American Black Walnut
American Black Walnut BWAL
The heartwood ranges in colour from light pinkish-brown to dark brown with pink, greyish-green, purple-black or black streaks. The grain is interlocked and irregular, and sometimes wavy, with a medium, even texture and is fairly lustrous.Please note, the image is an example of what you could create with American Black Walnut wood.American Black Walnut blanks are available in squares and rounds. All...
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Goncalo Alves
Goncalo Alves GON
Goncalo Alves is a hard, dense and heavy wood, which is very tough. Cutting usually requires tungsten carbide-tipped blades. Gluing can be tricky, but less so if a solvent is used to remove extractives. It turns well and can easily brought to a good polished finish. Goncalo Alves woodturning blanks are available in round, square and spindle sizes where possible. All sizes listed are in inches...
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Maple MAP
The heartwood is creamy white when freshly cut but ages to a light tan. The grain is usually straight but can be wavy or curly, and has a smooth, fine texture. The wood has a high natural lustre, especially on quartered surfaces. The sapwood is not normally distinct from the heartwood. Maple woodturning blanks are available in round, square and spindle sizes where possible. All sizes listed are...
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Purpleheart PUR
Purple Heart is hard, dense and heavy with high crushing, stiffness and bending strengths, a moderate steam-bending rating and medium resistance to shock loads.It is difficult to work by hand, and machining is moderately difficult. The blunting effect on cutters is moderate to severe. Slow feed rates and reduced cutting angle are advised. Blunt cutters will heat the wood and cause resin to exude.It...
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North American Tulipwood
North American Tulipwood TUL
Tulipwood is a heavy, hard dense wood that can be difficult to work, and can be splintery. The wood has a severe blunting effect on cutting edges, and a reducing planing angle is advised for quartered stock and irregular grain. Pre-boring is recommended for nailing and screwing, but it glues well. Tulipwood can be brought to a very highly polished finish.Please note, the image is an example of what...
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