1/2" Keyed Chuck no arbor
1/2" Keyed Chuck no arbor DC304
A standard drill chuck with 1/32" - 1/2" capacity. This chuck uses a morse taper abor to fit it to your machine. You will need a 1MT or 2MT. You can find them on our website under reference A604 (1MT) or A610 (2MT)
Morse taper arbor to suit keyed and keyless chucks as used on many pillar drills and lathes. The arbor has a JT33 taper to accept the chuck.

Sjöbergs Smart ViceSjöbergs Smart Vice
Sjöbergs Smart Vice TR502365
Sjöbergs Smart Vice This portable, go-anywhere vice gives you the option of fitting a large capacity vice on practically any table top or similar work surface using just a couple of clamps (not included). An ideal work holding solution for where space is tight or when out on site and with the benefit of being easily stowed away when not in use. Constructed by hand from a Birch laminate, this...
12" - 300mm - Centre Finder
12" - 300mm - Centre Finder CEF2
Centre Finder 12", the easy use tool needed by every turner.

Centre Finder
Centre Finder CF
The ultimate time saver. The centre of any size bowl blank can be found in seconds with this simple to use accessory.
Centre Punch
Centre Punch CP882
Brass bodied automatic centre punch with hardened tip.

Router Mat
Special Offer
Router Mat TRRMAT
Non-slip router mat. A high friction mat with an open weave to allow dust and chips to fall through. Ideal to hold work for routing, sanding or carving - leaving your hands free! Size: 24" x 36"
Round Magnetic DishRound Magnetic Dish
Round Magnetic Dish MD01
Round Magnetic Dish ideal for holding tools, nuts, bolts etc. Magnetic both sides - can be used at any angle Features a rubber coated magnetic base to protect surfaces from wear or scuffing Ideal for use in awkward locations to retain tools, screws, bolts etc Premium quality dish with stainless steel finish Available in 100mm or 150mm diameter
from £4.80

Magnetic TrayMagnetic Tray
Magnetic Tray MD03
Magnetic Tray ideal for holding tools, nuts, bolts etc. Magnetic both sides - can be used at any angle Features a rubber coated magnetic base to protect surfaces from wear or scuffing Ideal for use in awkward locations to retain tools, screws, bolts etc Premium quality tool tray with stainless steel finish Size 240mm x 140mm Accessories not included.
General Purpose 3mm ScrewdriverGeneral Purpose 3mm Screwdriver
General Purpose 3mm Screwdriver TR244855
General Purpose Screwdriver. Perfect for changing points on the Peter Child's Pyrography Machine. Slotted parallel 3mm x 75mm

Side Cutting PliersSide Cutting Pliers
Side Cutting Pliers TR675150
Side Cutting Pliers 160mm Hardened & tempered jaws Induction-hardened cutting edges Moulded plastic handles with slip guards Length 160mm
Carpenters Try Square
Carpenters Try Square TRCTS
Spear and Jackson Carpenters Try Square The perfect hand tool for checking and marking right angles in constructional work. It is rosewood stained with a brass top and bottom face for increased durability. Features: Perfect for marking right angles Rosewood stained hardwood with brass top and bottom faces Spring steel blade. Available as a 6", 9" or 12" square
from £8.16

Carpenters Sliding BevelCarpenters Sliding Bevel
Carpenters Sliding Bevel TRCSB
Spear & Jackson Carpenters Sliding Bevel Carpenters Sliding Bevel. Rosewood Stained Hardwood with Brass Top and Bottom end plates. Hardwood stock Brass top and bottom end plates Spring steel blade Available in 7.5", 9" or 10" inch
from £8.22
Carpenters Marking GaugeCarpenters Marking Gauge
Carpenters Marking Gauge TRCMKG
Spear & Jackson Carpenter's Marking Gauge 8" Rosewood Stained Hardwood with two brass plates on the working face, round brass bar through top section & brass lock screw on top. Block size: 66 x 55 x 28 ± 1mm Brass Plates in Block: 7 x 3mm Brass Bar in Block: 12mm diameter Hardwood stock and beam Brass wear plates and locking screw Internal brass thread

Carpenters Pencils (Pack of 12)
Carpenters Pencils (Pack of 12) TRCP
Spear & Jackson Carpenters Pencils Block of 12 carpenter's pencils with graphite core - a handy tool box essential suitable for marking up on wood and plasterboard. Available with both Medium (TRCPMR Red) and Hard (TRCPHG Green) graphite. Break resistant 6.5mm x 2.7mm graphite core Painted hardwood outer refers to graphite strength Sold in packs of 12 pencils
Carpenters Pencil & Sharpener Set
Carpenters Pencil & Sharpener Set TR250227
Carpenters Pencils & Sharpener (13 Piece Set) Soft lead, oval section carpenters pencils For marking timber & other building materials Creates thick or thin lines on rough & smooth surfaces Shape prevents rolling & loss while working Sharpener supplied

Carpenters Block Plane 6.5"Carpenters Block Plane 6.5"
Carpenters Block Plane 6.5" TRCBP65
Spear & Jackon No. 6 1/2" Block Plane. Ideal for end grain work and single-handed operation. Cast iron body Precision milled base and faces 35mm wide low angle cutter and fully adjustable mouth Brass adjusting screw
Carpenters Jack PlaneCarpenters Jack Plane
Carpenters Jack Plane TRCJP5
Spear & Jackson No. 5 Carpenters Jack Plane No. 5 Jack Plane. Ideal for the initial preparation of rough timber. Cast iron body Precision milled base and faces 50mm wide high carbon steel blade Brass adjusting screw

Portable Flexible Magnetic Lamp
Portable Flexible Magnetic Lamp TRFLMBL
Eclipse Magnetics Portable Flexible Magnetic Lamp Quick and easy set up for lighting in inaccessible areas LED battery operated flexible lamp Magnetic base makes it easy to attach to steel surfaces Allows "hands free" working in poorly lit areas Zoom in and out function with 2 brightness settings Long reach flexible arm
Carpenters Smoothing Plane
Carpenters Smoothing Plane TRCSP
Spear & Jackson Carpenter's Smoothing Plane. Ideal for cabinet work and general joinery. Cast iron body Precision milled base and faces 45mm or 50mm wide high carbon steel blade options available
from £15.00

Saw Tooth Setter
Saw Tooth Setter TR94-370R
Eclipse Saw Tooth Setter Used for setting teeth on resharpenable woodsaws. 7.1/4"(184mm) overall length Powder coated metal head Nickle plated anvil Soft feel rubber handle grips Knurled adjustment screw for increased torque/ Painted metal head and nickel plated anvil for rust resistance Metal handles for extra strength and durability Soft feel, non-slip rubber handle grips...
Standard Retractable Utility Knife
Standard Retractable Utility Knife E1770
Standard Retractable Utility Knife A Stanley knife is an essential part of any trademan's tool kit. Retractable utility knife ideal for cutting a variety of materials and carpets, roofing felt and vinyl Blade has 4 locking positions. 0mm, 9mm, 19mm and 28mm Tightening screw to hold blade and facilitate blade change Silver powder coated Length: 155mm