Abranet - Single Sheet
Abranet - Single Sheet AB
Single sheet of Abranet, measures 70mm x 125mm. Grit options range from 80 grit to 600 grit.Abranet is a revolutionary new sanding material. The unique, patented sanding material contains thousands of small holes which effectively vacuum up dust and other particles without clogging the surface. The result is seen in a very uniform sanding pattern and a perfectly smooth surface. Airborne dust is minimised...
Excel Burnisher
Excel Burnisher J70002
The Excel burnisher used in conjunction with the graphite transfer paper allow you to easily transfer your pattern onto your project.

Graphite Transfer Paper
Graphite Transfer Paper J70001
Our graphite transfer paper is ideal for tracing patterns onto your projects.It is best when used with the burnisher for a good transfer without tearing the paper.To use, place pattern on surface and tape in place.Slip the transfer paper between pattern and wood.12" X 24" Sheet.