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J10201 - Saral Transfer Paper Roll - Blue

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Product Description

Saral Transfer Paper is wax free transfer paper (also known as graphite paper or tracing paper) made for general and specialized use, which allows you to transfer your design from a sketch, pattern, template or free hand to any surface. It makes clean, crisp, tracings that can be erased and painted over.

It's great for fabric painting, fine arts and watercolor painting, wood working, ceramics, stained glass, metal working and it's acid-free for scrapbooking.

The blue Saral paper comes in a roll of 4 sheets. Each sheet is 910mm long x 306mm wide.

How to use

Put a piece of Saral Transfer paper dark colour side down on the surface (wood, fabric, canvas, etc.) to which you wish to transfer a design. Place your design, that may be printed on paper, on top of Saral; you may need to tape it down to prevent it from moving. Using a stylus (ball point pen, pencil, tracing wheel, etc.), follow the outline of the design, apply enough pressure to get the results you desire. You may have to experiment and adjust the pressure to obtain your desired result. When you've finished outlining, remove the original paper design and Saral sheet to reveal the transferred design on your chosen surface.

Customer Reviews

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"I received this copy paper along with my Pyrography machine from Turners Retreat It's excellent for transferring images onto wood for burning with absolutely no mess Excellent product from an excellent company"
Star Rating 5
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"Arrived in good time and performed well for the purpose that i needed. Excellent customer service, was kept informed of the product's availability when they had issues with the stockists. Thank you, am satisfied with my purchase."
Star Rating 5
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"As described,very useful substitute for carbon paper"
Star Rating 5
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"Good product."
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"Great product. Arrived very quickly. Well packed."
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"Works very well for my needs, and good value for money"
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Helpful Hints

  1. On any project, make the lightest transfer line you can see so it will be easy to erase or remove if you decide to change the transfer line.
  2. To help avoid smudging, wipe a new, unused sheet of Saral Transfer Paper lightly with a tissue to remove any excess coating or dust.
  3. When using Saral Transfer Paper, avoid smudging with the palm of your hand by placing the transfer paper on your surface and securing it with tape or with your fingertips (not the palm of your hand).
  4. To remove smudging, try a large eraser and lightly rub over the smudge. This will work most of the time. You can also remove a smudge with the rubbing alcohol found in your medicine cabinet (isopropyl) and a cotton swab. Be sure to test the alcohol on your project in a small, less important, section or corner first to make sure the alcohol won't ruin your surface or painted surface.
  5. On water color paper, make the lightest, thinnest transfer line possible that you can see. It will erase if you have not painted over it. However, be sure to erase very lightly and only on the transfer line to avoid breaking the small fibers in water color paper.
  6. On water color paper, be sure to use the lightest, thinnest transfer line so it won't show too much through water color paint transparent washes.
  7. Saral Transfer Paper transfer lines will wash out of fabrics. However, it will brush off of some fabrics (e.g., t-shirt cotton, depending on color)...try rubbing lightly with your hand.
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