Theme: Autumn

Providing an additional platform to showcase your handcrafted work.

Every month, we share a theme. Makers from all over the country are invited to create new work or share photos of existing work that relates to the chosen theme of the month. The theme for September 2022 was 'Autumn.'

The maker of each submission was also in with a chance of winning a £25.00 Turners Retreat voucher! A member of our team selected one piece as our winner. The work made by that maker will be our ‘Featured Piece of the Month’ and will be shared with our Mailing List subscribers by email and on our social media pages.

View the submissions sent in to us during September below and support fellow makers by following their social media pages. Let's help eachother grow!

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Prize Draw Result

Due to us working with a smaller team at the moment, we decided that this month, our team member, Amanda, would choose the winner! Amanda was presented with images and stories of each piece, no names as some entrants have entered and won in previous months and we wanted to keep everything as fair as possible.

Words from Amanda: "I've chosen this piece as our Featured Piece of the Month because it caught my eye straight away! I enjoy the thought that's gone into presenting the turned acorns, the image tells a fun story and the squirrel is so cute!"

We're pleased to announce that Glynn Harrington's woodturned acorn display has been chosen as our Featured Piece of the Month - congratulations!  A £25 Turners Retreat voucher is on its way to you by email, and your work will be featured on our social media feeds and in our e-newsletters during October.

Special Branch Turning

Featured Piece of the Month: Special Branch Turning

Maker: Glynn Harrington
Craft: Woodturning

What inspired this piece: I recently took the plunge into selling at craft fairs. I wanted to turn something a little different but which reflected nature and the materials I use, and decided to try an acorn. It turned out rather well and since then I’ve been experimenting with all sorts of sizes – mainly in Oak (as in picture) but also some other native hardwoods.  The squirrel pops up in our craft table display too!

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Orana Crafts
Orana Crafts

Maker: Sam Derrick
Craft: Woodcarving

What inspired this piece: The autumn theme made me think of the dark nights drawing in, and mushrooms popping up amongst the patchwork of fallen leaves, so I carved these two little mushrooms, painted them with acrylic paint, and used pyrography for the linework on top and the filaments underneath. 

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Kate's Kuality Krafts
Kate's Kuality Krafts

Maker: Kate Kitchin
Craft: Woodturning

What inspired this piece: Wooden Conker, an original design of mine. Thought of, designed and created in just a few hours. Inspired by this time of year and my best friends as the first one was made as a unique gift for them. Turned from Poplar and Black Walnut finished with a natural stick! 

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Hampshire Hog Woodturning
Hampshire Hog Woodturning

Maker: Julie Barker 
Craft: Woodturning

What inspired this piece: Piece inspired by autumnal colours, beautiful flame orange colour came through. Autumn is my 2nd favourite season, just loved the colours in the trees. I hope I've done the piece justice!

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Thank you to Glynn, Sam, Kate and Julie who took part in this month's Showcase. We love the creativity this month and hope that others will be too! Thank you for sharing your work and your stories with us!

To find out the theme for next month and details on how to get involved, please click here.

Here's some of the products used to make this month's submissions...

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Made in Britain
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Detail Knife
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