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SBT - Screw Box & Tap

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Screw Box & Tap Wood Threading Kit.

  • Cuts heavy duty threads on most timbers.
  • Comes with starter and finish taps.


Customer Reviews

Threading Operation

  1. Check the dowel carefully. Straight grain hardwood dowels work best. Check the dowel to ensure that it is round and not oval. Test fir the dowel in the threader to make sure it is not snug or too loose.
  2. With most dowels you will have to use lubricant. Linseed Oil or Tung Oil work best. These can be cleaned up with mineral spirits or turpentine if you want to strain or paint your finished project. Some hardwoods may require you to soak the part of the dowel you wish to thread. This soaking may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. The better the lubricated the dowel is, the easier it will be to cut and cleaner the threads will be.
  3. Before stating to cut the threads, you must chamfer the end of the dowel. This can be done by sanding the dowel or using a chamfer tool. This chamfer only needs to be approximately 1/8” down. This will make it easier to start your threads.
  4. It is easier to cut the threads if you clamp the dowel in a wise or some other way to hold the dowel firmly. But be careful not to damage your dowel. Insert the dowel into the large smooth end of the threading tool.
  5. When you start the cut, you may need to apply a slight downward pressure to help it get a clean bite. Once you have started cutting, always use a forward motion. If the cutter binds, back up no more than a quarter of a turn to clear any chips, then continue cutting new threads. If you have to remove the threading tools and try to reinstall it, you must line up the threads you have already cut. If it is not properly lined up, it will cut new threads ruining the threads you have already done.
  6. It is good practice to test on a scrap piece of dowel. It won’t take long before you’ll be using your threader in more of your projects.
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