Medium Sovereign Ultima System 22"

Product Overview

The Sovereign Ultima Hollowing System enables the woodturner to create a myriad of hollow form shapes in both wet and dry woods thanks to its razor sharp cutting edge and articulating head and link system. It is equally effective on bowl grain work as well as end-grain project. The Ultima is available in two sizes. The systems come fitted to the Sovereign interchangable handle. Each Sovereign Ultima comes with a full set of instructions.The Sovereign Ultima comes fitted with an easy-clear head which allows waste material to be expelled quickly and efficiently. The turner can regulate the depth of cut - from ultra fine to heavy - thanks to the unique knurled \n"micro-adjust wheel" The cutter is manufactured from high grade HSS and only one third of it is exposed at any time. This means that it can be rotated through 120 degrees twice before it needs to be re-sharpened. Replacement cutters are readily available.\n\nFor more information

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