NOVA DVR Drill Press Fence AccessoryNOVA DVR Drill Press Fence Accessory
NOVA DVR Drill Press Fence Accessory 9037
First in a line of exciting accessories for the NOVA Voyager and Viking drill presses, this fence accessory will allow you to drill consistent holes along the same plane every time, as well as provide support for larger pieces of wood.
Universal Drill Press LaserUniversal Drill Press Laser
Universal Drill Press Laser WL133
This Universal Drill Press Laser projects a thin set of cross-hairs onto your drill press table precisely where the drill bit will contact the work piece. It allows the user to quickly position and clamp the work piece in place, so that the hole is drilled exactly where needed. This eliminates the need to repeatedly lower the bit to the surface and align the tip of the bit to the desired hole location. The...