Chameleon Flakes (Pack of 6)





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Product Description

The Tiny Turner Chameleon Flakes (Pack of 6)

These amazing, chameleon colour-shift flakes have been chosen to give you a vibrant selection of striking colours to use in your work.

Emma Cook 'The Tiny Turner' uses these to create her banded bowls (as well as the chameleon powders). 

Please note: each colour has a slightly different volume due to the different densities of that particular colour

Each pack contains 0.5g of the following colours:

  • 'Phoenix' - deep orange to gold shift
  • 'Dragon' - teal to vibrant purple shift
  • 'Kraken' - dark geen to blue shift
  • 'Chimera' - deep pink to orange and green shift
  • 'Mermaid' - grassy green to gold shift
  • 'Djinn' - dark blue/purple to deep red shift

The flakes can be used as a colouring technique using metal leaf size (eg. Acrylic Size) as a base to adhere the flakes on to your work. They can be used with resin (although they are better being brushed into moulds or onto surfaces and then coated with resin as they go grey if mixed in with resin), and they can be used for cosmetic purposes such as nail art.

Image of sample bowl turned by Emma Cook 'The Tiny Turner.' Bowl turned from walnut, featuring the 'Kraken' coloured flakes.

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How to Use

The flakes work best when applied to a black base. The colours will be more vibrant and reflect more vividly.

  • Apply a coat of sanding sealer to your work. Acrylic Sanding Sealer or Cellulose Sanding Sealer can be used.
  • Apply ebonising lacquer or black gesso to the area you want to add flakes.
  • Once the black base has completely dried, add a layer of Acrylic Size. This is the glue/adhesive that the flakes will stick too.
  • Allow 15 minutes for the Acrylic Size to become 'tacky.'
  • Using a soft brush, apply the flakes onto the Acrylic Size. You only need to use one colour for each piece of work as each one has a colour flip. (See sample image)

Optional: You can apply a protective finish but please be aware that it may dull the colours and make them less shiny/vibrant. 


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