Vinyl Gloves - Pack of 10
Vinyl Gloves - Pack of 10 CVG
Chestnut lightly powdered disposable vinyl gloves are ideal for keeping your hands clean.Suitable for either hand and in a large size.Supplied in packs of 10.
Robert Sorby Woodturning Smock
Robert Sorby Woodturning Smock 9011
Robert Sorby Smock. Sizes available: Medium: 46" chest Large: 48" chest X Large: 50" chest XX Large: 52" chest
from £39.95

Bionic Face Shield
Bionic Face Shield PCM-123
Extended top of head and chin protection; Large, easily replaceable visors for maximum visibility; Comfortable fit with respirators; Locking mechanism; Dielectric design; Multiple adjustability to ensure most comfortable fit; Extra cushioning; Breathable, washable sweatband
Bionic Face Shield - Spare Visor only
Bionic Face Shield - Spare Visor only PCM-123V
Replacement Screen Only Full-face visors offer maximum protection for the eye and face against occasional chemical splashes and flying particles that include dust, metal flecks and wood chips.They are suitable for environments with a changeable climate since they have a strong record of remaining mist-free and thus offer excellent vision at all times.

Dust Be Gone Washable Mask
Dust Be Gone Washable Mask DBG
Developed by a woodturner for fellow woodturners - new concept in lung protection against non-toxic dust. Adjustable to fit all face shapes, including beards.Easy to breathe and talk through, does not fog glasses. Can be washed, disinfected and re-used. Initial masks are still going strong after 5 years. Made in USA.Available in three sizes:• Medium (Blue)• Large (Maroon)• Extra Large (Green)
Elipse - Half Face Mask
Elipse - Half Face Mask SPR501
A mask offering unrivalled comfort, enables the wearer to use it for up to eight hours. This masks design is aimed at fitting the contours of the face. Silicon and latex free, odour free and non-allergic materials have all gone into the creation of this unique mask. The head strap has four adjustable locations to further increase the comfort in addition to a protective headband at the rear. A large...

Elipse - Protective CaseElipse - Protective Case
Elipse - Protective Case GVSECASE
Hard nylon case to offer protection to the Elipse half face mask. Zip up adjustments.
Elipse Integra Mask
Elipse Integra Mask SPR406
This unique design offers both P3 respiratory protection against dust and eye protection against impact. Designed to offer a more comfortable and practical solution opposed to wearing the two items separately. Lightweight and compact, this mask offers fantastic filtration against harmful particles.

Face Shield
Face Shield PW91
PC visor with PP browguard manufactured from impact resistant polypropylene. The wheel ratchet adjustment system is designed for easy use. Replacement visor available (PW92).PORTWEST® eye protection range includes spectacles, safety goggles and visors, designed to protect the eyes and face of the workers from injuries which may occur during working activities. TECHNICAL SPECTACLES: high performance...
Filter Pack - Pair
Filter Pack - Pair AIR-P-1
New fully protected powered respirator for use with woodworking applications, including machining MDF.- Motor positioned away from the sensitive area of the forehead to reduce noise and irritation.- Built-in quiet fan keeps constant flow of filtered air across the face.- Excellent protection from inhalation of harmful dust with two fine dust filters.- Filter efficiency now 98%.- 8 hour battery life.-...

Safety Specs Anti Fog
Safety Specs Anti Fog SS01
These anti-mist, scratch-resistant specs will provide a safe level of protection whist offering a comfortable fit.
Turners Retreat Woodturning Smock
Turners Retreat Woodturning Smock SMOCK
This zip fronted smock has two generous back pockets to keep items safely out of the way but always close at hand. There is also a left sleeve pencil pocket. Velcro cuffs and neckband give added comfort. These smocks allow for a sweater to be worn underneath during winter whilst remaining cool in summer. Sizes available: Medium: 48" chest Large: 50" chest X Large: 52"...

Filter Bags for Dust Extractors (Pack of 5)
Filter Bags for Dust Extractors (Pack of 5) DX1500E
Replacement paper filter bags for use with Record Power high filtration extractors.
AFS-500 Air Filtration System
Coming Soon
AFS-500 Air Filtration System AFS_500-M
This is a medium to large workshop filter unit which has the advantage that it can be positioned anywhere in the workshop, either on a bench, a shelf or suspended from the ceiling. The unit is easy to operate and has three speeds simply activated by the push of a button or by using the convenient remote control. It should be mounted away from ventilation and heating vents and is only suitable for non-metallic...

Two Stage Air Filter
Two Stage Air Filter AC400
This new air filter offers great features and performance at a very competitive price. It features two stage filtration with pocket filters (previously only available on our top of the range AC2 machine and nearly twice the price) to provide filtration down to 1 micron.It has 3 speeds and a timer function so you can leave the unit to run for a period after you have finished in the workshop. Both of...
AFS-1000 Air Filtration SystemAFS-1000 Air Filtration System
Coming Soon
AFS-1000 Air Filtration System AFS_1000B-M
User-friendly air filtration system for medium-sized rooms Quiet cleaning and filtering of the air Filtering 98% of all particles 5 microns in size and 85% of all particles 1 micron in size The air filtration system can either be hung on the ceiling or placed on a workbench Air flow (12/15/20m3/min) and running time (2, 4, 8h) are adjustable with remote control With an external electrostatic...

Respirator Masks FFP2Respirator Masks FFP2
Respirator Masks FFP2 CUP2V
Respair FFP2 Disposable Dust Mask. Pack of 2. Offers an assigned protection factor (APF) of 10 x Occupational Exposure Standard (OES) for fine non-toxic dusts, fibres, fumes and mists. Meets the FFP2 requirements of EN149:2001:2009