African Blackwood
African Blackwood AFB
African Blackwood is very strong and tough in all categories, but is not normally used for steam bending due to its weight and density. It has a severe blunting effect in tools, Tungsten-carbide-tipped tools are required for conversion. It can be difficult to work but turns well. Pre-boring is necessary for nailing and screwing, and screw threads can be tapped into it almost as well as in metal. It...
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American Black Walnut
American Black Walnut BWAL
The heartwood ranges in colour from light pinkish-brown to dark brown with pink, greyish-green, purple-black or black streaks. The grain is interlocked and irregular, and sometimes wavy, with a medium, even texture and is fairly lustrous.Please note, the image is an example of what you could create with American Black Walnut wood.American Black Walnut blanks are available in squares and rounds. All...
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Ash works well with both machine and hand tools, and has a moderate blunting effect on cutting edges. Provided the cutters are kept sharp, it planes well. Ash glues well, stains satisfactory and can be brought to a highly polished finish. Please note, the image is an example of what you could create with Ash wood. Ash wood blanks are available in squares, rounds and spindles. All sizes are listed...
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Beech BEE
Beech is a creamy white to pale brown. It is straight grained with a fine even texture commonly used in furniture, cabinet making, kitchenware, tool handles, workbenches. toys and chopping boards. Beech cuts well with hand tools and will sand to give a high finish.Please note, the image is an example of what you could create with Beech wood.Beech blanks are available in squares, rounds and spindles....
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Brazilian Tulipwood
Brazilian Tulipwood BTUL
Heartwood is streaked with yellows, reds, oranges, and pinks. Colour and figure can be highly variegated. Pores are open and medium-sized. Grain is usually straight, with a fine texture.Endgrain: Semi-ring-porous or ring-porous; very large earlywood pores grading down to medium latewood pores, sometimes arranged radially, very few to few; solitary and in radial multiples of 2-3; yellow and reddish...
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Brown Ivory
Brown Ivory BIV
The wood is red brown which is faintly pink tinged, occasionally with a blackish streak. The texture is medium to fine and even. It is a hard timber with an attractive grain but turns well and produces a good finish. It sandpapers well and takes varnishes and oils well. Tool must be kept sharp. Please note, the image is an example of what you could create with Brown Ivory wood. Also used for furniture.

Bubinga BUB
Bubinga works well with both hand and machine tools, though irregular grain may pick up during planing or moulding, so a low cutting angle should be used. It has a moderate to severe blunting effect because it contains silica. There can be problems with gum exudation, and steam-bending qualities are poor. Gum pockets may make gluing difficult. It takes stain easily, an can be sanded and polished to...
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Chacate Preto
Chacate Preto CHAC
Chacate Preto wood is moderately lustrous with an interlocked grain and fine texture. This type of wood has been compared to another African species, African Blackwood, but is only half the price! The wood is very sturdy but not as heavy as African Blackwood. Please note, the image is an example of what you could create with Chacate Preto wood.
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Cherry CHE
The heartwood is a rich reddish-brown initially, but it ages to a darker colour, losing some of its reddish tint.It is generally straight grained with a fairly fine and even texture. The sapwood is clearly differentiated from the heartwood and is paler.Please note, the image is an example of what you could create with Cherry wood.Cherry blanks are available in squares and rounds. All sizes are listed...
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Chestnut CHES
Colour/Appearance: Heartwood is a light to medium brown, darkening to a reddish brown with age. Narrow sapwood is well-defined and is pale white to light brown. Wormy Chestnut is also seen, which is chestnut that has been damaged by insects, leaving holes and other discoloration in the wood. Grain/Texture: Grain is straight to spiral or interlocked. With a coarse, uneven texture. Endgrain: Ring-porous;...
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Cocobolo COC
Cocobolo has a high mechanical strength in all categories, and is heavy, tough and strong. It works reasonably well with machine and hand tools, but cutting edges must be kept sharp. Cocobolo has a moderate blunting effect on cutting tools. The natural oils in the wood make it difficult to glue, but it can be nailed and screwed satisfactory. Worked surfaces from planing, turning, moulding and mortising...
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Ebony EBO
Ebony is a dense, hard and heavy wood. The black heart is usually very brittle. Because of its hardness and brittleness, Ebony can be very hard to work with both hand and machine tools. The wood has a fairly severe blunting effect on cutting edges. Gluing is rated as satisfactory to difficult, but the wood turns well and can be brought to a first-class finish.
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This wood has a high resistance to shock loads and very low stiffness.Provided cutting edges are kept sharp, the wood works well with hand and machine tools. It has good gluing properties. When planing, sharp and thin cutting edges are required to avoid a woolly finish. It takes stain well and can be polished to a high finish.Please note, the image is an example of what you could create with Elm wood.Elm...
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European OliveEuropean Olive
European Olive OLV
Olive is hard, strong and heavy.All olive is Italian, with some exceptions. Please check the dropdown list to see the species and sizes available.All Spanish Olive sizes are freshly sawn. All other Olive sizes are part-seasoned.Tip: Part-turn the timber and keep in a bag with its shavings for a period of time before finishing.Some sizes are available in Venetian Olive. This timber is from Corfu, but...
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Goncalo Alves
Goncalo Alves GON
Goncalo Alves is a hard, dense and heavy wood, which is very tough. Cutting usually requires tungsten carbide-tipped blades.Gluing can be tricky, but less so if a solvent is used to remove extractives. It turns well and can easily brought to a good polished finish.Goncalo Alves wood blanks are available in squares and rounds. All sizes listed are in inches unless stated otherwise.Please note, the image...
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Hickory HICK
Colour/Appearance: Heartwood tends to be light to medium brown, with a reddish hue; sapwood is a paler yellowish brown. Boards with contrasting heartwood and sapwood create a somewhat rustic appearance that’s sometimes marketed as Calico Hickory. Grain/Texture: Grain is usually straight, though occasionally wavy, with a medium texture. Endgrain: Ring-porous; large to very large earlywood pores...

Lacewood LAC
Colour/Appearance: Has a very conspicuous flecking that gives this wood its namesake. The wood itself is a reddish brown with grey or light brown rays, which result in a lace pattern when quarter sawn. Like other woods that exhibit the strongest figure in quarter sawn pieces, (such as Sycamore), Lacewood has the most pronounced figure and displays the largest flecks when perfectly quarter sawn; this...
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Leadwood LEAD
The heartwood is dark brown in colour with blackish streaks. The timber is hard, heavy and durable. It sandpapers well and takes varnishes and oils well to come up with a high lustrous finish. It needs sharp tools. It is difficult to use for furniture but is well suited to turning and carving and has even been used for machine bearing. The wood is so hard that Africans made blades for their hoes before...
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Mahogany MAH
Colour/Appearance: Heartwood colour can vary a fair amount with Cuban Mahogany, from a pale pinkish brown, to a darker reddish brown. Typically, the denser the wood, the darker the colour. Colour tends to darken with age. Mahogany also exhibits an optical phenomenon known as chatoyancyGrain/Texture: Grain can be straight, interlocked, irregular or wavy. Texture is medium and uniform, with moderate...
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Maple MAP
The heartwood is creamy white when freshly cut but ages to a light tan. The grain is usually straight but can be wavy or curly, and has a smooth, fine texture. The wood has a high natural lustre, especially on quartered surfaces. The sapwood is not normally distinct from the heartwood.Please note, the image is an example of what you could create with Maple. Maple blanks are available in squares and...
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Masasa MAS
The heartwood is a uniform red/brown and clearly defined. Masasa is a hard timber that turns well, sandpapering and taking oils and varnish well. Tools must be sharp and used for furniture, railway sleepers and flooring. Please note, the image is an example of what you could create with Masasa.
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North American Tulipwood
North American Tulipwood TUL
Tulipwood is a heavy, hard dense wood that can be difficult to work, and can be splintery. The wood has a severe blunting effect on cutting edges, and a reducing planing angle is advised for quartered stock and irregular grain. Pre-boring is recommended for nailing and screwing, but it glues well. Tulipwood can be brought to a very highly polished finish.Please note, the image is an example of what...
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White Oak is a hard and heavy wood. It has medium crushing and bending strength, and low stiffness. The wood has exceptional resistance to wear. It has moderate blunting effect on cutting edges, but generally works well though this depends on the precise species used. This wood planes, turns, bores, sands, mortises, stains and polishes well.Please note, the image is an example of what you could create...
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Padauk PAD
Padauk is a heavy, dense and resistant to wear. It has a high crushing strength, low stiffness and resistance to shock loads, and medium bending strength. It works well with hand tools, but the interlocking grain has a moderate blunting effect. The wood turns, saws, glues, screws and sands well, and can be brought to a good polish.Please note, the image is an example of what you could create with Padauk...
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