Embellishing Wax 130gEmbellishing Wax 130g
Embellishing Wax 130g HSEPEW130
Embellishing waxes add that something extra to open grained woods such as Oak and Ash. After turning and sanding, and perhaps colouring, clean the grain with a brass brush then rub your wax of choice into the grain of the wood. Wait for it to dry, then buff off leaving the surface with a good shine and white or black grain patterns. You can then lightly overcoat it with Hampshire Sheen Microcrystalline...
Carnacrystalline Stick
Carnacrystalline Stick HSCS31
This is a unique turners stick featuring both Carnauba and Microcrystalline waxes to produce an ultra glossy and hard wearing decorative finish, particularly to spindle work. It goes on smoothly (it applies more nicely than a carnauba only stick), buffs wonderfully and lasts for ages. Weight: Approximately 31g

Foodsafe Danish Oil 500ml
Foodsafe Danish Oil 500ml HSDO500
Hampshire Sheen’s Danish Oil is food safe and compliant to EN71 toy safe when dry. Thinner, more penetrating and less smelly that other Danish Oils, our product contains only pure Tung Oil and no artificial varnish, resins or other vegetable oils. The solvent used in used to aid drying is dearomatised white spirit, which is less irritating to skin and lower in odour than traditional white spirit,...
Hampshire Sheen - Microcrystalline Wax
Hampshire Sheen - Microcrystalline Wax HSMW130
Hampshire Sheen's quick drying Microcrystalline Wax is an ideal protective finish for many different projects and has many uses besides wood. Both Fingerprint and water resistant, Microcrystalline Wax is a hard wearing overcoat to wax and other finishes for an extra level of gloss and protection to your decorative wood items. Just a little of the product goes a very long way, so use it sparingly!

Hampshire Sheen High Gloss 130g
Hampshire Sheen High Gloss 130g HSHG130
Now Food and Toy Safe (from February 2020) As the name suggests, the High Gloss variation brings a higher shine to your decorative wood work than Original. It is just as tough, but with an additional power of shine that suits some lathe projects. With a higher quantity of carnauba and microcrystalline waxes, this version is stiffer than Original but is just as easy to apply. This is already many UK...
Pen Turners Overcoat Stick
Pen Turners Overcoat Stick HSPT31
The latest product has been produced mainly for pen turners who enjoy the benefits of a microscrystalline wax on their turned pens, be them wood or otherwise. It applies over any finish the turner favours to give a fingerprint resistant, glossy shine It goes on smoothly, buffs wonderfully and lasts for ages. Weight: Approximately 31g

Pre-Thinned Cellulose Sanding Sealer
Pre-Thinned Cellulose Sanding Sealer HSSS500
Brilliant for Use Over Coloured Woods This is our preferred sealer for use over the Intrinsic Colour Collection, or other water based wood stains. Note that is common for a little of the added colour to be removed from the surface when using this product. See the Intrinsic Colour Collection for specific usage advice. For best results, we recommend the use of the range of Hampshire Sheen finishing products....
Set of 12 Spray CapsSet of 12 Spray Caps
Set of 12 Spray Caps 12SC
Reduce spillages of your Intrinsic Colours with these handy spray caps. The caps fit both – the 250ml individual bottles of colour, as well as the 150ml bottles in the boxed sets.

Embellishing Wax 60gEmbellishing Wax 60g
Embellishing Wax 60g HS60
Hampshire Sheen produces a range of Embellishing Waxes for use in open grained woods and tight grained woods that have had texture added to them. They are not a surface finish. Use them in conjunction with the Intrinsic Colour Collection for stunning results. There’s no need to wait for a gilt cream to dry overnight – this product dries quickly when buffed. For extra protection, overcoat...
Father Christmas Wax Sticks
Father Christmas Wax Sticks HSFC
Two Happy Father Christmas shaped woodturner's ultra-glossy finishing sticks hand blended with carnauba and microcrystalline waxes for a brilliant shine and touch protection for your turned wood pieces. This product is not edible! Application: Finish sanding down to at least 400 grit Apply sanding sealer and cut back lightly Apply your preferred finishing wax. With the lathe running...

Citrus Burnishing Oil
Citrus Burnishing Oil HSCBO
This Citrus Burnishing Oil leaves a silky smooth, fresh smelling food safe (BS EN 71-3:2019) satin finish on your turned pieces. The oil can be easily applied and then burnished dry in a matter of minutes, and can be overcoated with waxes or lacquers if you wish. Use multiple coats for a water and oil resistant finish suitable for salad, fruit and snack bowls. Size: 500ml
Intrinsic Wood DyeIntrinsic Wood Dye
Intrinsic Wood Dye INTRINSIC
Being water based, they afford you a longer working time than alcohol-based stains and dyes. They sink deeply into the wood and preserve the appearance of the figure in the wood, releasing the hidden subtleties and enhancing chatoyance. Apply more than one coat of dye to build up sumptuous depth of colour and atmosphere. Add a black or earth undercoat for an even more dramatic effect. For the adventurous...

Set of 12 15ml Intrinsic Colours
Set of 12 15ml Intrinsic Colours 1215IC
A set of 12 shades of atmospheric colour, 9 of which are shades unique to this set of colours. Being water based, they are non-flammable, environmentally friendly and afford you a longer working time than alcohol based stains and dyes. They sink deeply into the wood and preserve the appearance of the figure in the wood, releasing the hidden subtleties and enhancing chatoyance. Apply more than one...