dry. Thinner, more penetrating and less smelly that other Danish Oils, our product contains only pure Tung Oil and no artificial varnish, resins or other vegetable oils. The solvent used in used to aid drying is dearomatised white spirit, which is less irritating to skin and lower in odour than traditional white spirit,...
Dr Kirk's Micro Magic Polishing WaxDr Kirk's Micro Magic Polishing Wax
Dr Kirk's Micro Magic Polishing Wax DKMM
Dr. Kirk’s Micro Magic is an easy 3 step system that works its magic in only minutes leaving you with a perfect surface without the hassle of wet sanding.

Renaissance Wax - 2.25oz
Renaissance Wax - 2.25oz RW225
The finest wax on finish on the market today.A blend of refined waxes that creates a formula used by the British Museum due to its high resistance to heat and finger prints.It is a favourite among pen turners for finishing both wood and plastic pens.It is of such a refined nature that it does not darken or stain, even on white paper.Repeated use of the wax deepens the lustre, reflecting more light...
Hampshire Sheen High Gloss 130g
Hampshire Sheen High Gloss 130g HSHG130
Now Food and Toy Safe (from February 2020) As the name suggests, the High Gloss variation brings a higher shine to your decorative wood work than Original. It is just as tough, but with an additional power of shine that suits some lathe projects. With a higher quantity of carnauba and microcrystalline waxes, this version is stiffer than Original but is just as easy to apply. This is already many UK...

Metallic Rainbow WaxMetallic Rainbow Wax
Metallic Rainbow Wax CRW
This range of water-based decorative waxes have a very strong pigment with a metallic shimmer, to add that final finishing touch to your work. Use them to highlight grain or texture, or for a solid colour on the whole item. Can also be thinned with Reducer (or water) to allow them to be applied by brush. A myriad of different application techniques are possible with this product. Directions for...
Embellishing Wax 60gEmbellishing Wax 60g
Embellishing Wax 60g HS60
Hampshire Sheen produces a range of Embellishing Waxes for use in open grained woods and tight grained woods that have had texture added to them. They are not a surface finish. Use them in conjunction with the Intrinsic Colour Collection for stunning results. There’s no need to wait for a gilt cream to dry overnight – this product dries quickly when buffed. For extra protection, overcoat...

Embellishing Wax 130gEmbellishing Wax 130g
Embellishing Wax 130g HSEPEW130
Embellishing waxes add that something extra to open grained woods such as Oak and Ash. After turning and sanding, and perhaps colouring, clean the grain with a brass brush then rub your wax of choice into the grain of the wood. Wait for it to dry, then buff off leaving the surface with a good shine and white or black grain patterns. You can then lightly overcoat it with Hampshire Sheen Microcrystalline...
Boiled Linseed Oil 250ml
Boiled Linseed Oil 250ml BLO
Used to give a mellow, patinated finish to new or stripped bare wood.A superior quality oil, similar to raw linseed oil, but having had hot air passed through to improve drying times.Suitable for use on all types of woof except exterior oak.Can also be used as a sealant for terracotta tiles and other porous surfaces before waxing.

Hampshire Sheen - Microcrystalline Wax
Hampshire Sheen - Microcrystalline Wax HSMW130
Hampshire Sheen's quick drying Microcrystalline Wax is an ideal protective finish for many different projects and has many uses besides wood. Both Fingerprint and water resistant, Microcrystalline Wax is a hard wearing overcoat to wax and other finishes for an extra level of gloss and protection to your decorative wood items. Just a little of the product goes a very long way, so use it sparingly!
Finishing Oil 250ml
Finishing Oil 250ml FO250
A blend of high quality oils which nourish and enhance the colour of the wood.Provides a hard wearing and water resistant surface.Heat, alcohol and food acid resistant.Interior use only.Toy Safe.

Citrus Burnishing Oil 500ml
Citrus Burnishing Oil 500ml HSCBO
This oil can be easily applied and then burnished dry in a matter of minutes, and can be overcoated with waxes or lacquers if you wish. Use multiple coats for a water and oil resistant finish suitable for salad, fruit and snack bowls. - Easy to apply; Over 50% Tung Oil; Food Safe when dry; Fresh smell when dry, fading over time; Deeply penetrating and protecting; Will not chip, flake or peel; - Naturally...