GlassCast 50 Clear Casting Resin

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Product Description

GlassCast 50 is suitable for Thick Castings up to 50mm thick.

GlassCast 50 is a water-clear, UV resistant epoxy casting resin developed specifically to meet the demands of thick section casting - especially in contact with wood - making it the ultimate 'river table' epoxy.

Its slow-curing formulation allows it to be poured in depths of up to 50mm (25mm into wood) per layer without overheating.

Recommended uses:

  • River Tables: Clear or with tints or effects
  • Knot-Holes and Large Gaps: Clear or with tints or effects
  • Clear Casting: Figurines, larger jewellery, paperweights
  • Wood Turning: Bowls, larger turning blanks

GlassCast 50 Advantages

  • Incredibly clear - no epoxy beats it for clarity
  • Highly UV stable - GlassCast 50 is best-in-class
  • Natural air bubble release - almost zero trapped air without degassing
  • Highly machinable - great for turning, shaping and polishing
  • 100% solids - zero shrinkage
  • No odour - VOC free

GlassCast 50 is sold as a kit which includes both the resin and hardener in their correct ratios. The resin and hardener are mixed together at a ratio of two parts resin to one part hardener by volume. Because GlassCast 50 is designed for thicker castings, it needs to cure more slowly than other GlassCast resins and will take apprroximately 48hrs to cure.

GlassCast 50 is very often used for 'river tables' where the resin is poured into wood, in which case the insulating effect of the wood means that the total depth should be built-up at a maximum of 25mm per layer, allowing around 24hrs between layers.

Before you begin... It is important for users to familiarise themselves with the Safety and Technical information and ensure that instructions are followed correctly, particularly those points relating to working temperatures, weighing and mixing. Unsatisfactory results are almost always caused by unsuitable ambient temperatures or improper weighing or mixing. It is very important to read the Safety and Technical Datasheets before starting a project with GlassCast Resin.

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