Product News: March 2022

It's that time again, it's our monthly product update! Here's a chance for you to discover what we've chosen as our 'Pick of the Month,' see what's trending, and find out what's new and what offers are currently available. 

Our Pick of the Month

GlassCast Resin

GlassCast 10 is a water-clear, UV resistant clear casting resin developed for smaller or thinner castings such as jewellery, 3D resin-art, gaps/knots/wood inlays and more. It can be used to make parts up to around 10mm thick in a single pour.

Suitable for projects, such as wood and resin jewellery, 3D resin art, pen blanks and more!

Currently Trending

Skeleton Clock Insert

Skeleton Clock with Gold or Silver face, complete with a glass front and rear so you can see right through the clock with its dials and movements.

  • The 100mm clock fits a recess of approximately 95mm.
  • The 120mm clock fits a recess of approximately 115mm.
  • The 150mm clock fits a recess of approximately 145mm.

Latest Arrivals

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22nd March 2022

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