Modular Micro Set - 18 Piece
Modular Micro Set - 18 Piece 888HS18T
Set comes complete with: 888 Aluminium Handle 888/2 Micro ?" (13mm) Spindle Master 888/1 Micro ?" (13mm) Roughing Gouge 888/3 Micro 1/16" (2mm) Parting Tool 888/4 Micro ?" (13mm) Gouge 888/5 Micro 5/32" (4mm) Beading and Parting Tool 888/6 Micro Boring Tool 888/7 Micro Swan Neck Hollowing Tool 888/8 Micro ?" (6mm) Skew 888/9 Micro Round Nose Scraper 888/10 Micro Curved Undercut Scraper 888/11 Micro...
Velcro Sponge PadVelcro Sponge Pad
Velcro Sponge Pad VELPAD
Velcro spongepads for the Robert Sorby Sandmaster.
from £11.70

Modular Micro - Woodturning Set of 12
Modular Micro - Woodturning Set of 12 888HS12T
This new 12 piece micro set includes:Red aluminium handlehex key12 blades888/1 Micro Roughing Gouge888/3 Micro Parting Tool888/4 Micro Gouge888/5 Micro Beading & Parting Tool888/6 Micro Boring Tool888/7 Micro Swan Neck Hollowing Tool888/8 Micro Skew888/9 Micro Round Nose Scraper888/10 Micro Curved Undercut Scraper888/11 Micro French Curve Scraper888/12 Micro Diamond Undercut Scraper867 Spindle...
Modular Micro - Set
Modular Micro - Set 888HS6LTR
Kit comes complete with: Handle Micro 1/2" Roughing Gouge Micro Beading & Parting Tool Micro 1/4" Skew Micro Round Nose Scraper Micro Diamond Undercut Scraper Spindle Gouge.

5 Tool Modular Micro Set
5 Tool Modular Micro Set 888HS5T
The latest modular micro set from Robert Sorby complete with: 888 red handle a 1/2" gouge blade 5/32" beading and parting tool blade1/4" skew blade round nose scraper blade 1/4" spindle gouge blade.
Pen Turning Set - Micro Turning - Set of 3
Pen Turning Set - Micro Turning - Set of 3 A86HS
The modular version of the popular micro pen set. These tools are purposefully designed for the job and provide much greater control than full size tools when roughing off and finishing pen blanks in any material.

Hollowing Tool Set - Micro Turning - Set of 3
Hollowing Tool Set - Micro Turning - Set of 3 A87HS
This modular hollowing set is a great starter set for those wanting to experiment with hollowing forms in miniature.A handy boring tool makes it easy to open apertures quickly whilst the swan neck hollowing tool delivers greater reach in the undercut.
Spindle Set - Micro Turning - Set of 3
Spindle Set - Micro Turning - Set of 3 A88HS
Specially designed as an introductory set for micro spindle turning. These three tools support the precision workmanship required for beading and parting out fillets and creating beautiful shapes in miniature.

Modular Handled Micro Spiral Tool
Modular Handled Micro Spiral Tool 370-A
With surface decoration and small intricate work being ever more popular this new spiralling tool covers all options.Like the existing Robert Sorby Spiralling System, this tool incorporates a tool rest to ensure the correct angle is maintained when producing fine delicate spirals.The system comprises of an aluminium handle, micro spiralling head (shaft and tool rest), two micro spiral cutters (fine...
Micro Sandmaster Aluminium Handle
Micro Sandmaster Aluminium Handle 888SM
The micro Sandmaster is supplied with eight abrasive discs - two each of grit sizes 120, 180, 240 and 400.

Micro Red Aluminium Handle
Micro Red Aluminium Handle 888
Red aluminium handle to take all of the micro tool blades and accessories.
Red Aluminium Handle 195mm
Red Aluminium Handle 195mm 889
Manufactured from high grade aluminium these knurled grip, anodized handles for Robert Sorby?s modular micro system are available in two sizes. The larger 7 3/4? version adds more leverage and grip for those preferring to work a little further from the project workpiece. The Modular Micro Handle 5 3/4? (888) is also available as a separate item and comes as standard in a range of modular sets.

Modular Spiralling Tool
Modular Spiralling Tool 370-0
The unhandled micro spiralling tool comes complete with two spiralling cutters and is used in exactly the same way as the conventional Spiralling System (B320, B320S). This tool is also available with a handle (B370-A). A further texturing cutter is available as an optional extra.
Micro Spiralling CutterMicro Spiralling Cutter
Micro Spiralling Cutter 370
The Robert Sorby Fine Micro Spiralling Cutter is a multi-toothed cutter designed to allow the user to create a variety of small spiral patterns and textures on a range of projects including bowls, vases and boxes. One of three cutters for the Modular Micro Spiralling Tool. Experiment using the various pitch depths these cutters provide. With a bit of practice you'll be amazed at the results. Sharpening:...

Micro Sandmaster - Unhandled
Micro Sandmaster - Unhandled 888-0
The perfect tool to help finish projects before applying finishing oils or paints. Like its full size equivalent the Micro Sandmaster has an adjustable head to reach into tight corners. It comes with a Velcro covered sponge pad onto which four different abrasive grits may be attached.
1" - 25mm - Aluminium Oxide Discs
1" - 25mm - Aluminium Oxide Discs 411
Abrasive Discs (Pack of 10)

Modular Roughing Gouge - Unhandled
Modular Roughing Gouge - Unhandled 888-1
At 13mm this tool has 5mm more cutting edge than its micro tool equivalent adding to its ability to remove waste quickly and efficiently. Designed specifically for the Modular series of tools it is commonly used for the initial turning of uneven or square spindle stock to round. The shape of the roughing gouge enables the tool to cut safely with the wings (the tips of the side walls) well back from...
Modular Spindlemaster - Unhandled
Modular Spindlemaster - Unhandled 888-2
A miniature version of its versatile big brother the the modular micro Spindlemaster can be used to plane, bead, cove and trim end grain. It's easy to use and easy to sharpen, and like the larger version, the polished back bevel helps to produce a high quality finish. Delivers exceptional results on all timbers.

Modular Parting Tool 1/16"- Unhandled
Modular Parting Tool 1/16"- Unhandled 888-3
A smaller version of the full size diamond parting tool, the special profile of this tool reduces the risk of binding in the cut. It also reduces the amount of heat build-up caused by friction, thereby lessening the chance of burning the bottom of the parted-off project. Possesses a fine 2mm cutting edge.
Modular Micro Gouge - 1/2" - 13mm
Modular Micro Gouge - 1/2" - 13mm 888-4
Micro 1/2" Gouge from the micro tool range.Fits into the red aluminium handle.

Modular Micro - Beading/Parting Tool
Modular Micro - Beading/Parting Tool 888-5
A smaller version of the full size beading and parting tool. This versatile addition to the modular range is equally effective parting-off work as it is when producing perfectly formed beads. Possesses a fine 4mm cutting edge.
Modular Micro - Boring Tool
Modular Micro - Boring Tool 888-6
As the name suggests this tools is designed for boring out apertures and for straight hollowing on small projects.

Modular Micro - Swan Neck
Modular Micro - Swan Neck 888-7
A great tool for developing the undercut and taking the hollowing shape to the next level. Excellent for developing small hollow forms such as small vases and egg cups.
Modular Micro 1/4" - Skew
Modular Micro 1/4" - Skew 888-8
Micro 1/4" skew from the micro tool range.Fits into the red aluminium handle.
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