ProEdge Long Grind Jig
ProEdge Long Grind Jig PELGJ
The Long Grind Jig (PELGJ) can be used in conjunction with the Robert Sorby Fingernail Profiler, the Deluxe Universal Sharpening System or the ultimate sharpening system the Robert Sorby ProEdge.It allows for three different types of profile to be produced on bowl and spindle gouges.It will produce a fingernail profile, a long grind and an extra long grind depending on which location hole the profile...
Tip Holder
Tip Holder 472
A handy little accessory which will accept most Robert Sorby cutters.It avoids skinning fingers when sharpening.Tip not included.

ProEdge Pigtail For Mop
ProEdge Pigtail For Mop PEPIG
Pigtail mandrel to fit the ProEdge machine.
ProEdge Honing Kit
ProEdge Honing Kit PEHONEKIT
This kit uses the abrasive honing wheel which can be shaped to allow for honing of gouge flutes - especially useful for woodcarving tools. Items also available individually.

ProEdge Buffing Kit
ProEdge Buffing Kit PEBUFFKIT
This kit uses the buffing mop and honing paste to create a high polish on any steel. Items also available individually.
Ultra-Fine Buffing Compound
Ultra-Fine Buffing Compound TW475
150g ultra-fine honing compound from Robert Sorby

ProEdge Polishing Mop
ProEdge Polishing Mop PEMOP
Buffing mop to fit the ProEdge machine.
ProEdge Honing Wheel
ProEdge Honing Wheel PEBOND
Honing wheel to fit the ProEdge machine.

Pig Tail Mandrel
Pig Tail Mandrel 491
Pigtail mandrel
ProEdge Table & Arm
ProEdge Table & Arm PETA
ProEdge Table and Arm

ProEdge Short Tool Platform with Arm
ProEdge Short Tool Platform with Arm PESPC
Accurately ensures a straight cutting edge on any woodworking chisel.
Jig Adaptor Table
Jig Adaptor Table 447JAT
A slotted table to fit onto the Robert Sorby Universal Sharpening System to take a range of sharpening jigs.

ProEdge Backplate only
ProEdge Backplate only PEBPLATE
ProEdge Back Plate
ProEdge Square Guide
ProEdge Square Guide PESQ
Accurately ensures a straight cutting edge on any woodworking chisel.

ProEdge Profile Boss only
ProEdge Profile Boss only PEFPBOSS
The fingernail profiling kit is ideal for shaping those perfect fingernail sweeps on bowl and spindle gouges. This product contains boss only.
ProEdge Arbor For Wheel
ProEdge Arbor For Wheel PEARBOR
Honing wheel arbor to fit the ProEdge machine.

ProEdge Angle Set
ProEdge Angle Set PROSET
Achieving the exact bevel angle on any fingernail or long grind gouge has never been easier than with the Robert Sorby Prose (PROSET). Place the gouge into the clamp of the profile arm and extend the gouge up-to the required stop and lock it into place. This will allow for precise and repeatable bevel angles to be obtained every time.