Vinyl Gloves - Pack of 10
Vinyl Gloves - Pack of 10 CVG
Chestnut lightly powdered disposable vinyl gloves are ideal for keeping your hands clean.Suitable for either hand and in a large size.Supplied in packs of 10.
Air Brush Cleaner
Air Brush Cleaner CAC100
Keep your air brush in tip-top condition by using some Air Brush Cleaner after every use. Bottle size: 100ml

Aerogun AERO
Spraying almost always gives the best finish; AeroGun fits any of our aerosol lacquers and sealers and makes a simple job even easier. Perfectly shaped to fit in your hand, the easy pull trigger mechanism depresses the nozzle without you having to keep pressing down on it; perfect for those long, repetitive jobs. Ideal too for anyone struggling with arthritis in their hand. AeroGun also gives you more...
Air Purge SprayAir Purge Spray
Air Purge Spray CAPS200
Extend the life of oil finishes by removing the air from part used cans. Part-full cans of oil finishes often thicken up when stored for longer periods of time. This is because the air inside the can is causing the oil to cure; the more air there is, the quicker this will happen. There are many solutions to this age-old problem, involving decanting or stones or something equally fiddly. Air Purge...

Metallic Rainbow WaxMetallic Rainbow Wax
Metallic Rainbow Wax CRW
This range of water-based decorative waxes have a very strong pigment with a metallic shimmer, to add that final finishing touch to your work. Use them to highlight grain or texture, or for a solid colour on the whole item. Can also be thinned with Reducer (or water) to allow them to be applied by brush. A myriad of different application techniques are possible with this product. Directions for...
Black Superglue
Black Superglue CA3SB
Creates the look of a natural defect on visible glue joints. A new take on the Chestnut Products CA Superglue, this is a thick, black glue with all the same properties but ideal for use when the glue line shows. The dried glue imitates the look of a natural flaw in the timber, disguising the join so that it becomes a feature! Size: 20g

Wood Colour Spirit StainWood Colour Spirit Stain
Wood Colour Spirit Stain CSWSTAIN
This range of quick drying, fade resistant wood stains by Chestnut Products comes in 12 different colours covering most requirements – and they are fully intermixable just in case you need to vary the colours! Dry in a matter of minutes they don’t raise the grain at all and can be overcoated with most finishes, although a little care is needed when applying a solvent based finish. Ideal...
Thin Cyanoacrylate
Thin Cyanoacrylate CA1
When you want to bond two surfaces together quickly and efficiently there’s nothing much that beats a cyanoacrylate superglue. This is the thin glue, very low viscosity for capillary action when you want the glue to penetrate deep into small cracks. Can also be used to post-assembly to wick into parts. Ideal for use when joining very close fitting parts and smooth, even surfaces. Dries in...
from £4.95

Medium Cyanoacrylate
Medium Cyanoacrylate CA2
When you want to bond two surfaces together quickly and efficiently there’s nothing much that beats a cyanoacrylate superglue. This is the medium glue, useful for general purpose use, stays where you put it! Takes up to 20 seconds to dry giving you enough time to line everything up. Good for fairly smooth surfaces. A full cure – and maximum strength – requires 24 hours. Low...
from £4.95
Thick Cyanoacrylate
Thick Cyanoacrylate CA3
When you want to bond two surfaces together quickly and efficiently there’s nothing much that beats a cyanoacrylate superglue. This is the thick glue, useful for gap filling where you want to seal a crack in your timber, mixed with sawdust if you want. Slower drying, up to 60 seconds when applied thickly. A full cure – and maximum strength – requires 24 hours. Low temperatures...
from £4.95

Accelerator for Cyanoacrylate
Accelerator for Cyanoacrylate CAA
Sometimes when you’re gap filling or just in a hurry you want a quicker or even an instant bond, and that's where the Accelerator for Superglues come in, supplied in an easy to use aerosol.You can use this in one of two ways. If you're gap filling and the glue is exposed a quick spray with the Accelerator will force the glue to dry straight away. Don’t use too much, this can cause the glue to cloud...
Debonder - 20ml
Debonder - 20ml CPT16
Debonding agent for all super glues.Softens cured glue so it can be easily removed from fingers and other surfaces.

Friction Polish
Friction Polish CFP
Produces a high gloss finish.It has a high concentration of shellac which gives a high build and a superior finish.
from £19.80
Melamine LacquerMelamine Lacquer
Melamine Lacquer MELAMINE
A quick drying, hard wearing lacquer with a melamine additive for improved heat and water resistance. Once dry the lacquer chemically 'cures' achieving maximum durability after 7 days. Melamine lacquer is designed to give a full gloss finish which will be achieved with a very careful application. It can be applied by brush (foam or bristle), cloth or by spraying. Where necessary, use...
from £10.75

Foam Brushes
Foam Brushes FOAMBRUSH
Put an end to brush marks and rogue bristles with these great wooden handled brushes.They are ideal for the application of many types of polishes, lacquers and paints.They also reduce the foaming action of Acrylic finishes giving a high class finish.Washable and reusable.
from £3.60
Mix Pack Iridescent Paints
Mix Pack Iridescent Paints CMIXI
Iridescent Paints give a change in hue, a slight colour shift when viewed from different angles and are especially effective on irregularly shaped items. Available in nine different amazingly bright and vibrant colours: Green Azure Purple Red Turquoise Cerise Pink Yellow Vivid Blue 30ml bottles supplied within mix pack. 100ml bottles also sold separately.

Finishing Oil
Finishing Oil CFOIL
A blend of oils suitable for interior use.Forms a seal on wood giving a tough water resistant finish.Several coats will build to a gloss finish if required.EN71, safe for use on toys.
from £12.15
Cellulose Thinners
Cellulose Thinners CCT
High quality pure thinners for cellulose based products and Spirit Stain. This pure cellulose solvent is a high quality dilutant for Chesnut Products cellulose based products, such as Cellulose Sanding Sealer and Melamine Lacquer. Thinning these products can help to make them easier to apply, especially over larger areas as it helps them flow out. Cellulose Thinners is also useful for cleaning...
from £12.00

Tung Oil
Tung Oil CTO500
Tung oil is a tough and versatile finish.This natural finish is hard wearing and resistant to both water and heat.That makes it ideal for exterior work like garden furniture and interior products like kitchen tops.It can be applied with a brush or cloth.500 ml.
Hard Wax Oil
Hard Wax Oil CHWO
If you’re looking for a clear finish that is tough, hardwearing and very easy to apply, even on larger areas, Chestnut Product's Hard Wax Oil is an ideal choice. Available in ‘original’ Gloss and new Satin finish. A clear, quick drying blend of natural oils and waxes modified to form a tough seal on wood. Hard Wax Oil is a particular blend of tough oils combined with special...
from £19.20

Lemon Oil
Lemon Oil CLOIL
using lemongrass oil, this gives a matt, non tacky finish to bare timber whilst enhancing the fell of the wood, leaving a pleasant lemon aroma.Ideal for the inside of drawers, boxes and cabinets.
Food Safe Finish
Food Safe Finish FSAFE
If you are producing wooden items that will be in contact with foodstuffs this is the finish for you. A clear, food grade finish it is ideal for fruit and salad bowls, cheese and chopping boards and other wooden vessels. It dries to a satin finish with a high degree of water resistance which will withstand wiping with a damp cloth. Up to three coats are recommended. If the oil sits on the surface...
from £12.15

Burnishing Cream
Burnishing Cream CBC
A very mildly abrasive cleaner which smooths and cleans finishes, reviving the lustre of previously polished surfaces and enhancing the gloss of newly applied lacquers and polishes.
French Polish
French Polish CFRP
A high quality French polish with a very heavy concentration of shellac to give the traditional amber glow.

Spirit Thinners
Spirit Thinners CST500
A clear, meths based solvent for use with Spirit Stain, French Polish and also for making polishes using shellac flakes.
Shellac Sanding Sealer
Shellac Sanding Sealer CSS500
Suitable for a higher build, increased gloss and a more hard wearing finish to your final coat.An excellent base for friction and French polishes and waxes.EN71, safe for use on toys.

Acrylic Sanding SealerAcrylic Sanding Sealer
Acrylic Sanding Sealer CASS
This water based sanding sealer gets the job done without the smell associated with solvent based sealers and also with no flammability issues – ideal for asthma sufferers and anyone with an aversion to solvent based finishes. Applied by cloth, foam brush or spray, the sealer dries in about 5 minutes and can be overcoated with most compatible finishes after about 20 minutes. Please note that...
from £9.60
Acrylic Lacquer
Acrylic Lacquer CAL
This water based lacquer has virtually no smell. This product is extremely hard wearing and gives a full gloss finish. Being water based it is slightly slower drying, taking about twenty minutes to be touch dry. If you want to apply a second coat it should be left two hours before doing so, although a wax can be applied if required after about thirty minutes. Can be used either straight onto bare...
from £14.25

Acrylic Lacquer SprayAcrylic Lacquer Spray
Acrylic Lacquer Spray CALS
A water based lacquer which can be used on bare wood or over other products by Chestnut Products. The omission of a base coat will require extra coats of lacquer to be applied. Gloss Finish: A spray application is particularly relevant when trying to achieve the best gloss finish possible. The lacquer itself dries quickly to give a high gloss finish straight from the can which has the benefit of...
Ebonising Lacquer Spray
Ebonising Lacquer Spray CEL
A quick drying pigment acrylic lacquer designed to coat most timbers to mimic the classic look of ebony in an easy to use aerosol to ensure a smoothly finish.

End Seal
End Seal CES
Protect your wood from splitting with end seal.It forms a barrier around wood which slows down the drying process and hence reduces the chance of wood splitting.
from £11.85
Wood Wax22
Wood Wax22 CWW22
WoodWax 22 contains beeswax (for shine) and carnauba wax (for hardness). Blended together in a solvent to produce a soft creamy paste. This makes it very easy to apply over any surface. WoodWax 22 is quick drying enough to be applied onto unsealed wood but works best on sanding sealer. If working on the lathe the wax should be applied with the lathe stopped. Apply using a cloth (Safety Cloth...

Cut 'n' Polish Wax
Cut 'n' Polish Wax CCNP
Cut 'n' Polish is a blend of two waxes with a fine abrasive held in suspension within them. This is a soft wax designed to stay 'wet' slightly longer during application, allowing it to lubricate the abrasive to give a very fine cut to the timber and also to collect any dust generated during use and some subsequent sanding, preventing it from entering the workshop atmosphere. On...
Liming Wax
Liming Wax CLW
Easy to apply 'limed' effect finish for all timbers.Good in open grain timbers such as Oak or Ash

Chestnut Products Buffing Wheel Kit
Chestnut Products Buffing Wheel Kit CBWK
Comes complete with three cloth wheels for smoothing and polishing, compounds and wax, plus a large mandrel (fits most lathe chucks) for holding the wheel and a smaller mandrel.
Liquid Wax
Liquid Wax CLW500
A water based wax, ideal for application to large areas by brush

Microcrystalline Wax
Microcrystalline Wax CMW225
Microcrystalline wax knits down to form a very dense coating which makes it very hard wearing and highly water repellent, ideal for solutions needing a tough coating that might get wet.These waxes also have a higher melting point than traditional waxes.
Microcrystalline Wax Stick
Microcrystalline Wax Stick CMWS
During a demo some time ago we were asked why we didn?t have a stick version of our Microcrystalline Wax ? and we couldn?t think of a good answer why not so we went ahead and made one!This is the same wax we use in the tinned version of Microcrystalline Wax but in a solid block form with no solvent. This means there?s no waiting around for it to dry before buffing it.Like the original version, this...

Gilt CreamGilt Cream
Gilt Cream CGILT
Traditionally gilt cream has been used on picture frames to give a solid metallic finish on timber. In recent times it has also become very popular as a decorative effect of turned items, especially when used in conjunction with ebonising lacquer. Available in Gold and Copper.
Steel Wool Grade 0000
Steel Wool Grade 0000 CSW
Steel Wool Grade 0000 - Extra Fine The finest of Steel Wool, very low crumble and virtually oil free to ensure there is no contamination of your work. Use it after sanding with abrasive sheets to give an ultra smooth surface, or to apply waxes to smooth the timber whilst applying a thin coat. Steel Wool burns very quickly and easily; keep it away from sources of combustion (i.e. sparks etc). Always...
from £4.20

Woodturners Wax Stick
Woodturners Wax Stick CWSW
A solid stick, rich in beeswax and carnauba wax in a non harmful solvent making a soft paste.Very easy to use.EN71, safe for use on toys.
Carnauba Wax Stick
Carnauba Wax Stick CCWS
Typical uses A very tough, hardwearing finish mainly used on small items Method of application Hold the stick against the revolving work, using the heat generated to melt the wax allowing it to transfer to the wood.Buff up with Safety Cloth afterwards Drying time Virtually instant Coverage Impossible to quantify - a little goes a long way! Compatibility Use over any of the Chestnut...

Compound BarCompound Bar
Compound Bar COM
These compounds are designed to co-ordinate with the cloth used in the Buffing Wheels and Dome Buffs to give an exceptional cut and prepare the surface to a very smooth finish prior to using wax. Compound 2, the light/white one, can also be used to clean pyrography wire points. Click here to watch how. Compound 1 The Brown One (sometimes referred to as tripoli) is used with the ‘A’...
Rainbow Colour Spirit StainRainbow Colour Spirit Stain
Rainbow Colour Spirit Stain CSSTAIN
A quick drying wood dye manufactured with high grade FADE resistant materials. Can be intermixed for colour matching or thinned using cellulose thinners for delicate wash effects. Spirit stain is also suitable for mixing with cellulose sanding sealer and melamine lacquer up to a suggested 10% to make your own tinted finishes. All stains are in a 250ml bottle. A sample pack is also available.

Spirit Stain Rainbow SamplesSpirit Stain Rainbow Samples
Spirit Stain Rainbow Samples CSSS
Chestnut Products Spirit Stain Samples: Rainbow Colours Contains 1 x 25ml sample bottle of each of the following colours. Blue Green Orange Purple Red Royal Blue Yellow White Black Stains can be inter-mixed to produce a colour of your fancy. Stains are fade resistant, quick drying and are non-grain rising.
Wood Spirit Stain Sample PackWood Spirit Stain Sample Pack
Wood Spirit Stain Sample Pack CSSSW
Chestnut Products Spirit Stain Samples: Natural Wood Contains 1 x 25ml sample bottle of each of the following colours. Antique Mahogany Antique Pine Brown Mahogany Dark Jacobean English Walnut Golden Oak Light Mahogany Mid Oak Red Mahogany Rosewood Teak Yew Stains can be inter-mixed to produce a shade of your fancy. Stains are fade resistant, quick drying and are...

Spray Diffuser
Spray Diffuser CSD
Ideal for applying Spirit Stain; one end goes in the stain and you blow through the other end for your own mini-spray gun.Great for decorative effects.Supplied in packs of 2.
Cellulose Sanding SealerCellulose Sanding Sealer
Cellulose Sanding Sealer CCSS
Good finishing requires a good foundation, and Cellulose Sanding Sealer is probably the best way of providing one. Compatible with everything in the Chestnut Products range that benefits from the use of a sanding sealer (which is pretty much everything apart from oil finishes!) it is superbly universal. The purpose of a sanding sealer is manifold. It seals the open pores of the timber prior...
from £10.75
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