Registered Firmer Chisel
Registered Firmer Chisel 284
Thicker than conventional firmer chisels, registered chisels have the inherent strength to chop and lever out waste wood. Tapered from the shoulder to the cutting edge to give additional strength. Also suitable for less rigorous framing applications.
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Sash Mortice ChiselSash Mortice Chisel
Sash Mortice Chisel 331
Traditional design.Heavy section makes it ideal for levering out waste wood from deep mortice for tenons, locks and hinges.Special 2? side taper prevents binding in the cut.Fitted with Boxwood handle.May be used with light blows from a mallet.Overall length 11'
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Sash Mortice Chisel with Soft Grip HandleSash Mortice Chisel with Soft Grip Handle
Sash Mortice Chisel with Soft Grip Handle 332
Unbreakable plastic handle.Same rugged specification as the 331 series.Designed more for on-site work where heavier blows may need to be taken.Fitted with a robust unbreakable plastic handle.Overall length 11'
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Corner Chisel
Corner Chisel F33310B
Designed for squaring up the ends of mortices, grooves or housings. Faces are precision ground to produce clean, accurate 90 degree angles. A beautiful tool to use, delicately balanced. Nowadays often used to clean up after using a router. Sharpen each face individually using an oil stone. Fitted with a fine boxwood handle. Overall length 9.5"

Paring Chisel with Boxwood Handle
Paring Chisel with Boxwood Handle 241
Traditionally used by cabinet- and pattern-makers for shaving thin slivers of wood. These paring chisels feature a long, flat, thin blade which tapers towards the cutting edge to give the finest of cuts when cleaning out grooves. Normally used for hand paring with one hand on the handle and the other controlling blade. Bevels on the top face enable access to the more difficult corners. In skilled hands...
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