Corkscrew CS01
A professional grade of corkscrew that offers the turner a high level of quality at a sensible price. The corkscrew has a threaded end to help secure into a wooden handle with the aid of gule.
Droplet Bottle StopperDroplet Bottle Stopper
Droplet Bottle Stopper DBS
The unique droplet shaped design at the base of these bottle stoppers positions the weight much closer to the bottom of the bottle, making them less top heavy and hence less prone to tipping over.Available in either stain resistant chrome or gold with stainless steel, each stopper has a silicone ring which holds the stopper firmly in place.Timber not included.

Droplet Bottle Stopper Mandrel
Droplet Bottle Stopper Mandrel DBSM
Droplet Bottle Stopper Mandrel
Droplet Bottle Stopper Tap
Droplet Bottle Stopper Tap DBST
This threaded tap cuts a thread that allows you to easily thread a blank on the mandrel and provides a better bond when gluing the turned blank to bottle stoppers, project handles, and more during assembly. For use with bottle stoppers and projects that use a 11/32' drill bit Made of durable high speed steel (HSS) Specifications: - Dimensions: 3/8' dia. x 3' overall length - 3/8' x 16 TPI - H3 thread...

Silicone Bottle Stopper Seals (Pack of 5)Silicone Bottle Stopper Seals (Pack of 5)
Silicone Bottle Stopper Seals (Pack of 5) SBS
This is a superior bottle stopper when compared to cork. It is made from moulded silicone rubber, which is flexible, long wearing, washable and reusable. Secured to the wooden dowel by a friction fit, the stopper can be replaced without throwing the turning away. Molded silicone rubber for durability Friction fit for quick change Sold as pack of 5
Dowels (Pack of 5)Dowels (Pack of 5)
Dowels (Pack of 5) SBSD
Made from hard maple, these dowels are made specifically to fit the Silicone Bottle Stopper Seals. 1/2" Dia. with a step down to 3/8" for mounting in the wood blank Sold as pack of 5

Artisan Handled Corkscrew Bottle Stopper KitArtisan Handled Corkscrew Bottle Stopper Kit
Artisan Handled Corkscrew Bottle Stopper Kit ACBSK
Opening bottles and maintaining freshness is easier than ever with the convenient two-in-one Artisan® Handled Corkscrew/Bottle Stopper. Please note, prolonged contact with liquid may cause corrosion or pitting. Ergonomic handle design for easy cork removal Threaded solid shaft design for increased strength Professional quality wire corkscrew won’t split cork Tapered rubber seal...
Bottle OpenerBottle Opener
Bottle Opener BOTOP
This bottle opener makes an attractive gift and the handle is simple to turn between centres. Please note, the timber is not included. The image is an example of what you could create with the kit.

Combination Corkscrew/Bottle Stopper
Combination Corkscrew/Bottle Stopper CSWS
This is a beautiful, high quality and functional item.It is a must for anyone, whether a wine connoisseur or not.The heavy-duty corkscrew is stored inside the bottle stopper when not in use.The design features 3 special O-rings making it adaptable to almost any bottle.Timber not included.
Agglomerated Bottle Stopper Corks
Agglomerated Bottle Stopper Corks BSC2
Pre-drilled to accept a 10mm dowel, these corks allow bottle stoppers to be turned quickly and easily. By using 10mm dowel, material waste is minimised.