1/2" Keyed Chuck no arbor
1/2" Keyed Chuck no arbor DC304
A standard drill chuck with 1/32" - 1/2" capacity. This chuck uses a morse taper abor to fit it to your machine. You will need a 1MT or 2MT. You can find them on our website under reference A604 (1MT) or A610 (2MT)
12" - 300mm - Centre Finder
12" - 300mm - Centre Finder CEF2
Centre Finder 12", the easy use tool needed by every turner.

15mm - Kiridashi Marking Knife
15mm - Kiridashi Marking Knife KDM15
Kiridashi Kogatana marking knives are made by laminating a high carbon very hard steel to a softer but tough steel backing.Available in two different widths - 9mm and 15mm.All the knives are bevelled for right hand use.Due to the extreme hardness of the steel they should only be used for marking and not for carving.Supplied in a plastic protective wallet.Length 170mm.
16mm Drill Chuck 2 MT
16mm Drill Chuck 2 MT DC16MT2
Woodturners drill chuck. 16mm diameter drilling capacity, with No.2 Morse taper (MT2) fitting. Supplied with chuck key.

24" Sash Clamp
24" Sash Clamp ESC24
This steel bar offers maximum tensile and yield strength and can achieve an average clamping force of up to 500kg. Ideal for clamping large and heavy pieces of furniture and wood when gluing.
446 Angle Gauge
446 Angle Gauge W446AG
Use with both the Universal Sharpening System ? Adjustable Platform (446) and the Universal Sharpening System ? Deluxe (447) to set consistent bevel angles for a wide range of woodworking and woodturning tools.

Abranet - Single Sheet
Abranet - Single Sheet AB
Single sheet of Abranet, measures 70mm x 125mm. Grit options range from 80 grit to 600 grit.Abranet is a revolutionary new sanding material. The unique, patented sanding material contains thousands of small holes which effectively vacuum up dust and other particles without clogging the surface. The result is seen in a very uniform sanding pattern and a perfectly smooth surface. Airborne dust is minimised...
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Angle Checker MW3054

Battery For TPC
Battery For TPC SR626SW
SE626SW battery which is used to fit our 50mm and 36mm watch inserts.
Battery LR1
Battery LR1 LR1
LR1 battery to fit our TPC clocks

Battery LR44
Battery LR44 LR44
Batteries for use with our range of clock movements.
Camellia Oil - 240ml
Camellia Oil - 240ml CAMO
Imported from Japan, Camelia oil is a natural vegetable oil that has been used for centuries by Japanese Craftsmen as protection against corrosion.For practical purposes the natural camellia oil is blended with other light oils to produce a low viscosity protective oil.It has a pleasant smell and used regularly forms an effective barrier against rust and corrosion.Supplied in a pump spray bottle 240ml.

Centre Finder
Special Offer
Centre Finder CF
The ultimate time saver.The centre of any size bowl blank can be found in seconds with this simple to use accessory.
Was £2.50 Now £2.00
Centre Punch
Centre Punch CP882
Brass bodied automatic centre punch with hardened tip.

Collection Bags for CX2600 & DX5000 (5 pack)
Collection Bags for CX2600 & DX5000 (5 pack) RDX750A
Pack of 5 Collection Bags Suitable for the CX2600 & DX5000 by Record Power. These large collection bags give a huge 200 litre capacity and are easy to empty and change.
Collection Bags for RSDE3 and RDX1500i (5 pack)
Collection Bags for RSDE3 and RDX1500i (5 pack) DX1500D
Pack of 5 collection bags for the RSDE3 and RDX1500i

Drill Chuck ArborsDrill Chuck Arbors
Drill Chuck Arbors ARBOR
Morse taper arbor to suit keyed and keyless chucks as used on many pillar drills and lathes. The arbor has a JT33 taper to accept the chuck.
Hone Rite Gold - 250ml
Hone Rite Gold - 250ml HRG250
An additive that makes water non-corrosive! It can be used with all brands of powered wet stone grinding machines, waterstones and whetstones.It protects sharpened tools and grinding machines from corrosion.A 250ml can dilutes into 6 litres of corrosion inhibiting fluid.

Jobber Drill Set
Jobber Drill Set DS51
HSS-R roll forged 4341 high speed steel 'jobber' bits. Manufactured to DIN338 with 118° point. For drilling steel, aluminium, non-ferrous metals, plastics and wood. Use cooling agent and drill at slow speeds for best results in metals. Sizes 1 - 13mm in 0.5mm increments. Metal storage case.
Long Bore Extendable Drilling System
Long Bore Extendable Drilling System LBEDS
Long Bore Extendable Drilling System is the ideal solution for boring a starting hole in your hollow form work peice. This system consists of three steel rods. The 3/4" diameter stee lrods are extremely rigid which perfomrs muc hbetter than standard smaller diameter single rods when drilling on a lathe. This system easily mounts into the tailstock on your lathe without the need for a drill chuck...

Long Bore Extension - 3"
Long Bore Extension - 3" LBEDS3
Long Bore Extendable Drilling System 3" Extension
Long Bore Extension - 6"
Long Bore Extension - 6" LBEDS6
Long Bore Extendable Drilling System 6" Extension

Magnetic Light with 28 LED's
Magnetic Light with 28 LED's ML28
Flexible shaft, 370mm, for easy positioning- 28 LED's for brilliant illumination, 180 Lumens- Magnetic base
Magnetic Tool Rack
Magnetic Tool Rack 985
Fixed to a wall, this rack will hold your tools fast and safe when not in use.35mm long.Tools not included.
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