Product News: October 2021

November is almost here, which means Christmas is well and truly on its way!

But first, here's October's monthly product update for you to see what we've chosen as our 'Pick of the Month,' learn about what's trending, and find out what's new and what's been added to the end of line range. Some of them may be worth adding to your Christmas list!

Our Pick of the Month


Pentacryl is a non-toxic compound of modified polymers designed to prevent the cracking and splitting of green wood during the drying process. It displaces the water and leaves a thin coating on the wood cell walls, which prevents the cells from collapsing and shrinking as the wood dries. It does not contain silicone, wax or mineral oil. There are no harmful fumes or foul odours. Wood treated with Pentacryl can be sanded, stained, glued and/or sealed. It contains a UV protectant to help prevent sun fading and greying.

  • Prevents green wood from splitting and cracking when quick drying.
  • Wood dries quickly and evenly and does not stain.
  • Non-toxic, acts better with total immersion, but can also be used with a brush.

Currently Trending

Wooden Chest

Plain wooden chest for you to personalise and decorate as you like. Whether it be used as a Christmas eve box, blanket box, memory box or toy box, once personalised, this could be made into a unique, precious item to be cherished forever.

Available in three sizes:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

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Inspired by Christmas

For the makers creating gifts!

Turning Projects | Pyrography Blanks


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27th October 2021

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