Theme: Food & Drink

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Every month, we share a theme. Makers from all over the country are invited to create new work or share photos of existing work that relates to the chosen theme of the month. The theme for June 2023 was 'Food & Drink.'

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Glynn Harrington

Special Branch Turning

Maker: Glynn Harrington
Craft: Woodturning

What inspired this piece: Bowls have always been my “go to” in turning. I keep my designs simple to really let the wood do the talking. This was a beautiful piece of yew which lent itself perfectly to being a fruit bowl. By coincidence, we had just treated ourselves to a delivery of exotic fruit, so there’s not an apple in sight in the photographs!

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Gary Williams
There Will Be Wood

Maker: Gary Williams
Craft: Woodturning

What inspired this piece: I’ve tried a few knife handles before but this was a real test. Really like the Japanese style and managed to combine the two woods and turned them to create these handles.

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Simon Leathley
Absolute Resin

Maker: Simon Leathley
Craft: Woodworking

What inspired this piece: Spalted sycamore pizza board and elm pizza cutter with a copper top. All finished in Odie's Oil and Wood Butter. What better thing to use for a food safe pizza board then sycamore and Odie's!

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Hampshire Hog Woodturning
Hampshire Hog Woodturning

Maker: Julie Barker
Craft: Woodturning

What inspired this piece: Friend helped with website and in exchange wanted afternoon tea... and homemade accessories!

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Chris Doy
Chris Doy

Maker: Chris Doy
Craft: Woodcarving

What inspired this piece: I wanted something different to the hearts that I'd previously carved from the apple wood for family. I hit on the idea of creating a bowl in the shape of an apple. The piece of wood wasn't big enough to include the stalk and leaf if I was to maximise the size of the bowl, so I formed it from a discarded piece of copper pipe. It is fixed in with Gorilla glue.

To ensure that the bowl can be used for any item, the inside is finished in three coats of Chestnut Food Safe Finish, the outside is finished with the same oil and Liberon Black Bison wax polish.

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Walter Hall
Walter Hall

Maker: Walter Hall
Craft: Woodturning

What inspired this piece: A desire to make something a little different from traditional salt and pepper mills.

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Sherie Heeley
Sherie Heeley

Maker: Sherie Heeley
Craft: Woodturning

What inspired this piece: I made this piece using my leftover Exotic woods purchased from Turners Retreat.

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Kate's Kuality Krafts

Maker: Kate Kitchin
Craft: Woodworking

What inspired this piece: Inspired by my love for Asian food, a pair of handcrafted Maple chopsticks complete with a contrasting Black Walnut stand. Finished in food safe Odie's Oil bought from Turners Retreat. Simple yet satisfying! 

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Ian Davenport
Davenports Handmade

Maker: Ian Davenport
Craft: Woodturning

What inspired this piece: Saw somebody selling charcuterie at a craft fair and and thought it was wrong that the food wasn’t covered, so made this as a solution. 

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