Pyrography CoursePyrography Course
Pyrography Course PYROGRAPHY
Pyrography Course Important: if you or anyone in your household has a high temperature or a new and continuous cough, even if it's mild, you should stay at home. Enter the world of pyrography at Turners Retreat! Held at our store in Harworth, near Doncaster, this is a one-day hands on course with one of our pyrography tutors, Kez Halliday or Lisa Shackleton. This course is suitable for...
Peter Child Pyrography MachinePeter Child Pyrography Machine
Made in Britain
Peter Child Pyrography Machine PYRO240AT
Get creative with pyrography. The Peter Child Artist’s Pyrography Machine is widely regarded as the machine of choice by many professionals. Now made and developed by highly respected tool and machine manufacturer, Robert Sorby, this pyrography machine can help you create dense textures, patterns, line work and shading for the finest detail. It's the chosen choice across the world by...

Pyrography Pen SplitterPyrography Pen Splitter
Pyrography Pen Splitter SPLITTER
Designed for use with the Peter Child Artist’s Pyrography Machine: two pen flexibility at the flick of a switch.
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Mixed Set of Ball Points (Pack of 4)
Mixed Set of Ball Points (Pack of 4) PP64
Ball Point wire tips for the Peter Child Pyrography Machine. The Ball Points are perfect for writing, stippling and general detail work. The Mixed Set of Pyrography Ball Points includes: 1 x 0.8mm Ball Point 1 x 1.2mm Ball Point 1 x 1.6mm Ball Point 1 x 2.0mm Ball Point Ball made from Chromium steel with thicker 22 SWG Nickel-Chromium alloy wire, and with normal use, will last...

Mixed Set of Knife Points (Pack of 3)
Mixed Set of Knife Points (Pack of 3) PP73
New to the Peter Child range of pyrography accessories; a mixed set of Knife Points.
Pyrography Wire Reel
Pyrography Wire Reel PWR
Make points to your shape and design using wire cutters and pliers. One reel can make in excess of 150 points. Hammered flat, they can be used as a blade for burning feathers, grass or fur, or file the wire to a needle point for minute detail.

Mini Wire Brush Set - 3 Piece
Mini Wire Brush Set - 3 Piece HT100
A set of 3 detail brushes. Use the brass for removing rust and dirt, stainless steel for removing paint and putty, and the nylon for dirt and dust without scratching. Ideal for cleaning hotwire pyrography pen points. Mini abrasive brush set with soft-grip rubber over-moulded handles 1 x nylon, 1 x brassed, 1 x stainless steel Suitable for a wide variety of cleaning jobs & preparation...
Scorch Marker Pro
Scorch Marker Pro SCORCHPRO
The Scorch Marker Pro is a wood burning craft marker that does just that! It's a marker that contains a unique heat-activated liquid that will help you create a pyrography effect on wood, card and even paper. Draw your design. Apply heat. Watch it burn! Unique method of woodburning; write or draw your design freehand or using stencils Double ended marker, one end has a bullet tip for...

The Wood Burn Book
The Wood Burn Book BTWBB
The Wood Burn Book: An Essential Guide to the Art of Pyrography "As THE leader in her industry, Rachel Strauss brings her extensive knowledge to everyone, regardless of their skill level, in The Wood Burn Book." - Peggy Dean, best-selling author If you can trace, you can burn. The Wood Burn Book is the book Rachel Strauss, founder of the popular online community Wood Burn Corner,...
Inktense Watersoluable Pencils
Inktense Watersoluable Pencils INK12
Derwent Inktense Pencils are water-soluble pencils. You can use them dry or if you mix them with water, the colour turns into vibrant ink. This Inktense range is perfect for illustrators, flower artists and fashion designers. They can also be used on wood and are popular amongst pyrography artists. Tin of 12 contains the following colours: Sun Yellow, Tangerine, Poppy Red, Fuchsia, Deep Indigo,...

Waterbrush Pens (Pack of 3)Waterbrush Pens (Pack of 3)
Waterbrush Pens (Pack of 3) INKWB3
Derwent's waterbrushes have been developed for artists. Easy to control water flow with a non drip valve, these brushes are portable, leak proof and easy to clean. Fine, Medium and Chisel tip heads are easily distinguished by number, so you can grab the one you need to paint with. The innovative Chisel tip gives firm, sharp fine lines or broad strokes when used side on. Use with the Inktense...
Saral Transfer Paper - Blue
Saral Transfer Paper - Blue J10201
Saral Transfer Paper is wax free transfer paper (also known as graphite paper or tracing paper) made for general and specialized use, which allows you to transfer your design from a sketch, pattern, template or free hand to any surface. It makes clean, crisp, tracings that can be erased and painted over. It's great for fabric painting, fine arts and watercolor painting, wood working, ceramics,...

Basswood RoundBasswood Round
Basswood Round BASSWOOD
Walnut Hollow Basswood rounds are ideal for pictorial pyrography and scrollsaw projects. They are cut on a slight angle to the log which gives the 'round' a slightly oval shape. These are kiln dried and sanded with the bark intact all the way around. Available in several sizes. Approximately 3/4" thick. Rustic home decor Ideal for woodburning and wood carving Ready for any...
from £11.70
Basswood Country Plank
Basswood Country Plank BPLANK
Walnut Hollow Basswood Country Plank. This unique bark edge surface is ideal for pyrography, hot stamping, and wood carving. Kiln dried and naturally untreated. Due to the nature of the product, the height, shape and grain of individual planks will vary. Size is approximately 9" to 11" wide and 13" long. Made in America.

Melamine LacquerMelamine Lacquer
Melamine Lacquer MELAMINE
A quick drying, hard wearing lacquer with a melamine additive for improved heat and water resistance. Once dry the lacquer chemically 'cures' achieving maximum durability after 7 days. Melamine lacquer is designed to give a full gloss finish which will be achieved with a very careful application. It can be applied by brush (foam or bristle), cloth or by spraying. Where necessary, use...
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Ball Points (Pack of 3)Ball Points (Pack of 3)
Ball Points (Pack of 3) PPBP
Ball Point wire tips for the Peter Child Pyrography Machine. The Ball Points are perfect for writing, stippling and general detail work. One pack contains 3 x Ball Points of the same size. Ball made from Chromium steel with thicker 22 SWG Nickel-Chromium alloy wire, and with normal use, will last many years. Thicker points do need a higher setting to get a given temperature. The best heat control...

Skew Point (Pack of 2)
Skew Point (Pack of 2) PP70
The Skew Point, designed for use with the Peter Child's Pyrography machine. The Skew is perfect for getting into tight places and for burning fine line details. One pack contains 2 x Skew Points. Made from thicker 22 SWG Nickel Chromium wire and, with normal use, will last many years. Thicker points do need a higher setting to get a given temperature. The best heat control setting will be...
Turners Retreat Gift Voucher
Turners Retreat Gift Voucher VOUCHER
Send a Gift Voucher by email to the maker in your life!
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Mixed Sample Set of Points (Pack of 6)
Mixed Sample Set of Points (Pack of 6) PYROCSMIXSAMP
New to the Peter Child range of pyrography accessories; the Mixed Sample Set. When you purchase a Peter Child Pyrography machine, it includes 5 x Medium Loop Points, 1 x Spoon Point and a meter length of medium wire to create your own points. We've now created a sample set for you to try all the other points available in just one purchase, giving you an opportunity to try them out before buying...
Inktense Antique White Pencil
Inktense Antique White Pencil INKAW
Derwent Inktense Pencils are a fantastic water-soluble pencil! You can use this Antique White pencil dry or mix with water and watch the colour turn into vibrant ink. Once it’s dry the colour is fixed and because its permanent, it’s great for using on wood, and also fabric such as silk and cotton. Antique White pencil Water-soluable or can be used dry Perfect for creating...

Jo Sonja Metallic PaintJo Sonja Metallic Paint
Jo Sonja Metallic Paint JS05
Jo Sonja's Metallic Colours are used to achieve dramatic effects in stenciling, colour bands, highlighting, liner work, bronzing, verdigris and faux finishes. The metallic colours are compatible with all Jo Sonja's mediums. Sometimes, however, the metallics don't crackle as easily. It is better to crackle the background first, then carefully dry-brush the desired metallic colours over the...
Jo Sonja Premium Metallic PaintJo Sonja Premium Metallic Paint
Jo Sonja Premium Metallic Paint JJ38
Jo Sonja Premium Metallics are formulated using a heavy concentration of the finest premium mica pigments for beautiful, flowing single coat coverage. These colours are available in 2oz bottles and are mixed to a slightly more flow consistency than the tube acrylics. Fine artist quality, heavy bodied pigments that will not tarnish over time. Compatible with all Jo Sonja Mediums, they may be used...

Jo Sonja Premium Pearlescent PaintJo Sonja Premium Pearlescent Paint
Jo Sonja Premium Pearlescent Paint JJ36
Jo Sonja Premium Pearlescent Acrylics are specially formulated using a combination of the finest iridescent, pearlescent and fine art pigments available for stunning effects. The collection includes some beautiful colours, including both opaque and transparent colours all available in 2oz bottles. Fine artist quality, heavy bodied pigments that will not tarnish over time. Compatible with all Jo...