Foam Brushes (Pack of 3)Foam Brushes (Pack of 3)
Foam Brushes (Pack of 3) JSFB3
Put an end to brush marks and rogue bristles with these great wooden handled brushes. They are ideal for the application of many types of paints and lacquers. Washable and reusable. Pack of 3.
Jo Sonja Metallic PaintJo Sonja Metallic Paint
Jo Sonja Metallic Paint JS05
Jo Sonja's Metallic Colours are used to achieve dramatic effects in stenciling, colour bands, highlighting, liner work, bronzing, verdigris and faux finishes. The metallic colours are compatible with all Jo Sonja's mediums. Sometimes, however, the metallics don't crackle as easily. It is better to crackle the background first, then carefully dry-brush the desired metallic colours over the...

Jo Sonja Premium Metallic PaintJo Sonja Premium Metallic Paint
Jo Sonja Premium Metallic Paint JJ38
Jo Sonja Premium Metallics are formulated using a heavy concentration of the finest premium mica pigments for beautiful, flowing single coat coverage. These colours are available in 2oz bottles and are mixed to a slightly more flow consistency than the tube acrylics. Fine artist quality, heavy bodied pigments that will not tarnish over time. Compatible with all Jo Sonja Mediums, they may be used...
Jo Sonja Premium Pearlescent PaintJo Sonja Premium Pearlescent Paint
Jo Sonja Premium Pearlescent Paint JJ36
Jo Sonja Premium Pearlescent Acrylics are specially formulated using a combination of the finest iridescent, pearlescent and fine art pigments available for stunning effects. The collection includes some beautiful colours, including both opaque and transparent colours all available in 2oz bottles. Fine artist quality, heavy bodied pigments that will not tarnish over time. Compatible with all Jo...

Jo Sonja Iridescent Paint
Jo Sonja Iridescent Paint JSIP
Jo Sonja's beautiful micaceous-based colours are for artists and crafters who wish to add a touch of glamour or glitter to a piece, such as the translucent glow of an angel's wings, a butterfly, a fish or the brilliant iridescent shimmer on a mallard drake's neck. Simply mix the iridescent colours directly into your paints or apply after decorating to highlight specific areas. These...