Pinata Colour Exciter Alcohol Inks



Product Description

These Jacquard Piñata Alcohol Inks are high quality, dye based inks which are compatible with GlassCast clear epoxy coating resin.

Offering vibrant, highly saturated colours, these versatile inks are perfect for creating the amazing and very popular Resin Petri Art, tinting resin and creating stunning artwork which can then be coated with a layer of GlassCast resin afterwards to protect your work.

Colours included:

  • Sunbright Yellow
  • Calabaza Orange
  • Señorita Magenta
  • Passion Purple
  • Baja Blue
  • Rainforest Green
  • Blanco Blanco*
  • Mantilla Black
  • Rich Gold

* White ‘Blanco Blanco’ is a must to create the stunning effects in Petri Art!

It’s really easy to get started making Petri Art. You will need GlassCast 10 clear epoxy casting resin, a silicone mould of your choice and the Piñata inks.

The inks are ready to use straight out of the 0.5oz bottles which have a handy dropper top.

Prepare the GlassCast 10 and pour into the silicone moulds. Leave the resin to stand for around 20 minutes – this will allow any bubbles to pop and the resin to become less viscous which changes the flow of the ink in the resin.

The Blanco Blanco – White alcohol ink is very important in the petri technique. The white alcohol ink helps the other colours move around – or sink in the resin and is a must when using this technique to create the tubular effects like a mini coral reef!

Shake the bottle of alcohol ink well before use. Drip the ink into the resin at a ratio of 1 part white to 2 parts colour, the white is a heavier pigment and will push down the coloured ink. The amount of ink you require will depend upon the effect you are trying to create, if you want to have areas of clear resin, use less ink. Then, leave to cure.

Please be aware that being alcohol based, these alcohol inks are highly flammable – do not use a blow torch or use a heat gun on the inks and avoid any naked flames.

Alcohol Inks are fun fluid-art medium which can be used in many different ways and with a wide range of techniques. They are suitable for use with the following surfaces: metal, plastic, ceramic, glass, polymer clay, stone, leather, YUPO paper and more.

Before you begin... It is important for users to familiarise themselves with the Safety and Technical information and ensure that instructions are followed correctly, particularly those points relating to working temperatures, weighing and mixing. Unsatisfactory results are almost always caused by unsuitable ambient temperatures or improper weighing or mixing. It is very important to read the Safety and Technical Datasheets before starting a project with alcohol inks or GlassCast Resin.

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