Tealight CupTealight Cup
Tealight Cup TEALIGHT
A selection of tealight holders to hold your candle tealights. Sold as singles. These tealight holders will stop you from damaging the wooden surround. Just bore a hole to the required depth and glue in the holder. Metal cups require a hole approximately 42mm diameter x 17mm deep. The glass cup is tapered; the base is 46mm dia, top 50mm dia and 26mm deep. Sold individually. Available in a glass,...
from £1.25
Bookmark (Pack of 5)Bookmark (Pack of 5)
Bookmark (Pack of 5) BM
Available in gold plated or chrome (bm32).These simple bookmarks can be an excellent gift or craft fair idea when a piece of figured wood is turned and glued into the 3/4' diameter recess.

Desk Letter Holder
Desk Letter Holder DC1
Made of gold plated spring steel, this makes an attractive and practical item for keeping memos and letters together.
40 Year Calendar
40 Year Calendar CB-63
Can be incorporated into many different types of project. By simply lining up the year with the appropriate month, the day and date can be read from the lower section of the scale. Includes adjustment for leap years. Current stock has start year of 2019 63mm diameter Timber not included, image is an example of what can be created

3 Arm Ornament Stand - Gold
3 Arm Ornament Stand - Gold 3AOSG
This deluxe triple ornament holder is available in a satin gold and satin silver finish and features a graceful wire design with a banded middle. Able to hold even heavy ornaments up to 7' long (including hook), this great looking ornament has a 4' diameter base and measures 10' tall. Specifications: - Height: 10' - Base: 4' diameter - Capacity: Holds 3 ornaments up to 7'
Flared Bud Vase
Flared Bud Vase FVT19
Similar to the standard Vase Tubes but with a flared collar to allow the tube to be set in a recess in the top of the turned vase. Approx 122mm in length.

Stainless Steel Insert
Stainless Steel Insert SSI
This jumbo size stainless steel insert is ideal for making a flower vase for large, beautiful arrangements.For those who enjoy wine, it can be used to make a great looking wine cooler.Insert measures 4-1/2' outside diameter by 7-1/2' tall.Wood not included.Minimum blankSize: 4-3/4' diameter by 8'
Bud Vase
Bud Vase VT
These Vase tubes are suitable for any kind of cut flower or dried flower arrangement when inserted into a turned vase. Approx 150mm in length.
from £1.90

Glass Flower Vase
Glass Flower Vase GFV
Making a beautiful flower vase is easy using our heavy-duty, straight side, glass vase cylinder.A 1.7/8' diameter hole is needed to accept the glass cylinder.Wood not included.Size is approximately 1 13/16' dia.by 7 1/2' tall.
Nipple for the switched lamp holders.

Lamp Fixing Plate
Lamp Fixing Plate LAMPFP
Back plate for the switched lamp holders. Please note, screws not included.
1/2" - 13mm Lamp Holder1/2" - 13mm Lamp Holder
1/2" - 13mm Lamp Holder E3413E
Unique safety switch lamp holder that automatically switches off when the bulb is removed with an integral cable clamp.
from £3.50

Pewter Lid - Ornate
Pewter Lid - Ornate PL38
Pewter lid with an ornate design.
Pewter Lid - Poppy
Pewter Lid - Poppy PL12
Pewter lid with a poppy design.

Pewter Lid - Rose ToppedPewter Lid - Rose Topped
Pewter Lid - Rose Topped PL18
Pewter lid with a rose design.
Pewter Lid - Rosehip
Pewter Lid - Rosehip PL37
Pewter lid with a fruity, floral rosehip design.

Pewter Lid - Roses
Pewter Lid - Roses PL1
Pewter lid with a rose design.
Pewter Lid - Bird & Bow
Pewter Lid - Bird & Bow PL11
Pewter lid with a bird and bow design.

Pewter Lid - Bird with seeds
Pewter Lid - Bird with seeds PL15
Pewter lid with a bird design.
Pewter Lid - Butterfly
Pewter Lid - Butterfly PL6
Pewter lid with a butterfly design.

Pewter Lid - Butterfly Wings
Pewter Lid - Butterfly Wings PL19
Pewter lid with a beautiful butterfly design.
Pewter Lid - Daisies
Pewter Lid - Daisies PL7
Pewter lid with a daisy design.

Pewter Lid - Fairies
Pewter Lid - Fairies PL36
Pewter lid with a beautiful fairy design.
Pewter Lid - Flower Basket
Pewter Lid - Flower Basket PL5
Pewter lid with a flower basket design.

Pewter Lid - Grapevine
Pewter Lid - Grapevine PL10
Pewter lid with a grapevine design.
Pewter Lid - Hummingbirds
Pewter Lid - Hummingbirds PL3
Pewter lid with a hummingbird design.

Magnifying Glass
Magnifying Glass MAG
This quality magnifying glass with a 2.1/2" (63mm) lens with a 2x magnification and solid brass bezel makes a super gift when combined with a handle turned by you from a figured piece of wood. It can be made using a standard pen mandrel. Please note, the image is an example of what you could create with the magnifying glass project kit.