NOVA Comet II DR Lathe with G3 ChuckNOVA Comet II DR Lathe with G3 Chuck
NOVA Comet II DR Lathe with G3 Chuck 46404
NOVA Comet II DR Lathe comes with an M33 Direct Thread PRO-TEK G3 Chuck - NEW DESIGN! Portable, space saving – yet delivers the capacity and the rugged stability of larger lathes. The NOVA Comet II DR Midi Lathe is perfect for a wide range of woodworking projects. The NOVA Comet II DR Midi Lathe takes the best selling mini lathe and gives a massive upgrade. The user now has a digital display...
DML320 Record Power Lathe
DML320 Record Power Lathe DML320
The new DML320 lathe offers fantastic value for money, being compact and powerful yet with very generous capacities for a medium sized lathe, giving woodturners the chance to own a high quality variable speed machine at an unbeatable price. The solid cast iron bed, tailstock and headstock offer superb stability, even when turning items at the limits of the lathe’s considerable capacities. At...
Was £599.99 Now £579.99

NOVA 1624 II LatheNOVA 1624 II Lathe
NOVA 1624 II Lathe 24227
Excellent entry level lathe that has enough versatility and power to give many years of turning. Incredible power in a compact working space, great for those who need all the workshop space they can get! Bowl turning capacity: 400mm/16″ onboard. 740mm/29″ outboard. (Using optional outrigger accessory) Between centres: Standard 600mm/24″. Extendable to as long as you want in...
Coronet Herald Cast Iron Lathe
Coronet Herald Cast Iron Lathe 16007
This lathe from Record Power represents the culmination of many decades of expertise in the manufacture and supply of superior woodturning lathes. Developed with the help of professional woodturners and keen hobbyists, Record Power believe they have produced a world-class machine for woodturners of all levels. Thanks to a number of innovative design solutions the capabilities, features and performance...
Was £899.99 Now £869.99

NOVA Nebula 18" DVR LatheNOVA Nebula 18" DVR Lathe
NOVA Nebula 18" DVR Lathe 55602
Explore new frontiers in woodturning with Nebula, the new 2.5HP lathe with smart, direct-drive motor technology from NOVA that’s redefining what a full-sized lathe can do. Nebula goes far beyond any other lathe in its class: just a twist of a knob and speed can be adjusted from 100 rpm up to 4000 rpm with no sacrifice in torque. Nebula’s outstanding machine features and specifications...
NOVA Viking DVR 16" Drill Press (Bench Mount)NOVA Viking DVR 16" Drill Press (Bench Mount)
NOVA Viking DVR 16" Drill Press (Bench Mount)
NOVA’s latest machine is a 16” DVR Benchtop Drill Press. The NOVA Viking is a 1HP, 150-3,000 RPM (programmable to 5,000) electronic variable speed machine, with a large easy to read display and a variety of intelligent features such as Auto Start feature for one handed drilling and Electronic Depth Stop. The table can be tilted and rotated. Direct Drive Power and Consistent Torque 1HP...

NOVA Voyager DVR 18" Drill Press
NOVA Voyager DVR 18" Drill Press TR58002
"Exceptional quality; quiet operation; easy to set up for every type of drill imaginable; does everything you could possibly want to do on a drill; the only drill press you will ever need." - Jonathan Salisbury, The Woodworker & Good Woodworking Magazine The world’s first smart drill press combines the best features of drill presses with state of the art technology to make your...
JET JWBS-9X BandsawJET JWBS-9X Bandsaw
JET JWBS-9X Bench Mounted Bandsaw Robust cast aluminium work table, can be tilted up to 45° Ideal for routine, precise work Powered with a quiet induction motor Includes a precise rip fence and mitre gauge With working lamp to illuminate the cut Saw blade guide using slide screws and ball bearings
Was £372.00 Now £204.60

10" Bandsaw
10" Bandsaw BS250
With a cast iron table at the heart of this compact machine it is designed to offer those with limited space or budgets a real bandsaw with sensible capacity and performance, as an alternative to lightweight hobby machines. The BS250 should not be confused with the lightweight hobby machines available in the market at a similar price. It shares the same essential build qualities as its larger cousins...
10" Sabre-250 Bandsaw
10" Sabre-250 Bandsaw 66500
The BS250 has long been one of Record Power's best-selling bandsaws and has a solid reputation as being probably the best benchtop bandsaw on the market. Following the development of the SABRE-350 and SABRE-450, Record Power decided to take some of the DNA of these revolutionary new machines and inject it into the BS250, to produce the definitive small bandsaw with premium features and unparalleled...
Was £399.99 Now £369.99

Premium 12" Bandsaw
Premium 12" Bandsaw BS300E
The BS300E is a great all rounder perfectly specified for the medium sized workshop where a range of duties will be required.Featuring a solid fence, vital for accurate ripping, which has a heavy extrusion mounted on a cast iron base and fixed to a solid steel bar for maximum rigidity and support. This is based on an industrial Startrite design and much more solid than other fences at this level. The...
Was £699.99 Now £649.99
14" Bandsaw
14" Bandsaw BS350S
An ideal workhorse for the busy workshop where power and generous capacity are required but budget and space do not allow a bigger machine. This features an open legstand, often requested by Record Power users as it provides greater stability and can be used with an optional pedal style wheelkit. A basic wheelkit is provided as standard. The bandwheels are cast iron and dynamically balanced with...

14" Sabre-350 Bandsaw
14" Sabre-350 Bandsaw SABRE350
The SABRE range of bandsaws are the next evolutionary step from the highly regarded and market-leading Record Power premium bandsaws. We have built on the success of our premium range by introducing some fantastic new features to the SABRE-350 to make a bandsaw that is more effective, accurate and easier to use than any other machine in its class. Featuring an 1100 W output (1 1/2 horsepower) motor...
Was £1,169.99 Now £1,069.99
JET JWBS14Q Bandsaw
JET JWBS14Q Bandsaw JWBS_14Q-M
Cast iron table which can tilt from -10° to 45° Upper and lower ball bearing blade guides The mitre fence is ‘T’ slotted into the table for accuracy, safety and extended capacity Floor standing welded steel chassis Rip fence assembly with re-saw attachment 1000-003-128 1000-001-895
Was £1,515.00 Now £833.25

Mitre Saw
Mitre Saw JSMS_10L-M
Powerful 1.5kW motor with brake system Table extensions up to 1,030mm Integrated spindle lock for easy blade change Lightweight die cast aluminium design for easy transport Hold-down clamp tightens securely to the work piece to ensure an accurate cut Innovative XACTA Laser provides high visibility for precision cutting Integrated bevel stops at 0° and 45°
Was £369.00 Now £202.95
Compact Extractor Single Motor 36ltr
Compact Extractor Single Motor 36ltr CGV286-3
CamVac High Filtration Dust Extractor: Compact Extractor with 2 Metres of Hose and Easy-Fit Cuff (Single Motor) 4" Steel Pipe Inlet This compact 36 litre machine is ideal for general maintenance in smaller premises and workshops. In addition to wood dust and chippings, it can tackle workshop debris, nails, and many other types of waste with ease and features the CamVac triple filtration system...
Was £323.98 Now £279.99

Compact Extractor Twin Motor 36ltr (Bayonet Fitting)
Compact Extractor Twin Motor 36ltr (Bayonet Fitting) CGV286-4
CamVac High Filtration Dust Extractor: Compact Extractor with Bayonet Fitting (104770) This compact 36 litre machine is ideal for general maintenance in smaller premises and workshops. In addition to wood dust and chippings, it can tackle workshop debris, nails, and many other types of waste with ease and features the CamVac triple filtration system for effective treatment of fine particles. The...
Was £443.98 Now £399.99
Medium Extractor Single Motor 55ltr
Medium Extractor Single Motor 55ltr CGV336-3
Medium 55ltr Camvac Extractor with 2 metre Hose and Easy-Fit Cuff. 4" Steel Pipe Inlet, Single Motor At 55 litres the GV336 model has greater capacity than the GV286 but less than the GV386. Includes 2 metre hose and easy-fit cuff. Key features: Single motor Three stage filtration Cyclonic steel pipe inlet Acoustic outlet
Was £343.98 Now £299.99

ProEdge Basic - UK 240V
ProEdge Basic - UK 240V PE01A
The Robert Sorby ProEdge offers effortlessly repeatable sharpening every time. Hugely versatile, this industrial strength machine is built to last and delivers astounding ?factory finish? results without fail. Perhaps the most simple to use sharpener on the market, this system replicates the industry standard of achieving a flat grind using the preferred method of belts over traditional grinding wheels....
Tool Rest StemTool Rest Stem
Tool Rest Stem L765/S13
This modular tool rest system enables the turner to build up a collection of tool rests without going to great expense. Six different rests are available: 4", 6" and 9" as well as a 9" curved internal and external and a box platform which can be used in conjunction with just one stem. Cross bars are specially hardened to avoid those troublesome nicks and to give a smooth finish. Stems...
from £12.12

Spindle Extender
Spindle Extender TMIA86
Extenders allow deep bowls to be turned without hitting the lathe. A hole through the center allows vacuum to go through center of extenders. Can be used on standard non-vacuum chuck heads. Flats on extenders allow easy removal with wrench if necessary.
Spindle Adaptor
Spindle Adaptor A864
Spindle Adaptors have a hole for vacuum applications. Can be used on standard non-vacuum chuck heads. Flats on extenders allow for easy removal with wrench if necessary. Each adaptor includes two No Lock Spindle Washers.

Deluxe Hollow Revolving CentreDeluxe Hollow Revolving Centre
Deluxe Hollow Revolving Centre LDRC/1
Robert Sorby Deluxe Hollow Revolving Centre 1MT & 2MTThis revolving centre comes with a 60' removable point, the most popular workhorse in the range of accessories for this tool. Comes complete with convenient ejector tool. It is a high quality live centre made to last. This too comes in 1 and 2 morse taper.
Chuck Exert
Chuck Exert NEX
To enable Patriot chucks with a standard thread to fit large spindle lathes.
from £66.48

Patriot Chuck Insert
Patriot Chuck Insert INSERT
This chuck insert system allows the Patriot chuck to be fitted to almost every lathe.
Revolving StebcentreRevolving Stebcentre
Revolving Stebcentre REVSTEBCEN
A revolutionary idea of using a revolving live centre with the head of a Stebcentre. This allows for basic off-centre work to be achieved, such as cabriolet candlesticks as well as multi-sided boxes and even small multi-sided bowls when used in conjunction with an original Stebcentre or the new Steb Drive.
from £71.52

Stebcentre STBCENTRE
The original Stebcentre is a lathe drive centre with several unique features. It uses razor sharp serrated teeth to grip the work piece, without the need for pre-marking the wood with the drive prior to putting it onto the lathe. The greatest benefit the Stebcentre has over any other driver available on the market is the spring loaded centre point. Pressure can be applied so the wood can be...
from £61.26
Eccentric ChuckEccentric Chuck
Eccentric Chuck RS60N34
The Robert Sorby Eccentric Chuck is the most sophisticated chuck for multi-centre turning.Ease and accuracy of adjustment (without removing the workpiece from the chuck) is provided by the unique offset boss which accommodates the three different driving components on which to mount your workpiece, viz:- 1- Screwchuck 2 - Ball drive and socket 3 - Faceplate The full system is housed in a fitted, rigid...

Threaded Rod
Threaded Rod V844
Spare threaded rod
Drive Centre
Suitable for all types of spindle work.Integral points will not work loose. Removable with extractor ring. 4 prong for squared spindle ends, 2 prong for out of square spindle ends.
from £13.90

Slim Deluxe Rotating Centre
Slim Deluxe Rotating Centre SDRC
Slim, Deluxe Rotating Centre. 12mm dia. nose with 60 deg. point. Main body remains stationary while small point turns. Ideal for smaller precision work as well as general spindle turning. Triple bearing design incorporating thrust race.
Standard Rotating Centre
Standard Rotating Centre SRCMT
Standard Duty Rotating Centre. 31mm dia. head with 60 deg. point. Excellent general purpose centre. Twin deep groove ball races.

2.5" Standard CamVacTool Kit
2.5" Standard CamVacTool Kit CKV250-100
CVA250-11-100 2.5” Extension Tubes (Pair) CVA250-14-100 2.5” Crevice Tool CVA250-14-101 2.5” Plastic Utility Nozzle CVA250-10-102 2.5” Flexible Hose
Universal Adaptor 25mm - 152mm
Universal Adaptor 25mm - 152mm CVA10050101
For the joining of hoses of differing sizes, featuring diameters of 1, 2, 2 1/2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 inches

Utility Nozzle
Utility Nozzle CVA25014101
For use with 2.5' extraction hose
2 1/2" Universal Dust Port
2 1/2" Universal Dust Port CVA25050101
2.5" Universal Dust Port

2 1/2" Blast Gate
2 1/2" Blast Gate CVA25050102
Used to close off the suction to a machine when not in use. For use with 2.5" diameter systems.
2 1/2" Hose Clamp
2 1/2" Hose Clamp CVA25050108
For effectively securing the end of 2.5" diameter hose.

2.5" Posable Hose Nozzle2.5" Posable Hose Nozzle
2.5" Posable Hose Nozzle CVA250-80-101
Self supporting extraction nozzle, ideal for woodturning. This is an official LOC-LINE® product, the original and best modular hose system. Suitable for 2.5" systems.
Castor Set
Castor Set CVA28627100
Designed to fit all of the CamVac CGV286 Compact Extractors and CGV336 Medium Extractors, this high quality caster set allows easy transportation of the machine around the workshop.

4" Blast Gate (Unequal Ends)
4" Blast Gate (Unequal Ends) CVA40050106
Used to close off the suction to a machine when not in use. For use with 4" diameter systems.
Bed Extension For DML320
Bed Extension For DML320 DML320-E
A 20inch Cast bed extension for the Record Power DML320 Midi Lathe.

Patriot Chuck Jaws 1"
Patriot Chuck Jaws 1" RSJ1
With a fine internal and external dovetail, these jaws are perfect for fine intricate or miniature projects.
Cast Iron Bed Extension for Coronet Herald
Cast Iron Bed Extension for Coronet Herald 16011
Adds 400 mm extra capacity between centres to the Coronet Herald lathe.

Patriot Chuck
Made in Britain
Patriot Chuck LRSPC
Like all Robert Sorby tools the Patriot is proudly manufactured in Britain. Fitted with smooth action 2" (50mm) jaws which have internal and external dovetail and gripper teeth to ensure work is held more securely. It also supplied with a screw chuck and an insert* which enable it to fit the vast majority of woodworking lathes.
from £222.78
Adjustable Stand For DML320Adjustable Stand For DML320
Adjustable Stand For DML320 DML305A
The height of this stand is adjustable to suit any user and is suitable for the DML305 and DML305-VS lathes.

Stand for NOVA Comet II Midi Lathe
Stand for NOVA Comet II Midi Lathe 47050
The NOVA Comet II Stand Accessory provides a free standing platform for your NOVA Comet II Midi Lathe. It gives you a mobile and stable work support. Its rugged tubular steel design provides strength without adding a lot of unnecessary weight. The powder coated finish provides durability in all conditions. The specially designed V-legs allows more room under the lathe for maneuvering. The stand adjusts...
4" To 2.5" CamVac Reducer
4" To 2.5" CamVac Reducer 40025
4" to 2.5" Reducer (Fits All 4" Inlet Machines)
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