Dr Kirk's - Scratch Free Woodturners Wax
Dr Kirk's - Scratch Free Woodturners Wax DKSF
Designed specifically for woodturners, Dr.Kirk's Scratch-FREE Woodturners Polishing Wax is a special blend premium oils, waxes and ultra-fine tripoli abrasive that's guaranteed to improve sanded surfaces by 4 times or more.Ideal for sanding and polishing all types of raw and stabilized woods in preparation for finishing Create a glass-like finish on all types of plastics and cast resins Fast and easy...
Dr Kirk's Micro Magic
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Dr Kirk's Micro Magic DKMM
Dr. Kirk’s Micro Magic is a revolutionary new micro crystalline sanding system developed specifically for creating a flawless surface on turned acrylic, polyester and stabilized woods. Dr. Kirk’s Micro Magic is an easy 3 step system that works its magic in only minutes leaving you with a perfect surface without the hassle of wet sanding. Made in the USA. • Produces a perfect, scratch-free surface...
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Renaissance Wax - 2.25oz
Renaissance Wax - 2.25oz RW225
The finest wax on finish on the market today.A blend of refined waxes that creates a formula used by the British Museum due to its high resistance to heat and finger prints.It is a favourite among pen turners for finishing both wood and plastic pens.It is of such a refined nature that it does not darken or stain, even on white paper.Repeated use of the wax deepens the lustre, reflecting more light...
The Ultimate Buffing System
The Ultimate Buffing System UBS
This complete polishing and buffing system contains two polishing mops, a sheen polishing bar and a lustre polishing bar, a buffing mop and a mop mandrel.

Yorkshire Grit - 227g
Yorkshire Grit - 227g YG227
Yorkshire grit is an abrasive paste formulated to give a fine keyed surface to your turnings, prior to applying your finish of choice.It consists of pharmaceutical grade ingredients, including mineral oil, beeswax and ultra fine grinding powders.These are then carefully blended (without the use of solvents or other strong smelling and potentially harmful chemicals) to produce a creamy abrasive paste.Yorkshire...
Yorkshire Grit Microfine - 227g
Yorkshire Grit Microfine - 227g YG227M
A blended mix of mineral oil, beeswax and microfine abrasive powders designed to leave a highly polished surface on resins, hybrids and wood.