Razor Kit
Razor Kit RAZOR
Project Kit This new, handsome razor kit is a premium quality razor with excellent feel and balance. This razor has chrome plated head fittings which are highly polished and the razor accommodates any Gillette Mach 3 style refill. Please be aware that a razor refill is not included. Please note, the image is an example of what you could create with the kit. In addition to this kit, you...
Badger BrushBadger Brush
Badger Brush BBRUSH
Shaving brushes are now becoming more and more popular than ever before. The badger hair is the finest and most luxurious material possible for shaving brushes. The benefits of using a badger hair shaving brush is that it helps to produce a generous and richer lather, softening and lifting the facial hairs and improving the overall shave quality. It also helps to reduce the chance of in-grown...

Deluxe Razor Stand
Deluxe Razor Stand DRS
This gorgeous chrome elegant razor stand kit is the perfect storage and display solution for your razor and shaving brush and will look good in any bathroom. Its simple design features a chrome finish razor and shaving brush holder that will match the finish and components of your favourite razor. It also has a large 85mm diameter base with rubber feet pads to keep from sliding and tipping over. Please...
Fusion Style Razor Head
Fusion Style Razor Head FSRAZOR
Fusion Style Razor Head that is interchangeable with our Standard Mach 3 style razor head. Razor cartridge not included.
Was £7.98 Now £3.99

Gold Decorative Box HingeGold Decorative Box Hinge
Gold Decorative Box Hinge BH35
Decorative box hinge, complete with gold band with bow, quality hinge and catch. An easy-to-turn project. Approximately: 56mm outer diameter 52mm inner diameter x 3mm deep Please note, some of the images show an example of what you could create with the box hinge project kit. The timber is not included.
Large 42mm Egg RingLarge 42mm Egg Ring
Large 42mm Egg Ring LER
For creating hollow wooden eggs or boxes. Simple two section construction. Bond both rings onto small recesses formed in the workpieces and then screw together. Remember to dry fit and line up the grain if using figured exotic wood. Outer diameter is 42mm

Seam Ripper KitSeam Ripper Kit
Seam Ripper Kit SEAM
Project Kit Featuring the new Deluxe Japanese seam ripper blades, sharper, more durable and most functional blades yet. We've loaded this easy 8mm project with great features and utility. The kit includes sharp, durable manganese steel. Includes 2 reversible blades in large and small sizes. The blades are also removable and reversible for protection and storage. Please note, the image is...
from £9.60
Perfume Atomiser Kit (Gold)Perfume Atomiser Kit (Gold)
Perfume Atomiser Kit (Gold) PAT
With the main body turned from a figured piece of wood, on a standard pen mandrel and all the hardware being gold plated, this Perfume Atomiser will grace any dressing table. Suction syringe provided to add your choice of perfume or cologne Removable vial is 13mm diameter and 70mm long Please note, the kit is supplied in individual parts. Some of the images show an example of what you...

Key Ring KitKey Ring Kit
Key Ring Kit KEY
Inexpensive fixed keyring. Uses 7mm drill and can easily be made up by turning between centres. Uses only small amounts of wood or acrylic to produce a practical and useful gift. Available in Chrome and Gold finish.
from £2.22
Keyring WhistleKeyring Whistle
Keyring Whistle KW23
An attractive and practical item for a personal safety aspect with the high pitch sound produced from the whistle as well as keeping keys safe. Can be made using a standard pen mandrel.

Back Scratcher KitBack Scratcher Kit
Back Scratcher Kit BSK
This gold plated back scratcher is a must for everyone. Extremely practical and a joy to use! Turn a handle to the desired length and enjoy this unique aid. Supplied with a threaded end cap and leather hanging lace. Please note, this product comes as a kit and you must turn your own handle before assembling.
Brass Shoe HornBrass Shoe Horn
Brass Shoe Horn JBSH
The Brass Shoe Horn kit is a practical, easy-to-make project that can be used every day. Simply turn a handle and bond together to form this useful and functional aid. Each kit includes a threaded insert for mounting into a turned wooden handle and gold plated end cap with lanyard. Please note, the kit is supplied in individual parts. Some of the images show an example of what you could create...