Posca Paint PenPosca Paint Pen
Posca Paint Pen PC3M
PC-3M: Fine Tip The PC-3M fine bullet tip adapts to all types of creations. Suitable for artists, creative hobbyists and professionals working on all types of materials, the PC-3M bullet tip paint pen can be used to customise, create, decorate or mark anything that inspires you. Children will love Posca too! The Posca range is ideal for working on wood, fabric, glass, ceramic, paper, canvas,...
Chalk Board Paint
Chalk Board Paint DADCACB
Americana Chalkboard Paint is an acrylic paint that turns nearly any porous surface into a chalkboard. This paint provides simple soap-and-water cleanup and comes in a water-based, non-toxic formula.

Crafters Acrylic PaintCrafters Acrylic Paint
Crafters Acrylic Paint DADCA
Versatile and non-toxic, the DecoArt Crafter's Acrylic range is a great choice for all kinds of crafty ideas! Make your projects stand out with this fantastic craft paint, designed especially for the discerning creative! When you're looking for bold and even coverage, this paint helps you every step of the way. With your brush or sponge, apply this paint against a wide range of surfaces,...
Acrylic Airbrush Paint (Pack of 6)
Acrylic Airbrush Paint (Pack of 6) SP1601
Liquid acrylic paint suitable for airbrushing and can be applied to wood, glass, paper, canvas, metals, leather, fabrics, ceramics & clay. Can be mixed for layering, glazing on large surfaces and painting miniatures. Includes six colours: Red, White, Blue, Yellow, Green and Black. Size of bottles: 32ml

Oil Colour Pencil Set
Oil Colour Pencil Set J70003
Oil coloured pencils are an excellent way to add colour to your woodburning projects, gourds and even woodcarvings. These top quality oil pencils allow you to gently blend colours together to give you a smooth, brilliant look. Set of 24
Inktense Watersoluable Pencils
Inktense Watersoluable Pencils INK12
Derwent Inktense Pencils are water-soluble pencils. You can use them dry or if you mix them with water, the colour turns into vibrant ink. This Inktense range is perfect for illustrators, flower artists and fashion designers. They can also be used on wood and are popular amongst pyrography artists. Tin of 12 contains the following colours: Sun Yellow, Tangerine, Poppy Red, Fuchsia, Deep Indigo,...

Jo Sonja Iridescent Paint
Jo Sonja Iridescent Paint JSIP
Jo Sonja's beautiful micaceous-based colours are for artists and crafters who wish to add a touch of glamour or glitter to a piece, such as the translucent glow of an angel's wings, a butterfly, a fish or the brilliant iridescent shimmer on a mallard drake's neck. Simply mix the iridescent colours directly into your paints or apply after decorating to highlight specific areas. These...
Bright White Gelly Roll Pens (Pack of 3)Bright White Gelly Roll Pens (Pack of 3)
Bright White Gelly Roll Pens (Pack of 3) GELLY
These water-based pigmented gel ink roller ball pens offer smooth flow of lightfast, fade-resistant ink and will not smear or feather when dry. The ink appears vivid and intense on dark paper, and they work brilliantly on wood too. Ideal for adding highlights to pyrography work, such as whiskers, fur/hair and eye detail. Sakura Gelly Roll pens are easy and comfortable to write with, as well as...

Inktense Antique White Pencil
Inktense Antique White Pencil INKAW
Derwent Inktense Pencils are a fantastic water-soluble pencil! You can use this Antique White pencil dry or mix with water and watch the colour turn into vibrant ink. Once it’s dry the colour is fixed and because its permanent, it’s great for using on wood, and also fabric such as silk and cotton. Antique White pencil Water-soluable or can be used dry Perfect for creating...
Jo Sonja Metallic PaintJo Sonja Metallic Paint
Jo Sonja Metallic Paint JS05
Jo Sonja's Metallic Colours are used to achieve dramatic effects in stenciling, colour bands, highlighting, liner work, bronzing, verdigris and faux finishes. The metallic colours are compatible with all Jo Sonja's mediums. Sometimes, however, the metallics don't crackle as easily. It is better to crackle the background first, then carefully dry-brush the desired metallic colours over the...

Jo Sonja Premium Metallic PaintJo Sonja Premium Metallic Paint
Jo Sonja Premium Metallic Paint JJ38
Jo Sonja Premium Metallics are formulated using a heavy concentration of the finest premium mica pigments for beautiful, flowing single coat coverage. These colours are available in 2oz bottles and are mixed to a slightly more flow consistency than the tube acrylics. Fine artist quality, heavy bodied pigments that will not tarnish over time. Compatible with all Jo Sonja Mediums, they may be used...
Jo Sonja Premium Pearlescent PaintJo Sonja Premium Pearlescent Paint
Jo Sonja Premium Pearlescent Paint JJ36
Jo Sonja Premium Pearlescent Acrylics are specially formulated using a combination of the finest iridescent, pearlescent and fine art pigments available for stunning effects. The collection includes some beautiful colours, including both opaque and transparent colours all available in 2oz bottles. Fine artist quality, heavy bodied pigments that will not tarnish over time. Compatible with all Jo...

Fine Detail & Airbrush PaintFine Detail & Airbrush Paint
Fine Detail & Airbrush Paint FDAP
Chroma Craft Fine Detail and Airbrush Paint is an ultra-smooth, intensely pigmented formulation that provides professional results on wood, metal, fabric, paper and many other surfaces. It is water-based and can be brushed or sprayed on “as is” or thinned with Chroma Craft Acrylic Reducer 302. It is excellent for applications that require fast drying times, with no heat curing (such as...
Fine Detail & Airbrush Paint Reducer
Fine Detail & Airbrush Paint Reducer ABPR302
Chroma Craft Acrylic Reducer 302 is designed to be used as a premium thinning and cleaning agent for Chroma Craft's Fine Detail & Airbrush Paint. Although water can be used as a thinner, the Recucer 302 enables the paint to lay out more evenly and smoothly on the surface if thinning is required for lighter coats. Reducer 302 also works much easier and faster than water for cleaning while paint...

Rustina Metallic Paint Aging System
Rustina Metallic Paint Aging System RUSTSYS
Rustina™ is a unique water-based system designed to provide an aged metallic look on a variety of surfaces including wood, metal, ceramic, glass and plastics. The Rustina™ Metallic Paint Aging System Includes: 3 x Metallic Paints (8 fl. oz. each): Bronze, Copper, and Iron 3 x Primers (8 fl. oz. each): Black, Gun Metal Gray, and Road Rash 2 x Aging Solutions (4 fl. oz....
Rustina Aging SolutionRustina Aging Solution
Rustina Aging Solution RUSTBG
Rustina™ is a unique water-based system designed to provide an aged metallic look on a variety of surfaces including wood, metal, ceramic, glass and plastics. To be used with paints from the Rustina Metallic Paint Aging System. Applied over the Metallic Copper or Bronze, the Blue-Green aging solution reacts with the metal in the paint to create a green patina of aged metal. Applied...