Scorp Set
Scorp Set KN150
Scorps Set includes: KN12 - Cutting Knife KN13 - Detail Knife KN18 - Pelican Knife KN19 - Mini Pelican Knife Presented in a handy tool roll with a specially shaped strap. Choose a right-handed tool to cut towards you and a left-handed tool to cut away from you.
12 Piece Micro Woodcarving Tool Set12 Piece Micro Woodcarving Tool Set
12 Piece Micro Woodcarving Tool Set 512DB
The full range of all 12 micro carving tools presented in a cardboard display box.This set is also available with a wooden case that can be used as a free-standing tool cabinet.

3 Piece Knife Starter Set
3 Piece Knife Starter Set KN500
A great little 3 piece detail carving knife set from Flexcut. As with all their edge tools, they are extremely comfortable to handle and will hold a razor sharp edge. The set containsKN20 - Mini Chip KnifeKN27 - Mini Detail KnifeKN19 - Mini Pelican Knife A block of Flexcut Gold sharpening compound
Detail Knife Set
Detail Knife Set KN400
Flexcut have put together the perfect package to get you started in carving with knives. These knives are made with the same edge-holding properties as their gouges and chisels and come honed and ready for use. The comfortable curved ergonomic handle allows for long periods of carving without hand fatigue. Set includes: KN12 - Cutting Knife KN13 - Detail Knife KN14 - Roughing Knife a...

Beginner Palm and Knife Set
Beginner Palm and Knife Set KN600
The Flexcut beginner palm and knife set is a great way to get started in this rewarding craft. It includes the most popular palm tools and knives from the Flexcut range. Each tool is supplied razor sharp and ready to use. Set includes KN12 Cutting Knife, KN13 Detail Knife, FR307 V Tool and FR306 Gouge.
3 Piece Chip Carving Set
3 Piece Chip Carving Set KN115
Create the intricate geometric or freestyle patterns that are the hallmark of the craft of chip carving with this dedicated set. Set includes chip carving knife, mini-chip knife and a skew knife.

Deluxe Woodcarving Starter Set
Deluxe Woodcarving Starter Set SK108
A complete carving set all in one box. Suitable for mallet, palm or knife carving. Includes a sharpening SlipStrop and compound for honing your tools to a razor edge.
Was £215.95 Now £212.92
Woodcarving Starter Set
Woodcarving Starter Set SK108B
All you need to start out in the fascinating hobby of woodcarving, 10 Flexcut items in a wooden box at a substantial cost saving. Adaptor available for using these tools in a Bosch or Skill power carver. Includes 3 x 1/4" (6mm) and 7/8" (22mm) gouges and 3/8" (9mm) V tool. Palm handle for detail work, power handle for harder work, carving knife sharp and ready to carve, slipstrop...

Woodcarvers SetWoodcarvers Set
Woodcarvers Set SK10
Set interchangeable carving tools with a standard interchangeable handle in a handy safety pouch.
from £65.00
Beginner Craft Carver Set
Beginner Craft Carver Set SK111
Carving tutor Peter Berry designed and developed this package for Flexcut and thoroughly recommends the kit as an ideal introduction to the fascinating craft of woodcarving. It's supplied with two interchangeable carving blades together with an ABS handle so that as you gain experience, additions could easily be made from the extensive range of Flexcut SK blades. A bassword blank for leaf...

Carbide Bits - Starter Set
Carbide Bits - Starter Set YEL-004
This versatile starter kit is ideal for the carver and model-maker.It contains32mm flat cutting wheel13mm sanding drum 80 grit13mm mushroom shaping wheel3mm pointed detail burr 120gritIt can also be used in many DIY projects - cutting laminates and PVC, cutting and drilling holes, and general sanding.
Duragrit BLU006
6 Piece modelling set