A round birch ply wooden blank, suitable for pyrography. Suitable for keyrings, coasters, placemats and more! For best results, always sand with Abranet sheets before burning. Available in three sizes: 5cm diameter (includes pre-drilled hole) 10cm diameter (no hole) 20cm diameter (no hole) 3mm thickness.
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Hexagon J10187
A hexagon shaped wooden blank suitable for pyrography, painting and other crafts. For best results, always sand before burning. Birch plywood Size: 10cm (3mm thickness)

Rectangle 20cm x 8cmRectangle 20cm x 8cm
Rectangle 20cm x 8cm J10110
A simple shape for you to add your own design to. For best results, always sand with Abranet sheets before burning. Size 20cm x 8cm. 3mm thickness.
A4 RectangleA4 Rectangle
A4 Rectangle J10186
Like an A4 piece of paper but made out of wood! The perfect blank to start practising the art of pyrography. Sand with abranet sheets before burning for best results.

Heart J10120
A simple shape for you to add your own design to. Measured at the widest points
Large Hanging Heart
Large Hanging Heart J10124
Plain Wooden Hanging Heart 15cm Add your own design and personalisation to this heart shaped blank to make something lovely for a special someone. Birch plywood blank Pre-drilled hole for hanging Fun decorating project to do with the children Suitable for pyrography, painting, airbrushing and more!

Basswood Country Plank
Basswood Country Plank BPLANK
Walnut Hollow Basswood Country Plank. This unique bark edge surface is ideal for pyrography, hot stamping, and wood carving. Kiln dried and naturally untreated. Due to the nature of the product, height and shape of individual rounds will vary. Size is approximately 9" to 11" wide and 14" high. Made in America.
Basswood RoundBasswood Round
Basswood Round BASSWOOD
Walnut Hollow Basswood rounds are ideal for pictorial pyrography and scrollsaw projects. They are cut on a slight angle to the log which gives the 'round' a slightly oval shape. These are kiln dried and sanded with the bark intact all the way around. Available in several sizes. Approximately 3/4" thick. Rustic home decor Ideal for woodburning and wood carving Ready for any...
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Country Star
Country Star J10111
A simple 10cm country star shape for you to add your own design to.
Gift / Present
Gift / Present J10140
Perfect for any occasion. Use as a gift tag or decoration. Decorate how you like and give a unique personalised gift to a special person in your life. 10cm.

Perfect for Christmas or Weddings! Add a piece of twine or ribbon to make a personalised keepsake or decoration. Available in two sizes: 10cm 20cm
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Hanging Horseshoe
Hanging Horseshoe J10125
Large Hanging Horseshoe Blank with pre-drilled holes for hanging. Size: 15cm

Celtic Cross
Celtic Cross J10103
A simple 10cm Celtic Cross shape for you to add your own design to. Perfect for Easter.
Shield J10126
Wooden Shield Blank Size: 10cm

Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear J10150
Teddy Bear pyrography blank perfect for the kids! Comes complete with a face and cut out ears. Size: 10cm
Four Leaf Clover
Four Leaf Clover J10115
Four leaf clover shaped wooden blank. 7.5cm measured at widest points.

Gingerbread Man
Gingerbread Man J10141
A gingerbread man complete with face and love heart buttons. Perfect for the keen baker or something for the kids at Christmas! 10cm
A square birch ply wooden blank, available in two sizes: 10cm x 10cm 20cm x 20cm 3mm thickness. For best results, always sand with Abranet sheets before burning.
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