Complete Airbrushing KitComplete Airbrushing Kit
Complete Airbrushing Kit AS186S
The complete airbrushing kit with a compressor, air tank, spray gun, cleaning equipment and stencils!The air tank provides a smooth air flow, while the compressor has an automatic stop system that shuts off when not in use - great for reducing compressor noise. The airbrushes are comfortable to hold, easy to use and provide a smooth, consistent finish.This kit is perfect for model painting, hobby work,...
Dual Action Airbrush Kit and Compressor
Dual Action Airbrush Kit and Compressor VABCAK
This airbrushing kit is easy to use and extremely effective. It has three pressure regulating indicator lights that give high, medium or low air pressure. The built in airbrush holder makes operation convenient and safe, great for those messy workers! The airbrush itself is versatile and designed for quick changes of colour and mixing colours too. The dual action trigger controls both air and colour,...

Iwata Neo Gravity Feed Airbrush
Iwata Neo Gravity Feed Airbrush IWATA
The Iwata Airbrush is suitable for beginners and professionals for all applications and can be used with a variety of different paints and mediums. The Iwata gravity feed airbrush is preferred when working in small to medium sized areas with small amounts of paint. Gravity feed airbrushes perform well at lower air pressures, which help create greater detail. It's so easy to use and clean too. The interchangeable...
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Propellant - 500ml PROP500
Colouring and staining of wood is becoming increasingly popular and an airbrush opens up shading, blending and stencilling options like nothing else.The Badger 250 airbrush is suitable for use with enamels, stains, dyes, lacquers and almost any liquid that can be suitably thinned down.May be used with canned propellant or from a compressor.The brush has a fully adjustable spray pattern from 3/4" to...

Spraycraft Airbrush and Compressor Kit
Spraycraft Airbrush and Compressor Kit SP30KC
A single action gravity feed airbrush and mini compressor with three power settings and airbrush holder.Airbrush Characteristics: Gravity feed top mounted 2cc colour cup Less air pressure required to operate Needle/Nozzle diameter 0.4mm Constant air flow Easy to maintain Compressor Characteristics: 3 pressure settings- Low, Medium, High Very quiet in use Max air pressure 15psi Power - 9W, current less...
Spraycraft - Airbrush Kit
Spraycraft - Airbrush Kit SP10K
Includes: -SP10 Airbrush with hose and propellant adaptor fitted -2 Paint Jars - 1/2 oz.& 1 oz.with quick change caps and lids -300ml Air propellant (SP9300) -Compressor Adaptor -Cleaning Wire -Instructions Ideal for Spraying larger areas with quick broad coverage and detailed work by using stencils & masking tape/film Great for use with most paints, acrylics, enamels, inks and lacquers Applications...

Acrylic Airbrush Paints 32ml x 6
Acrylic Airbrush Paints 32ml x 6 SP1601
Includes: Red, White, Blue, Yellow, Green, Black, White For metals, glass, paper, canvas, wood, leather, fabrics, ceramics & clay Can be mixed for layering & glazing on large surfaces & painting miniatures
Spraycraft - 2 x 1/2oz + 2 x 1oz Jars
Spraycraft - 2 x 1/2oz + 2 x 1oz Jars SP5004
2 x 1/2oz and 2 x 1oz Jars with screw-on lids for Spraycraft SP10 and SP20 Airbrushes

Spraycraft - Jars - Pack of 3
Spraycraft - Jars - Pack of 3 SP5003
3 x 22cc Jars (3/4oz) with screw-on metal lidsFor Spraycraft SP50 and other similar dual action airbrushes