Odie's Dark Butter

ODB250 - Odie's Dark Butter


Product Description

Odie’s Dark Butter

Odie’s Dark Butter, a rich dark finishing “butter”, contains natural oxidizing oils that darken wood not only when applied, but also as wood ages. It will also add contrast and patina with age. It can be used alone or combined with other Odie’s products to add polish and sheen.

The depth and rich patina are such that similar results cannot be achieved with a stain. Odie’s Dark Butter creates incredible contrast really making blacks pop, use it to not only darken any wood when applied, but to also naturally darken wood with age. It is great for mahogany and ebony and will actually get better with time becoming more durable and beautiful.

Odie’s Dark is recommended for interior use. Doors, floors, fine furniture, bowls, toys, etc.

Great for all species of wood, exotic and domestic, even the oiliest.

Just like all the Odie’s finish products, Odie’s Dark Butter is a food safe, non-toxic wood finish and stabilizer that is easy to use. Odie’s Dark Butter is solvent free. Safe for everybody: families, kids, pets!

Odie’s Dark Butter contains natural UV inhibitors-sunscreen for your wood.

It’s really easy to use and a little goes a long way. Use sparingly it is truly economical, All Odie’s Dark finishes average 21 sq. ft./oz. on most woods, a 9oz jar of Odie’s Dark finish will cover more square footage than 1 gallon of other leading brand finishes.

Coverage will vary depending on wood density and porosity.

Supplied in 266ml, 9oz jars.

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Application Process

Applying Odie’s Oil

  • Stir or mix your jar well (Oil Only) to agitate all the ingredients as they settle over time. 
  • Tools needed: Zero grit Scotch-Brite type (non-woven) pad and clean 100% cotton cloth.
  • Use the fine Scotch-Brite pad to work the product into the wood in the direction of the grain.  The friction from the application helps drive the product into the wood grain. Check your progress, if the surface feels dry, apply more oil, continue until the surface will not absorb any more oil. Only use what is needed, a little Odie’s goes a long way, so don’t overdo it. It can also be used as a friction polish for wood turners.
  • After working the product into the surfaces with the pad, allow it to set for 45 minutes to 2 hours but not longer than 20 hours. You can wait a bit longer but you will find it harder to buff off and residual oil.
  • After waiting for the product to set, use a clean 100% cotton cloth and buff off all the product from your project surfaces.  When your towel is loading up with product switch to a new cloth until the entire surface is buffed off and no product remains. If you can swipe a clean finger across the surface and not leave a mark you are done. 
  • Your piece can be handled almost immediately after buffing; however, we suggest you give it a day or two to cure before use. If you know the piece is going to be exposed to water or liquids, we suggest you give it two weeks to cure for best results.

Additional coats of Odie’s products can be applied using these same easy steps above, we suggest waiting 24 hours between coats.


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